Even in today’s date and age, a lot of people still don’t know how to actually grow their penis size!

Penis enlargement has been very difficult for those who have not found the real solution that causes size results without any negative effects.

So today, it is my mission here to show you the top best penis enlargement products that actually work and will cause real growth of results for a new penis size that you desire based on my own experiences.

But before anything, NO, don’t even think about those male enhancement “Get-Bigger” pills out there because they DO NOT work at all in terms of making your penis bigger by only taking a simple pill. It will only help when using with something else together!

In my own personal experience with over 10 years in the male industry, I know exactly how these pills work (since I’ve used them before) and again, it does not increase size alone. All it does is enhance our erections potency and achieve better sexual benefits.

Unless you combine with a powerful device system or with some effective penile exercises, then you can expect some growth there!

Now imagine you achieving a bigger, larger penis size, how satisfied would you be? How much would it change your life?

Well, I personally have grown my penis size from about 6″ inches to over 8″1/2 and that is exactly what I’m going to show you what I’m using now!

Yes, it is actually 100% proven to cause permanent penis enlargement growth!

Let’s get straight to it and prove you these results.

Top BEST Penis Enlargement Solutions HERE

1. Phallosan Forte (100 Points) –

This is the number one best penis enlargement product in today’s market at all costs and I’m going to show you why!

Not only this is my #1 solution that has allowed me to grow my penis size from 6″ inch to over 8″ 1/2 inch in length as I’ve mentioned above, but there have been many real-life before and after results to reviews and testimonies from other previous’ users out there as well.


Phallosan Forte is actually a proven natural penis enlargement system that has many clinical studies and scientifically tests done with a several physicians/doctors recommending it to all patients worldwide for size increase.

Now I personally have used a number of penis pills to several other devices, and nothing seems to work until I started using the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system on a daily routine.

And it works by wearing it discreetly on a daily basis under clothing with a belt to hold it on without slippage and what it does, it uses a suction procedure that pulls and stretches the penis head to the length and force setting we desire.

By doing that day in and day out, either at night during the sleeping time or wearing it in the daytime like me as right now while working at my office here, Phallosan Forte device will elongate and stretch the penis’s tissues without causing you pain where the cells will expand and multiply for new growth cells just like you’re seeing here in this image here below!


And YES, that is what causes our penis to grow longer, bigger, and larger than ever for the new growth of real penis enlargement results!

Keep reading!

In fact, it is actually very similar to how ancient tribes are using this same type of method to grow their penis size to massive unbelievable growth of inches!

I mean, just look how thick, large, and big their pickle sizes are!


How to Wear and Use it? How Does It Work? – Very Simple

Orbisan Ltd who is the company behind the Phallosan Forte system introduced the kit that comes with the elastic belt, 3 different sizes (S, M, L) for condom-sleeves and suction bells, tension clips, suction ball, and the manual.

Now, all it takes me is 30 seconds to put it on, and you do that by simply inserting the condom sleeve over the penis head, then add the suction ball on top while pressing the 3-way valve to add pressure to hold the penis head inside the suction ball.

After that, you just have to put the belt around your waist to the force tension setting, and boom, there it is stretching and elongating for several hours = results!


Yes, since I am currently using it right now in this present moment, it is completely comfortable, painless, and discreet which nobody can see any sign of anything that I’m wearing it under my pants!

And all I do is wear it for 4 hours in the morning and another 4 hours afternoon for 5 days a week only. Sure, they do have different directions as for starters, moderate to expert and you should follow their instructions, but this is what works for me as an expert user of it to achieve faster gains than ever.

Oh, I forgot to mention!

There is also an exclusive APP for you to download via a smartphone where you can track your hours of wearing it, your size growth gains, goals, clear statistics, plus more.


When you wear it for 6-10 hours on the daily basis for 6 full months of using Phallosan Forte extender, you can expect 1.9″ inch of growth in length and up to 0.9″ in girth.

That’s right! Imagine your manhood there growing this amount of size growth!?

Now I’ve been using the Phallosan Forte device for the past 7 months and that is why I have gotten over 2″1/2 full inches in length and over 1″ inch in girth.

In fact, I actually had to change the condom sleeve and start using the LARGER one along with the LARGE suction ball.

By the way, I also do Kegel exercises known as PC Muscle workouts along with using this incredible penis enlargement device, which I highly recommend for you as well because the growth will occur at all costs, and you definitely need them to help with boosting higher amounts of blood flow to the erectile chambers and for you to have your penis functioning 100%.

That way, while you achieve your gains of growth, your penis will be able to adapt to your new size and actually function 100% properly in having and maintaining rock-hard erections!

