Do you think/believe you’re a beta male or an alpha male?

Well, in today’s modern world, we see 95% of men worldwide are actually beta males aka unsuccessful soft men dominated by their own ego with a poor sexual life, overwhelming feelings of depression, unhealthy bodies, miserable lifestyles with no goals at all but always trying to chase things and women the wrong way, which they usually have the lowest confidence levels ever with a scarcity mentality… Is this you?

Well, don’t be this guy!!

Since you’re here, I’m sure you don’t want to be part of the masses, and believe it or not, you’re not the only one! Millions of men out there are actually looking for the real secrets to transform their lives too and be the ultimate alpha male today, now!

Luckily, you have found the right place and so, get READY TO READ and be so alert that hopefully, you can pass it on to other people you care about as well!

So if you join the ALFASTALLION® tribe here on this website today as right now, you’re going to see that I am part of the 5% of the population since I’m willing to show you how you can raise your consciousness/awareness to transform yourself to not an average-wanna-be-alpha-male we see out there, but more of a ‘STALLION ALPHA KING’ of your own world!


So what that is, it’s basically a high-valuable, fulfilled, and confident successful man with high standards who makes himself #1 priority by focusing all on yourself at all costs meaning being spiritually aware of all things within you and around you as well as enhancing your overall life experience, and that way, you’ll have the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful women chasing you around to have sex like how real alpha males does

How does that sound? Well, I am proof of it!

That means I’m going to awaken you up to reality and teach you how to be a true alpha ‘stallion’ man with a successful lifestyle by investing in yourself and therefore, you’ll have more good things flowing to you than ever along with high sexual life, masculine body with muscle, upright posture with a positive untouchable confident mindset that you need!

I mean, I truly don’t want to sound too promising here but when you start reading my posts on this #1 alpha male website, you’ll see that it’s 100% true from what you’re going to learn that will change your mentality mindset to be able to take your personal life to reach the highest level of success that you have ever encountered with a great sex life while enhancing your body on a whole new superior level!

But again, I’m really talking about the stallion version ones!

By the way, please don’t mind my English as it is NOT my first/native language. Don’t judge!

So here’s something about me!

My name is Jay, I am a Brazilian-born / American-citizen man who founded and created this ALFA STALLION® website because I really am tired of seeing these beta males (soft men) out there chasing the wrong things over and over just like how I used to be the common “average Joe” back in the day with low-income source, a poor sex life (not to mention, a 6″ inch penis size), weak muscle body shape, unhealthy habits, and the lowest mentality mindset someone could ever have…

I didn’t even want to live…can we say depression much?!


Now, I have way over 10+ years of experience in the male industry. So I know how to help you to turn yourself into the alpha stallion beast too with lots of great things coming into your life, especially how you’ll be a sexual MAGNET to attract hot sexy women begging to sleep with you!

(I’m not sure if using pheromone colognes and having you getting the knowledge from a master pickup artist is considering “cheating”..) and yes, if you have a smaller than average penis size and if you enlarge it as I did to over now currently 8″1/2 monster veiny penis size, you’ll literally have women “trying to take advantage” of you for sex!

Oh, if you have a nice physique body shape, they sure will always want to touch and feel your muscular lean body on top of them! Haha, it’s fun, and trust me, they enjoy it just as much as we do.

(p.s. I’m not here to brag but to show you that you can TOO! 0% ego = 100% humble is my goal!)

I am…humble enough to know I’m not better than anyone else, but wise enough to know I am different” – My favorite quote

Back to my bio; so I’ve completely transformed myself and my life as a whole, where as you can clearly see, I’ll teach you how you can reach the highest level of success ever in your entire lifestyle too. But I’m not talking about just in businesses/wealth (because If I were, I wouldn’t be here to help you), but most important, self-improvement is a major key to life-changing!

