A lot of people still have questions such as, does Phallosan Forte really work? If yes, how to wear and use it?

Well, this penis enlargement system is something that does have reviews from customer users showing before and after results based on their own experiences.

Now I am a personal user of the Phallosan Forte penis extender device which I am considered an actually long-time user for almost a full year of wearing it and using it on a regular basis.

Therefore, I am the right person that can honestly share with you my own results, plus analyze this natural penis elongation system that millions of men worldwide are really questioning if it does work or not!

So let’s get straight to it and let me share with you all the information that you’ll need because one thing I can say is that I was able to get true results of inches by just applying this complete system on a daily basis and the results are mind-blowing!

I mean, how would you feel to be able to finally enlarge your penis size to a desire size that you have always dreamed of?

I mean, one thing I can surely say is that you’re not the only person with such wishes and when you finally be able to enlarge your penis size, you’ll see how much confidence you feel. You’ll act as a male pornstar!

So just follow down to find out more because I’ll be answering all of your questions below.

  • Name of Product: Phallosan® Forte
  • Official Website:
  • Minimum Price: Full Price – $379.00
  • Overall Rank (out of 100): 100 Points
  • Recommended Period Usage: 6 Months
  • Refund Policy: 100% Money Back Guarantee

What Is Phallosan Systems?

Phallosan is the name of a proven and tested penis enlargement brand that was first introduced the Phallosan Forte device who uses both the suction vaccum process along with elongating procedure to get the maximum results.

Now this particular enlargement system has been on the market for over a decade and I sure can say that it has been transforming millions of men worldwide since the results are truly incredible.

However, in the recent few years, this same company called (Swiss Sana AG) who has over 2 decades in the male industry where their main headquarters are located in Vaduz, Liechtenstein country, they have clinically studied and scientific tested all of their products to be super effective, safe, and give real results in all customers.

Yet, by doing that, they just recentely introduced the newest different model called the Phallosan Plus+ system.


Sure, this Plus+ system is very different from the common Phallosan Forte belt system one because they use different types of procedures!

The Phallosan Forte system uses an elastic belt with a suction bell to gently hold the penis head by its vacuum suction process and the belt pulls the penis itself to whatever direction you desire.

And the Phallosan Plus+ is an extension system that uses an extender rod device along with the suction bell as well for it to hold the penis glans by the same process of suction/vacuum.

In fact, they both use medical high-grade and allergen-free materials that won’t cause any allergic reaction, skin irritation, or break easily whatsoever which all of their products and parts carry the CE symbol for the safety of all customers!

Yes, they both can help you achieve the best possible penis enlargement results when using and wearing it day in and day out!

Now, what really changes here is the price range where the common forte system one cost 3x times more money than the Phallosan Plus+ device system.

Yet, as a Phallosan Forte’s user, I can say that it probably has much more advantages than its brother’s model and this is where I’m going to get into more details for you to see the main features/benefits of each one!

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Phallosan Plus+

The Phallosan Plus+ model is actually the #1 best traction rod extender in today’s industry!


Unlike the ones from different companies out there which their penis stretcher extenders have either the loop or the strap to hold on to the penis glans by tightening it around the penis head, and since this Plus+ model comes with the suction vacuum bell, it prevents it from causing any slippage or having the device fall out of in your pants.

That way, it will allow you to hold onto the penis without having an embarrassing experience as you would with the basic strap or loop rod extender out there.

Plus it sure is much more comfortable than counterfeits ones out there since it won’t cause bruising, pain, or dark dots on the penis as it would with the strap or loop extenders which what others do, it stops the blood flowing of the penis and that is definitely not what we want.

And for that reason, it’s why I believe they introduced this Phallosan Plus+ unique extender device with the suction vacuum procedure instead of the loop or strap to cause zero pain, zero uncomfortable reaction, but only results in users.

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Phallosan Forte

As according to the Phallosan’s primary company behind these penis enlargement systems, they do mention to have about 18 years of clinical and scientific experiences to have studied to create the Phallosan Forte belt system.


Now this common Phallosan Forte completely system comes with the belt instead of the traction rod stretcher device, which the elastic belt was made to allow you to adjust how much you want your penis to be pulled under your pants very discreetly for the process of growth of the tissues.

Which from the effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte, it is actually the #1 leader worldwide in the penis enlargement category because it is no doubt that it truly does cause real effective results, especially how I had a less than 6″ penis size and while using it on a regular basis, I was able to reach over 8″ 1/2 in penis size of length and gained over 1″ 3/4 of girth gains.

