A lot of men out there are looking for ways to grow their penis size by inches, but what about when you actually achieved the growth you want there?

How do you maintain your penis enlargement gains? And what about how to stop the overall penis growth?

Yes, these are some questions that need to be answered and I will be explaining all of this to you!

In fact, if you don’t know, I actually stopped the penis enlargement process some time ago when I finally reached exact 8″ full inches of penis enlargement growth.

But then I wasn’t fully satisfied and want it a little bigger! So now I’m back to using the #1 top best penis enlargement solution that really works to make grow our penis grow to a new size!

However, I only want another full inch, and that’s it…!

Now, don’t get me wrong, it is permeant growth but the older we get, the less hormones we produce which if you’re not doing the 5 tips that I’m going to share with you in this post, it could affect penis size.

So we need to do our part as well to leave it permanent forever and not lose any gains whatsoever…

Which this complete post will show you what I do to actually maintain the growth gains and how to stop the growth!

How to Keep Your New Growth Gains

If you don’t know, once you reach a certain dick size that you desire, you need to stop the growth process.


Well, anything over 8-9″ full inches of penis size, it could cause problems in both men and women.

For the alpha male who has this much of size like myself, it is much more difficult to power up a monster cock to be up-right with a hard erection and last longer in sexual activity.

And for women, a huge penis could start causing pain, which will then hurt inside of your partner’s vagina instead of making love to them.

For a fact, if you want to really know if size really matters, I do mention it here in this post about if a bigger penis is better than average

Now let’s get started because, in order to keep your new growth of gains, you can not abandon your penis and leave your sexual life to the side and expect the gains to still be there! It’s true.

So the very first #1 thing you will have to do is;

  1. Keep having sex at least 2-3 times per week. Yes, that’s correct! You need to always reach a hard erection for your cock to properly function 100% right. If you don’t achieve an erection by every single week, the penis may slowly lose the growth since no sexual hormones are being produced, and also no blood rushing to the penis is being filled…This means, you need to ejaculate at least 2-3 per week, even if it means through masturbation.

And why is that?

Well, put it like this! If you have a nice motorcycle and you don’t turn it on every month or so, then the engine will start to decline…

Same goes with our sexual package, we need to always get it hard every week as this is super important! If you don’t have a sexual partner, then click here to check out this post!

Oh, does masturbating really count?

Well, it does because you’re achieving a rock-hard erection and boosting blood flow to the erectile chambers, but here’s the tricky part!

If you’re over-doing it meaning beating off excessively or masturbating the wrong way, then it will cause more harm than good.

And that is because ejaculating too much, you’re putting massive amounts of pressure on your body to replenish both testosterone and serotonin.

It is best to have at least 24 hours after you have ejaculated for its own best!

Now the second most important thing you need to do to maintain your penis enlargement growth is;

  1. 2. To always train and workout your PC Muscle by the Kegel exercises. That’s right, by exercising it, you’re training your body to keep sending blood rushing to your sexual package there and therefore, it will help you maintain your growth of gains, plus gain all the sexual benefits it has to offer us men when we do kegel exercises on the daily basis.

Yes, kegel exercises for men have a number of benefits in terms of sexual health and keeping your male reproductive system healthy.

Not to mention, the exercises will allow you to have full control of your climax where you’ll know when to ejaculate and shoot your large load of cum!

In fact, I do mention 100% that penis enlargement process without Kegel exercises is like having a gun without ammo

That is because you need to exercise the PC Muscle all the time because as the growth starts to occur, you need your own body to keep sending more amounts of blood to fill in theses larger erectile chambers for a hard erection.

And the main 3rd tip to help you maintain your growth of gains, plus achieve the most hardest erection ever is by;

  1. 3. Reaching the Stage 3 swollen erections which I created this technique that you can finally use and get the most powerful extreme erection ever by a completely natural and safe way here. You’ll achieve a larger, monster, and veiny penis size with this exercise!

Oh, I can’t forget to mention that for you to achieve this level 3, you need to be an expert at doing the Kegel exercises above!

