Alpha males are known to have a masculine fit body and are always in a healthy state of being, which the right foods in a diet is a MUST for you to achieve this kind of physique.

In fact, we are what we eat! Whatever you’re putting in your body is what you’ll get out of it! There is no doubt of that…

If you’re eating healthy meals, then you will become healthier by the day as well as maintain a healthy state of the body.

But if you’re putting junk food inside of you, then you’re going to get a “junk” fat and unhealthy body. Common sense huh?!

The same goes for exercising and working out!

You are what you lift! You are what you feel! Alpha males are most likely powerful, strong, and are always in shape, which does make our lives a lot easier.

Now if you are over-weight, but you want to become the ultimate alpha male as well, then you’re going to have to do something about your weight and your body there.

And it all starts with you!

As we all know, only beta males that are out of shape in which they are most likely over-weight/fat or super bone skinny, or those who don’t really care about their body or themselves at all.

Plus they most likely have a low sex life, and a poor mental mindset. Is this you?

Well, the truth is that it’s not hard at all to change your life completely by this #1 top best trick/tip that I’m going to show you here on what I do to have and maintain a fit, healthy and best incredible shape of my life!

What Alphas Do To Have & Maintain a Fit Healthy Body?

So let’s start!

Instead of eating all those high carb meals or fast foods aka junk food, why not just REPLACE those with healthy high-protein and balanced meals and get yourself the right nutrition that is needed in your body!?

Yes, we all need the right nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, protein, and so on to function 100% and stay alive, plus to keep going!

Without that, our body will start declining and as the years come, it could cause negative effects like complications with your own health, illness and all that.

That’s right, junk food is one of the main causes of poor health! I’m sure you don’t want that, correct!?

I mean, you have no idea how much your body could completely change by just replacing your meals, which is a life-changing miracle!

We all have to eat and drink something, right?! So why not just eat the correct nutrition foods and drink the right beverage!

It’s very simple! Instead of sodas, drink water and replace high-sugar juices or milk-shakes with plain water as well…

Think of it like this.. Instead of buying those junk foods and be fat, miserable and unhealthy, just replace and buy healthy meals since you will have to pay for your food anyway, makes sense right?!

Meaning the same amount of money you’re wasting on those junk unhealthy food, you can invest in healthy fit meals and become the alpha male you want to be + most importantly, be HEALTHY and FIT to look great and feel greatHow does that sound bro?!

One thing I can tell you is that your body will surely appreciate and love you for that!

Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace of the soul. It comes from laughter and love. – Unknown

So as starting today, right now, skip those unhealthy, high-carb junk foods and simply replace (KEY) and choose to buy healthily balanced and high protein meals all time!

If you are currently over-weight or a bone skinny guy, instead of eating;

  • (hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, pizza, muffins, chips, sodas, etc) go with salads w/ chicken, or a meal with lean meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.
  • (soda, juices, milkshakes, etc whatever that has massive calories and sugar) go with plain water, or natural zero-sugar organic juice, protein shakes, etc). Diet soda may do the “trick”, but it’s not really healthy.

Now as we all know, time will come by no matter what you do. No one can get away with that!

In 6 months from today, if you do this quick and simple change of your daily diet by simply REPLACE, you’re going to see some incredible improvements not only on your overall weight and waistline but your complete health and well-being will also change so much that you would not believe how much your body changed from this simple life chaning habit…

Just so you know, you will appreciate yourself much more and feel your own best all the time!

To me, it is unbelievable how much our bodies can change so quickly.

Yes, it will be much easier to become the stallion alpha male that you would want to be if you just do it…

Not to mention, your sexual life will change a lot as well, since you’ll be getting the right nutrition that will make you able to perform much better in bed, and did I mention your erections becomes much stronger?!

Ok, so now what about exercises?

Well, since your overall performance gets better with the right foods, you’ll feel better and more motivated to start exercising and working out daily on your body.

But if you don’t exercise, it sure will take a lot longer to lose weight and become fit since working out is part of the process! 

That is because you need to burn off those calories you have there, and therefore, of course you’ll need to join in a gym or do some type of activity/sport to get rid of unwanted calories.

Not to mention that if you get off the couch right now and start exercising today like at least do some pushups and abs exercises and start to REPLACE to eating a balanced protein diet, you’ll increase your natural testosterone levels (men’s hormones) as well as human growth hormone (anti-aging hormone) to higher levels. – Win-WIN

AGAIN, it is so simple as it really is by simply replacing your junk food with healthy balanced meals!

Then, join a gym or a fitness program today if you have not yet… Just don’t wait for tomorrow, do it TODAY, right now after you’re done reading!

At the beginning of the very first 15 days of exercising, we all know that it may be hard, frustrating, etc, but remember alphas take action and DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to reach their goals regardless if it’s hard or not!

Remember, alpha males make NO EXCUSES whatsoever..

We understand that staying in a comfort zone will not make us better, but challenging ourselves will!

Now ask yourself, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT ?

Are you willing to take action and just do whatever it takes as alphas do? 

OR, maybe you just rather be the same beta male as you are right now for the rest of your life, staying in your comfort zone, continue to being fat/chubby, lazy, weak, low-self esteem, loser, depressed / victim of your own life, no respect from others, no ladies chasing you, and just overall depressed and unhealthy, plus more = BETA male.