But I’m not the only one!

There many past customer’s users who also have achieved the results they want such as this man here;


Now imagine you achieving the same results or more? I’m sure you would be a much more happier person, right!?

Follow down!

How Does Phallosan Systems Works?

Both the Phallosan Forte belt system and the Phallosan Plus+ rod extender devices work the exact same way which the only difference is really on how it works.

When wearing either one of them as directed day in and day out, within time as the penis is stretched out, it causes the stimulation of the cells to divide and multiply by creating new cells in the penis tissues.

And by doing it very often causes the penis tissues to expand to a new size and that is exactly what causes the growth of the penis over time.


That way, as the penis grows, the longer and larger the penis chambers gets which allows more blood rushing to enter its chambers and fill it up with maximum blood flow that leads to a harder, bigger, and longer erection.

Now, of course, you have to continue to keep using either device system for at least 6 full months to achieve the results of growth of inches that you want!

And that also means to straighten your penis as well or what medical professionals called ‘Peyronie’s disease which is when you have a curvature in the penis whether it’s to the side, up, or down.

Therefore, you use the Phallosan penis system for either penis enlargement purposes or to straighten up your penis!

How to Use & Wear Phallosan System?

Since they are both different in the way on how it uses the elongation and extension process for a recommendation of 8-10 hours per day for 5 days only, they both start out with the same procedure with the suction vacuum bell!

Now all it takes me is 30 seconds to put it on and 10 seconds to take it off…

For both of them, you would first start by using the measure template to know what condom sleeve and suction bell to choose the size for your best fit since there are 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large).

You would then attach the suction bell to the pump aligned with the arrow symbol, then all you have to do is row the sleeve condom above the transparent bell and careful row the sleeve to the edge of the condom sleeve and finally, you would easily pull the condom sleeve behind the edge of the suction bell.

Next, you would prepare the protector cap by simply pulling the cap apart with two fingers and slip it over the penis head fully without eaving any air as much as possible.

And if you’re using the Phallosan Forte belt system device, you’ll simply slide your penis with the protector cap into the suction bell, and as you have the condom sleeve rolled above and behind the edge of the suction bell, you would row the sleeve condom off as far as you can on the penis.

LAST, you would press the pump 3-5 times until your penis is tight and firm from the vacuum suction bell holding on, you then turn the green valve to the LOCK symbol. Finally, you put the belt’s tension clip between the valve and take hold of the belt and push the foam ring over the suction bell to the end of the penis shaft, and lay the elastic belt around your hips to connect the two inlets and tight the belt with the push buckle.

That’s all and now you can put your underwear on or your pants and you’re good to go for the rest of day until you need to use the bathroom to remove it or when you’re finished wearing it.

But with the Phallosan Plus+ new system, instead of putting the belt around, you take the rod device and pass your penis in between the ring, then add the rods until it’s 2 inches (5cm) longer than the flaccid penis. While sitting, place the white base ring above the penis head and attach the adapter to the end of the rods.

Finally, you would simply attach the suction bell to the adapter-based ring and put it to work in whatever direction you want. That’s it and you put on your pants and go on for the day by allowing it to increase your penis size for new growth!

Can It Be Cleaned And Washed?

Yes, both Phallosan system can easily be cleaned or washed which my Phallosan Forte belt system one that I have and still use on a daily basis, right after I’m done wearing it at the end of my workflow day, I immediately go to the bathroom and remove the 3-way valve suction vacuum pump of the suction bell to clean by soaking only the suction bell along with the condom sleeve and the protector cap as well.

Therefore, I will soak it under warm water and add natural soap to them to remove any residue skin cells or oil off it. Then I dry it up with a towel or cloth to have it all ready and cleaned to use it for the next day once again.

Yes, I do this every single day!

NOTE: As you notice, I do not soak in the 3-way valve suction vacuum pump because I’m afraid that may damage the vacuum pressure and I also don’t like to soak the tension clip at all either.

And the elastic belt, yes you can wash it once in a while and I do it every 3 months.

Now if I had the Phallosan Plus+ device system, I personally wouldn’t dig the parts of the rods under water whatsoever but only do what I do above to soak only the suction transparent bell along with the protector cap and condom sleeve which is all you need.