There is actually no way to achieve stage 3 erections without working out your PC Muscle during the session because you need to have complete control of when to ejaculate, plus send more blood rushing to the penis chambers and so…

The 4th best tip would be;

  1. 4. To maintain your body in shape and fit by always exercising at the gym as your daily routine at all cost. As we all know, exercising and working out or even performing a sport or a physical class, it increases the level of producing hormones especially for us men, it enhances testosterone levels and HGH which is needed to maintain the growth.

Yes, believe it or not, to keep your growth of penis enlargement gains, make sure to be fit and have your body’s weight at a healthy state.

That is because if you’re a fat / obese couch potato, and never exercise at all because of excuses, then this will actually make you lose your gains since you won’t be producing enough amounts of hormones.

Another thing is that when fat starts to accumulate in your body, the pubic area will also store fat, and that way, the penis will start shrinking into the public fat area because fat there is growing, do you see what I’m saying here?!

So always exercise your body to be in shape, your mind to control your life, and your sexual male organ to always have great sex there!

Last #5 tip is no doubt:

  1. 5. To always eat healthy and balanced meals in the daily basis. If you’re eating junk foods and high-fat meals aka high-carbs fast foods, how will you maintain your new growth of penis size since you’re only putting junk crap (full of chemicals, preservations, etc) in your body?! Where would you get your nutrition from? So always eat healthy meals!

If you don’t know, our body as a whole needs enough vitamins, amino acids, minerals, nutrients, etc to keep us alive and keep going, and with a healthy and balanced diet will help you keep your sexual package in a healthy state at all times…

Yes, there are some foods that help to naturally increase testosterone levels, HGH, Zinc, and other important hormones that are needed to keep us fully function 100%.

So there it is, the top 5 best tips that allow you to maintain your new growth gains of inches that you have achieved!

If either one of them is excluded from your daily basis, then you might be at risk to lose your gains in the future, and you don’t want that!

Now if you’re like me who do all 5 tips, then no worry and continue living with a monster cock and having the best sexual lifestyle of all time!

(p.s. Since you have read up to here, here is an effective simple way that I do to maintain my sexual organ’s gains by simply NOT wear any underwear or anything that holds your penis and testicles together. LET IT HANGING every day, every second it’s stretched out, which will help maintain the growth….)

How To Stop Penis Enlargement Growth

Believe it or not, people do actually ask this kind of question!

And you do know that I’m here to share with you the most honest information and best details for you to become the ultimate alpha stallion man that you wish to be…

So to ensure that your penis does not grow any bigger, larger, and thicker size, of course, you need to stop what you’re doing that is causing the growth!

I am sure you are aware of what is actually causing the penis to keep growing..

For example, if you’re using a penis enlargement pump or device, then you know you’re causing the growth even if you’re using it for harder erections only.

Same goes with a male enhancement solution, and even though a pill or a spray alone won’t cause you any real growth of inches, but it may help to accelerate the process of growth.

Yes, penile exercises as well if you’re doing them on a daily basis won’t help but keep growing your pecker there to a new size.

Not to mention, I can’t forget about the #1 top best natural exercise HD video program that not only will help you enlarge your size, but they show you exactly how to stop the growth as well as how to enhance your overall sexual function!

And here are few tips that could help you stop the growth of your penis!

  • Maybe your body is producing high levels of testosterone or large amounts of HGH, then find out what foods or what is it that is causing your body to produce them.
  • Yes, Human Growth Hormone refers to HGH/GH does increase every single body part, including the penis, and testosterone does boost overall sexual package.
  • To stop the growth, you can start wearing underwear where it will hold your pecker and balls together, which it won’t be hanging there causing more length and heavier gains.

By the way, I would recommend you to check out the STAGE 3 SWOLLEN ERECTION penile exercise here!


I hope you have learned all the things you need to do to help you maintain your new growth of penis enlargement gains, but also how to stop the process as soon as you reach your desired size.

(2020) LEARN to Maintain Penis Enlargement Gains & How to Stop Growth – HERE


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