Now, be 100% aware that I’m here to change the game and I am on the right track (since you’re here) to show you all the steps and solutions on how you can turn over every aspect of your life and be the best version of yourself as well! And that way, you surely will attract all the good things including the woman of your dreams or more than one in your life if you’ll like by the law of attraction.

But what I mean here is that I’m definitely not going to teach you those crazy pickup lines that don’t even work right but only make you look like a clown in women’s eyes and have them laughing at you like how most of these fake gurus so-called “master pickup artists” have been teaching men all over the world…

Based on my own personal experiences of having sex with different women all over the world out there, pickup lines and filling women with exaggerated compliments, texts, and gifts, plus chasing them around will surely not make them want you but actually do the opposite to get them away from you and that is what beta males do very often!

Don’t be this clingy beta male guy….

Then, they wonder why only the 5% of men known as valuable, successful, and confident alpha males have women of all kinds chasing us and trying to do every possible thing to sleep with us while all we’re doing here is focusing on improving ourselves by becoming spirituality aware of all things and just making our lifestyle better through always having us as #1 priority (not them) regardless of anything…

Be highly humble yet highly aware of your worth.

If you don’t know, girls, ladies, and women love to chase powerful, dominant, and attractive leaders, again known as natural alpha males and they do get super excited to chase us around, and believe it or not, they literally make us a “reward” if they’re able to sleep with us. Plus not to mention, alphas do get special treatments everywhere from people of all kinds!

And the reason why I know this is because at the time when I had the badass all-black pickup truck that was, unfortunately, stolen from me by a so-called “best friend” that I thought I could trust which I do mention in several of my posts, at this time, I was literally having sex with 2-4 sexy hot different girls per day. No, it was NOT because of the truck itself, it surely was because of who I was and still AM as a real alpha male!

Just so you know, a vehicle is just a bonus to help us pick them up and take them home. If you’re a beta male and have a truck like this, you’ll probably just carry them around and have them see you as a “friend” to use you, use your money, and literally “friend zone” you forever to only take them to places and pay for them without having sex with you at all.

Yes, has it happened to you before? I’m sure, I mean, it happens a lot with beta males out there!

And that’s why I’m willing to give you the best information and details on this #1 alpha male website here that will truly awaken you up to live the life of your dreams by simply changing your complete mentality mindset and that way, you’ll then be able to transform your own personality into being a successful, powerful, and confident alpha ‘stallion’ male today, here and now.

Not only it will make your life 100% better but again, also have sexual partner/s chasing you begging to hang out and to be with you instead of me showing you any type of wack “pickup lines” and having you continue to be a beta male by being obsessed with women and chasing them all the time which none of this will help you in any way whatsoever. I guarantee you!

So my point here is that you have to be a magnet (alpha male) to easily attract, not the opposite as to repel (beta male) and make them stay away from you!

NOW my MISSION here is to teach, inspire and motivate you…


In today’s date, I am so self-assured to believe that I can actually make you super confident and unstoppable that when you become self-aware, no one in this world will be able to stop you from achieving whatever you want..!

Now imagine yourself in this exact moment right now with this type of mindset!?

Tell me, how much will your life change to have the type of confidence that you can get anything you want in your life?

Yes, by following the law of attraction to believe everything is possible with a grateful heart filled with love and by training yourself every single day to listen to your own intuition (gut feelings) for the right decisions and being 100% connected with your own self Inner-Being/Higher-Self, plus by taking positive action on lucrative opportunities will make you so successful you won’t even believe it until it happens to you too!

Not to mention, that is what will make women chase you around as well! Remember, women want strong men who focus on success, not weak boys who always complain.

If you don’t know, we all came to Earth to create. This is a creative place where the wealthy people’s secret is attaining intuitively wisdom through their own Inner-Being’s insights and that is to avoid all ego’s thoughts that weaken us. I’ll teach you all of this which you first must have the self-awareness rich mentality and that way, you can then start to buy assets too. Then, later on, with the passive flow of money coming in, you surely can be able to purchase liabilities (material stuff) and not the opposite like how “poor” people do.