Sure, the rods extender device, I would only use a warm cloth to wipe it on and clean it if it’s needed. After it’s completely dried, you can add some baby light powder (with no talcum powder) to the condom sleeve if you find it that it’s still somewhat “oily/greasy” to have your penis holding it firmly when wearing it.

Yet, always make sure to maintain good hygiene to keep your complete system working perfectly for a long time and to maintain a healthy sexual male organ in a healthy state all the time.

So do that and all you’ll see is results of inches in your new healthy penis size overtime!

Is It Really Safe? Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

As I’ve mentioned before, all of the Phallosan products and parts are manufactured and made of high-quality and medical-grade materials for us as customers to experience the best comfort and painless experiences without any negative side effects whatsoever.

According to the product’s websites, it states that the elastic belt is ‘free of formaldehyde and the sleeves used in both Phallosan systems are allergen- and latex-free.

They also mentioned very clearly that “the counter support on the textile stretch belt is made of selected medical foam silicone.” And what I have to say about the Phallosan Forte belt system that I have is that it sure does have a high-quality material grade because I usually use it to the highest setting of pulling force up to the red sign here and I can clearly see that it can last a very long time.


Therefore, they do take the materials very strictly and that is why they are the #1 top leading penis enlargement system that no other companies have come near to what they have to offer to all of us as users.

Now, it is said that all of parts and products have been clinically tested in humans as well as scientific studied!

So, does the Phallosan system cause any side effects? Well, everything is under your hands and as long as you’re following the exact instructions and directions, then you’ll experience no negative side effects whatsoever.

But if you’re overusing it which would be much longer than you should or as directed in its manual that you’ll received after ordering it, then it might cause an effect on your penis since you’re misusing the device.

Other than that, the “only side effect” you would get is a bigger, larger, and longer penis size based on my own personal experience.


Customer Support – International Shipping

The Phallosan’s company does have a respectful and high-reputation name which they seem to truly be behind all of their products.

Now at their official main primary website, they do have a ‘contact us’ page where it shows their real headquarter’s address, phone number, regulation’s number as well as email address, director’s full name, and they also provided a ‘knowledge base’ page for any concerns that we may have.

Yes, there is a customer service FAQ’s webpage that gives us all the answers to any questions that we may have, but the best thing to me is that they do SHIP WORLDWIDE to anywhere you’re at in this world!

That means whatever place you’re living on this planet called Earth and if you decide that you’re going to grow your penis size or straighten it up with the Phallosan Forte or the Phallosan Plus+ system, you can rest assured that you’ll get your supply delivered directly to your door in a discreet box (completely unmarked) for your own privacy.

Not to mention, they also provide a tracking code link via in the confirmation shipping email.

However, they also mention that they don’t accept orders through phone but only ONLINE shopping with your credit card or bank transfer on their official website. They also mention that if you find Phallosan products selling on any other websites out there like on Amazon, eBay, and others, it is fake/false counterfeit products and you should be aware and avoid it at all costs for your own safety.

So make sure to ONLY order from their official website at ( here for the real legit product just like the one I’m using to grow my penis size! And in terms of their money-back guarantee, they do accept it back as a returned product if it’s completely NEW and unused, of course. By the way, they also sell parts separately if ever needed.

And for warranty? Yes, they have a 2-year warranty on all parts except for the condom sleeves and protector caps.

What Are the Results to Expect? – Reviews

The results for both Phallosan systems should be very similar!

Which their company was able to give us a zero cost App that we can download it for FREE on our smartphone (Android or iOS) so we can track our daily records along with our results and it works very well based on my own experiences.

Now I found a page on Phallosan official website that shows us a clinical study tested done on a group of people who used the Phallosan Forte penis enlargement system.

Therefore, the before and after results to expect are such as;


Yes, that’s an amazing amount of growth that most customer users will get when using either of these Phallosan systems ordered from their official website!

Now imagine your penis size 2″ inches longer and over 1″ inch in girth added to your gains in just 6 full months?

Would that change your life too? I bet so, since it’s doing to mines! Thanks God I found the real solution to penis enlargement purpose! 🙂

But actually, the far best part is that you can literally continue to keep using the Phallosan Forte and get even better results just like I did with almost 3″ full inches in length and over 1.5″ in thickness where I’m currently at 10 months of using it for 5 days in a week for a total of 8 full hours.

Sure, I only take it off during lunchtime to use the bathroom and let it rest for a couple of minutes. Then I put it back on to use it again for another 4 full hours and that’s it!