Key Features/PROS:

  • #1 device to wear and see permanent growth results of inches
  • Increases size results, straighten penis (Peyronie’s Disease)
  • 100% safe (no negative side effects reported) – Painless
  • This is what really caused my penis to grow over 2″1/2 inches
  • Very comfortable, Can wear it for hours discreetly at night or day
  • See results within the first 15 days of wearing it on a daily basis
  • Enhances erections potency for harder, stronger erections
  • The complete kit comes with enough supplies for months/years
  • Clinically proven & scientifically tested for results and safety of users
  • Doctors/physicians recommend it; even after prostate surgery
  • Number of reviews/testimonies were found that it truly works
  • It is for all penis sizes worldwide, Men of all ages can use it
  • Medical materials – non-irritating and allergen-free (CE symbol)
  • Stimulates blood flow to penis head – increases sensitivity/pleasure
  • Kit comes w/ 2-year warranty & there is a 100% Money back guarantee


  1. When you go to use the bathroom, you must take it off which takes me 5 seconds to remove, and about 30 seconds to put it back on. I know since again, this is what I am current using for my new penis size growth.

Phallosan Forte Bottom Line

As you can clearly see the database above from Phallosan Forte’s company proving the expected results based on the number of participants within 6 full months trial, just imagine you wearing this effective and safe device that will truly enlarging your penis size to a whole new growth of size!

I’m talking about adding additional 2-3″ full inches of growth as I have achieved… Ask yourself, how would you feel?

Will you be more confident to know that you now pack a bigger, longer, and larger cock size?


I mean, you will grow no matter what! Just like I said, it is similar to how tribes use this same method to grow their penis for thousands of years.

For a fact, there is one tribe that I found to have grown to over 20″ full inches as you can see the image there… Wow!

To me, the feeling when I take off my pants and see a bigger meat just hanging out heavier and longer than ever is the most amazing feeling ever!

What about erections?

Oh man, looking at a fatter, larger and longer pecker in a hard state of erection brings me joy and I feel as If I am a alpha “stallion” pornstar, which my partners (yes more than one) become in love with the new size and just keep wanting more and more of it nonstop! They seem to want to take advantage of my new penis size…

That could be you when using the Phallosan Forte enlargement belt system for 6 full months on a daily basis if you decide on it too! But don’t wait any longer, you deserve a new size as well, and let this device enlarge your penis to your desired size as you can clearly see in these before and after real photos here!


2. Hydro Penis Pump (99 Points) – Best Penis Pump

The #2 top best penis enlargement solution is the Hydro Water Pump from DX Products who is the same company as the older version of the popular water pump called BathMate.

Yes, I’ve used the ‘BathMate’ old version one back in the day when it was first introduced and yes, as honest as I am, I surely did get some good amount of girth gains!

Now the reason why it is the best penis pump has to be because of the penis enlargement results you get when using it on a daily basis.


With whatever Hydro pump you choose from this company since it has 3 different models, it is guaranteed that working out your penis erection 3x a week 15-20 minutes daily you can certainly expect a fuller, larger and bigger erection size than ever.

But not just that!

There have been results of achieving harder and stronger erections, increased sexual desire, and confidence levels. Did I say size gains once again?

Well, each Hydro Bathmate pump is created and designed for your own current size since the gaiter is fixed to the device.

What are the Hydro Pump Models?

There are;

  • Hydro 7 – Best pump for starter, who has penis sizes from 5-7″ inches. Cheapest price as well.

  • HydroMax 3 – For men who have only 3″ full inches of erection size.
  • HydroMax 5 – For those above 3″ – 5″ inches of erection in length.
  • HydroMax 7 – For penis sizes from 5 – 7″ full inches in an erect state.
  • HydroMax 7 Wide Boy – Same sizes but for men with thicker and fuller girth.
  • HydroMax 9 – For monster sizes like mines ranging from 7-9″ inches long.

  • HydroXtreme 5 – More advanced than HydroMax 5, and for the same erection sizes between 3 – 5.5″ inches.
  • HydroXtreme 7 – More advanced as well, and for penis ranging from 5.5 – 7.5″ full inches.
  • HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy – Same sizes, but for men with thicker penis size.
  • HydroXtreme 9 – For sizes from 7.5 – 9.5″ inches of an erect penis.
  • HydroXtreme 11 – For huge monster penises over 9.5″ – 11″ of full erections.

Now How it Works is Very Easy and Simple!

All you would have to do is dig the penis pump device under warm water and let it fill up, then grab your penis and insert it inside the pump cylinder and press it firmly against your pubic area until there is enough pressure holding your erection.

The pump itself will make you achieve a hard erection where it will allow the erectile chambers to expand and fill with maximum blood, and that way, your penis will widen up and be thicker and wider than ever.

And what happens if you pump too hard and cause you somewhat discomfort your penis?

Simply press the velvet button to release all the pressure from the water, which will completely let go and loosen your penis.