Therefore, I’m going to show you how to live your life as if your dreams have come true, and then all you have to do is CHALLENGE your reality to catch up by dragging your future to the present, how does that sound to you?

“What we Think, we Become. What we Feel, we Attract. What we Imagine, we Create. – LAW OF ATTRACTION

Well, my all-time personal goal is to feel YOUNG, HAPPY, and live life blessed to the fullest while making the Universe/God/Source of Power work in our favor by conspiring to help us and make everything designed to serve us through having things go in our way so everything happens for us, not to us!

Yes, it has our back and everything comes from us when you be aware of it. 🙂

By the way, are you over-weighted? Or too skinny? Well, that’s the easiest part! I’ll teach one of the simplest tricks to turn your body into a masculine lean muscular body figure machine!

Is your sexuality very poor? Well, now imagine yourself in bed performing like a sex male ‘pornstar’ stallion beast and make your partner have multiple orgasms than ever!

Oh, believe it or not, this is purely possible for you too! Now the good thing is you’ve taken the very first step which was to have made it all the way here !!

Now it is MY PASSION to introduce to you my secrets, techniques, knowledge, experiences, wisdom, and the exact products I’ve used and still use to this day to be who I AM TODAY!

Perhaps, we all have a ROLE MODEL, right? Well, this guy here is my ROLE MODEL who I seem to want to be as muscular as him and dress like him every day but with some bad a$s tattoos on me…


Therefore, I’m going to teach you how you can leave the BETA lifestyle and transform yourself into an ALPHA STALLION KING!

By the way, as we all know, we need some type of enhancements / supplements to boost up the process, where not a lot of people are willing to do their own research and look over hundreds of reviews out there…

It takes a lot of time, much effort, and plenty of work, trust me I know! Yet, I am here for several reasons, to also do it all for you in a completely brutal honest way!

So as you can see, I’m not only going to teach you plenty of information to help you and your life to enhance to a whole another level, but I’ll prove to you the BEST TOP #1 products of this year that will give you proven and actual results as you expect based on real results, past experiences, and by fully analyzing the product’s complete background.

I’m going to ensure you to combat those false, fake “biased” reviews/posts out there since ALFA STALLION® website strives to be the #1 best alpha-male website in today’s date and age to change the world for more alphas leaders than ever and fewer beta males.

(P.s. By the way, YES I believe it is the right thing to do to let you know that I may receive a small compensation when you purchase a greatly discounted product that I recommend for you or have tested to be an effective and safe product. But as you can clearly see how honest I am, I will never falsely recommend something that I don’t believe in. I’m not here for that, it’s not my thing and I’ll never do such a thing at all! Integrity is everything to me.)

So take your time and look around the website itself for the TOP #1 BEST and the HOW TO be the ultimate alpha stallion of YOURSELF that always inspired you!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. Confidence is your reward for overcoming fear. Your mind is a battlefield, be its commander, not its soldier. By learning to trust your intuition, miracles seem to happen. Intuitive thoughts are gifts from higher self. When you are in alignment with your higher self, and put forth your desires, ALL of the Universe conspires to achieve it for YOU. – MY FAVORITE LIFE-CHANGING QUOTES

Just have this in mind, even if you work on yourself and get better by just 1% per day, that is 365% in a full year! So get going and JOIN the #1 ALFA STALLION® tribe today, NOW by going straight forward to read more on this incredible #1 alpha male website to learn and evolve since the more you learn, the more you gain!)

NOTE: If you want, you can ask me any questions by leaving your comment in each post that you read in the bottom box section, and by doing that will also allow me to serve you best and continue to provide the greatest quality service, and that way, I’ll be able to continue to have this website up and running to help you and the millions of men who needs my help as well.

So just simply drop me your comment below at the bottom of each post and that will reattribute back to me in many positive ways! I highly appreciate your help here! 🙂





Be the Ultimate Alpha Stallion of YOURSELF