Phallosan Forte VS Phallosan Plus+

Now there are a couple of different points that I can surely say about each one in terms of its price, comfort, effectiveness, safeness, etc!


The best advantage that Phallosan Plus+ has is that it is much cheaper than the common Phallason Forte belt system one but we all know that we get what we pay for…

If you’re paying for something much more expensive like how it is 3x time more pricey and especially when it’s from the same company’s innovation, you can rest assured that it sure does have a much stronger advantage than otherwise.


One of the main differences of each one is that the Phallosan Forte system is definitely much more comfortable than the Plus+ one because it doesn’t have the bulky appearance of the rod traction and extender device.


Which the common Phallosan Forte carries only the elastic belt to pull the penis further out, which I must say that it sure is much lighter than the rod traction extender of the Plus+ system.

Also, the Forte belt system one is less noticeable as well and that way, you can hide it in a more discreet manner under your pants where the new Phallosan Plus+ may seem as you have something bulky under your underwear there…

Yes, if you’re working in the office with colleagues or at standing up at your job, people may notice it unless you’re wearing a huge shirt to cover it!

Yet, in my point of view, it can actually make it seem as if you have a bigger sexual package there under your pants with the bulky appearance, how does that sound?

So that’s really a huge difference of each one’s system!


I personally believe that Phallosan Forte penis enlargement belt system might be a lot safer than the new Plus+ innovation one because all it’s using is the light elastic belt to pull and hold the penis where it does not cause any discomfort or hurt any part of me whatsoever as when I’m using it.

While the other one, its traction rod extender device could hurt your groin area or the higher leg part depending on what side you’re using it.

And if you’re wearing it pulling up, it could cause discomfort on your belly, especially if you’re using it while sitting all day long!

But for the penis, I don’t think it can hurt your penis unless you add too much pressure force setting to the device’s rods.


And in terms of the effectiveness and from my own personal experience with the Phallosan Forte common one is that it only allows me to have my penis pulled to the sides, left or right.

I can’t have the belt holding it to pull it up or down and this is the only place where the Phallosan Plus+ system wins in my point of view!

Therefore, with the rod traction extender, you can have it stretched and elongated your penis to all different directions such as left, right, up, or down since it does need the belt to pull it.

Can you see what I’m saying here?


But one advantage is that the Phallosan Forte belt system can be worn at night during sleep since the belt will keep holding it while the new Plus+ extender may be harder to be able to wear it unless you lay on your back all night long and actually sleep in this same position during sleep.


Now the results will only matter by how long and how many days you’re wearing it which is highly recommend you follow the device system’s directions on a daily basis as exactly what the manual says or the device’s app on your cellphone.

Just remember, more is not always better!

The penis is just like a muscle, it needs to be exercised/elongated and stretched out, but also need enough rest for it to grow!

So that’s why it is important that you don’t let your ego take over and not want to listen to the instructions because your safety should be #1 priority, then comes the results of new growth in size of inches!

Bottom Line:

Sure, the new Plus+ system might have the greater advantage to have the penis pulling up or down, but as I have mentioned above in terms of comfort and safetyness, it might leave you feeling uncomfortable especially if you’re sitting down at an office all day long.

Plus the bulky appearance will also add to your discomfort experience as well!

Which the Phallosan Forte belt system one will only allow you to pull to sides, either right or left, but you’ll have a much less noticeable appearance in a discreet way and it sure will be much more comfortable than the Plus+ one in my opinion, and that’s probably why it is much more expensive than its new brother.

And the results, the Phallosan Forte belt system will surely win because you’ll be able to gently have it stretched/elongated for more hours without any issue of discomfort and that means, you will probably wear it for much longer or for the full session of hours per day.

So since the Phallosan Forte belt system is much more expensive, is it really worth it than getting the new Phallosan Plus+ extender?

YES, it sure is worth it big time in my point of view!

Remember, you get the results by what you pay for. Pay less and get less results or pay more and get more and better results, It’s simple and common sense!


Click here ( and I’ll show you more about this #1 top best penis enlargement system and see more information on all about it there on its official website for the real, legit and official devices!

Tell me, have you ever used a penis enlargement device before? If yes, share with me which one it was and what was your results? Feel completely free to express your mind underneath in the box section below! It would be a pleasure to hear from you! Good luck on your new growth of results with Phallosan Forte!

(2022) BEWARE: DON’T USE Phallosan Before Reading This!! Phallosan Forte Review – Before And After Results ONLY HERE!


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