And What Are the Exact Results? Is it Really Safe?

Yes, 100% safe because the safety is all on your hands as you’re the only one who’s applying all the pressure to your penis erection and you’ll feel right away the firm pressure holding your penis up immediately.

Now you can look forward to 1-2″ full inches in just girth gains of penis size when using either one of the Hydro penis pumps from DX products.

And length? Even though it works more for the girth (thickness) of your erection’s size, yes length will increase as well for a longer and bigger size.

However, If you’re facing some E.D. issues (erectile dysfunction), you can expect to help you combat this problem, and therefore, every time you’ll be able to finally achieve a rock-hard erection and be ready to get into sexual activity and have fun with your sex mate there.

Yes, pumping your penis every week will increase the sensitivity of the penis as well, where it is proven to get you the results you’re looking for in just the very first few weeks!

In fact, you will actually see results at your first use because of the maximum blood pumping straight to your erections as you will feel your penis fully rock hard and will seem bigger instantly!

So imagine having this type of erection during sex? Oh man, your partner will be amazed at the feelings and sensation of having your fat cock inside of them.

Click here to check out more about this Hydro, HydroMax, HydroXtreme for the best penis pump that you deserve for a new penis size!


3. The Penis Professor – Best Penile Exercise Program

There is no doubt for the #3 top best penis enlargement solution has to be The Penis Professor program because there are many benefits to offer when following this complete system.

Not only it is mostly for the enlargement growth of our penis size, but the program itself have several step-by-step HD videos to help you fix any type of sexual issue that you may have!


Want to grow the head (glans) of your pecker? Sure, there are videos to specifically make it larger and fuller for a mushroom-looking head.

Want heavier, fuller, and bigger testicles? Sure, the program itself will show you exactly what needs to be done to make your boys there grow larger.

Or, maybe you have some issues with getting your sexual member stiff like rock-hard? Sure, the penile exercises there will make you reach the hardest and strongest erections you’ll ever have!

What about when you prematurity ejaculate and shoot your load within less than 2 minutes?

Yes, the Penis Professor will show you how to make you last longer in bed, and you’ll be able to control your ejaculations by Kegel exercises and others there.

I mean, it is basically an ALL-IN-ONE penile program to enhance whatever you want in terms of your masculine sexuality!


How Does Penis Professor Work?

In order for this penis enlargement solution program to work, it requires you to follow the exact instructions which you just have to do exactly how the step-by-step directions are showing you through their videos online to workout and exercise your penis there.

Yes, there are actually way over 30+ HD videos on this program itself with each specific level of category such as for starters, moderate, and for experts, and therefore you’ll have new penile exercises to perform at every new level for the best maximum results!

But the main key here is consistency!

That’s right!

For your gains of growth results to show, you do need much effort by actually doing the exercises, dedication to follow exactly how it is shown, and time to allow the results to show up.

And What Are the Results to Expect?

If you follow the exact instructions and directions of the program itself for at least 3-6 months of consistantly exercising your penis, you can surely expect 1-3″ full inches of penis enlargement growth based on the before and after photos of results in their official website that you’ll see showing us to prove us real growth of gains of inches!

Yes, you’ll now be able to achieve the hardest erections ever, along with being able to control your load to whenever you’ll like to shoot and release it, and imagine how much your confidence levels will increase!?

Your testicles will grow to a new size, you can now have a bigger mushroom head (glans), and did I mention a totally new bigger, larger, and wider penis size overtime?!

Plus how would you feel to have all the sexual knowledge you need in terms of your sexual package there since the program shows you everything you need to learn and this way, it will serve you to last much longer in bed for more pleasure and higher satisfaction.

I mean, your partner will think you turned into a sex machine with how much you’ll know during sex, and that way, you can loosen up the fear and boost your self-esteem levels up the roof!

Not to mention, there is massive proof of evidence from previous users’ results on their webpage where you can check all of them out on the official Penis Professor website at ( here!

So now you know why this all-in-one completely penile exercise program is the #3 best option for penis enlargement solution to turn your sex life to a whole new level and become a sex god master in bed, plus more…


(NOTE: These are the legit top 3 best penis enlargement real solutions that I can guarantee you 100% to achieve and cause new penis growth of gains. Any other not showing here, it is probably not going to give you the best maximum results like these based on my own experience.)

  1. Phallosan Forte system will make your penis much longer, and slightly thicker.
  2. Hydro Water pump from DX Products will make your penis wider, thicker, and harder than ever.
  3. Penis Professor program will make you turn into a sex god and help you with all terms of your sexual male package.

By the way, after you have started using any of the effective products above and it’s been a few months, make sure to retribute back to me and let me know your results as this will help many other men out there as well to know what to expect! Feel completely free to share since sharing is caring.

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