And if that’s your choice, sure I don’t judge you… I’m just doing my best to try to help you out here because I know how it feels. I have been there before and it sure does suck a lot!

I mean, do you really want this type of life for yourself FOREVER?

Time doesn’t heal, consciousness does. – Unknown

Do you really think you will live long enough with this type of lifestyle? However, you WON’T because health complications will come along and lead to sickness/diseases if you DON’T start NOW to change your lifestyle when you actually have enough time before it’s too late.

OR, do you rather be someone like a confident alpha KING of your world with high self-esteem levels, who is fit, strong, has a masculine body frame posing a straight posture all the time, always feeling your best, loving life to the max, head high all the time and most importantly, positive attitude and a positive mental mindset + stallion style in bed = True ULTIMATE Alpha Male!

Yeah, I bet so !!

People, including men and women are attracted to a physically fit man. They like a man that is strong and who can protect them.

However, just remember that it’s actually never too late to start regardless of your age, shape, health, or whatever because as long as you’re still breathing, you still got another chance!

By the way, age is just a number, it doesn’t define you.


So get in shape now. Be fit today. You’ll be seen as a more masculine and physically dominating person! And if you have fluffy man’s boobs known as GYNO then, check this post here to fix it as well!

In 6 months from today, you’ll be a completely different person!

And once again, the simple #1 best trick is to simply REPLACE your food with high protein and balanced meals + join a gym and do some exercises at least 3 times a week (minimum 45 mins-1 hour), and within 6 months from today (since life will pass anyway), you’re going to be a NEW HEALTHY YOU aka Fit Alpha Male!

Don’t forget that all alpha males like to challenge themselves, not others. Your own competition is yourself, the same person you see in the mirror! Alphas don’t bother with other’s opinions.

So just take action today and stay motivated day-by-day to become better than you were yesterday, that’s the main goal!

To become alpha, there are NO excuses whatsoeverBe 100% committed to your body, your mind and yourself will love you for that! That’s it.

Another super important factor that you need to know and to always remember is to think and say ONLY good things about your own body at all costs because it is listening and when you actually make it a belief regardless if it’s negative or positive, trust me it will happen sooner or later!

Health is wealth! To find out more that we are not just what we eat, click here!


I showed the simplest key above which is to REPLACE to healthy food and find an activity or exercise to allow you to become fit, healthy and feel your overall best that will transform your life completely and allow you to become the alpha king of your own world as well, right!?

So this is my exclusive tip of what I personally do!

It is the 90/10% rule which I would eat healthy protein meals during the week (90%), and on weekends (10%), I may skip a meal or two and get whatever the hell I want!

Yes, I’m talking about cheat meals like 2-3 hamburgers, 1 whole pie of pizza for myself, or whatever, it doesn’t matter!

It’s fun, it’s enjoyable, and I love it because I feel like these so-called “cheat meals” help me see clearly how much I don’t need junk food in my body… Plus it kills my cravings for junk food. Not to mention, it helps boost up my metabolism by a significantly high percentage = helps shred body fat at a faster pace!

You can do it yourself and believe it or not, you’ll actually feel miserable when you eat junk food on the weekends because our body will be used to healthy meals on the weekdays, which when you eat these “cheat meals”, you’re going to see that your body doesn’t really like it at all…

Now let me help you out as well with what you need to do to BOOST up the process and transform your physique completely!

As we all know, it is much harder to get the physical results we want without any supplementation. Therefore, here are some of the top best health and fitness supplements in today’s industry that I have ranked as top best proven to give us the results we need.

For bodybuilding & serious muscle development;

If you want to bulk up and gain some extremely muscle growth in a completely safe way, then I’ll recommend you the CRAZY BULK stacks here;


For a testosterone natural booster;

Not only testosterone is the main male hormone to allow us to feel stronger, achieve a greater muscle physique and also boost sexual performance, the best testosterone boosters here would be a great option to get the results you truly desire and feel more masculine than ever! By the way, all alphas have high t-levels as you can clearly see the difference below!


For the top best Preworkout;

If you find that your own motivation is not enough to have you crush your workout at the gym every day, then check out the best pre-workouts that will give you the best muscle pump, energy, and that will best suit you. Not to mention, if you’re like me who’s sensitive to caffeine, they do have caffeine-free pre workouts as well that would work just as great as others.


For effective and safe fat burners for men & women;

If you’re fat, over-weight or obese, then you need to lose some weight there and burn off your overall fat, which the #1 fat burning supplement here will do wonders to shred down those unwanted fat around your body. And not to mention, it will suppress your appetite in a way that it won’t leave you craving for sweet foods like many other weight loss supplements out there. Check out top best fat burners here, you won’t regret!


For HGH Releaser to look, feel & be younger;

Last but not least, it is the one important hormone who is produced in every live being’s body called HGH which what it does is make you feel and look younger all over again, especially for you who feel like you’re getting “old” or look too old. Therefore, there is no doubt that the top rated HGH products will give you the best anti-aging benefits here that you would want, plus improves overall health and enhance your physical body.


Have you been eating dirty or clean lately? By the way, how was your experience to find out the best #1 trick and my exclusive tip to change your life forever? Did you feel motivated? Leave me a text below! You know, I’m here to help you become your best, believe it!

(2021) ALPHA Healthy Body – TOP BEST #1 Tip For a Fit Physique – RIGHT HERE!


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