Not a lot of bodybuilders and fitness athletes actually know how to always get the biggest and maximum muscle pump at the gym for muscle fullness growth!

Now I have been lifting heavy weights for over 12 years already, and for the first 2-3 years, I actually was doing it all wrong at the gym.

I only “lifted” weights, which I didn’t really know how to get that muscle pump that is 100% necessary for the growth and roundness of the muscle.


If you don’t know, without the muscle pump, your muscle will not be as round as it should and definitely won’t seem swollen muscle fullness of volumes like Arnold Schwarzenegger biceps, triceps, and chest…

I’m sure you have seen many guys out there who have been exercising and lifting weights for many years, but their muscles seem not fully round and in poor shape.

That is probably because they’re not worried about the muscle pump that is required, which they are only focused on lifting as heavy as they can!

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes a “heavy weight” may be necessary to achieve the muscle pump that we all should target at the gym!

So I’m going to show you how I manage to get to the gym and 1 hour later, come out feeling so pump like if my muscles were to explode!

By the way, it makes me feel so good and I think it is one of the best feelings ever.

How To Achieve the Best Muscle Pump at the GYM of ALL TIME

It is true that too many heavyweights may not give you the muscle pump you’re looking for!

And that was the case with me when I first starting bodybuilding.

All I cared about was how much weight I could lift at the time, but again, that didn’t allow me to create the greatest and biggest muscle pump that we all need for the best muscle growth!

So the very first thing you need to do is go for small-to-medium weights!


That is because you need to fully concentrate and squeeze the muscle while holding the weight at the top for 1-2 seconds at a slow pace.

This means, if you were to lift small or medium heavyweights, you can have full control of the mind-muscle concentration and squeeze the same muscle that you’re working out as hard as you can!

And if you were to pick up a lot of heavy weight, there is no way to actually squeeze the muscle at the top by holding it for 1-2 seconds. Which most guys all they are doing is “swinging” the weights up and down, and not squeezing the muscle by contracting it…


Can you see what I’m saying here?!

Now even though the main KEY here is to concentrate to feel the muscle by actually squeezing it, the extra reps will make your muscle burn like hell which leads you to create the greatest swollen muscle pump of all time!

Based on my own experiences with over a decade of lifting heavy weights at the gym every day, I can say that when it burns with pain, that is when it grows fully rounded!


That means if you were to do 8 full reps by concentrating to feel the contraction of the muscle squeezing at the top, then giving your best and get another 3-5 (failure) reps, I’m telling you that your muscle will scream and your body will send maximum blood rushing to that muscle that is working out, which will immediately become swollen up!

Chase that pump! Feel the mind-muscle connection! – Unknown

But here’s the trick!

You should NOT overdo the same exercise with too many reps or stay too much time lifting weights at the gym, because that could actually wear off your muscle pump process, and you wouldn’t want that!


For me, I have found that 1 full hour to 90 minutes total at the gym is all I need!

If I were to go over to 2 hours of working out, the muscle pump would not be that great as it should!

Remember, more is not always better!

So what I have found out is that too much time at the gym or too many excessive repetitions / too many exercises in a day, the pump starts to slow down!

Therefore, it is best to get into the gym fully motivated, go all in at every workout (4-6 exercises only), concentrate and squeeze the muscle contraction as hard as you can for 1-2 seconds, and by making sure to get those extra reps will surely give me the greatest muscle pump of all time!

Now the last thing that you must know is that your resting time should not be more than 1-2 minutes either!

Shorten your rest time which the faster you get back at the workout and do it again to make it burn and scream all over again, the better and bigger the pump it will get!

But that does not mean to run to the next workout and not get enough rest….yes, you do need to rest which I have found 15-45 seconds of resting works great for me.


Another tip that I can give you is by doing Superset, Giantset, and Dropset training will have you reaching your biggest pump as well!

Also, beware that too much caffeine will not allow you to fully reach your greatest maximum pump…

And for that reason, I don’t have any coffees whatsoever or anything that has caffeine in it, but only organic pasteurized milk.


My own pure motivation is my all-time best and favorite pre-workout!

What Are The Greatest Muscle Pump RESULTS?

You probably have no idea but when you start achieving the greatest muscle pump at the gym by what I have just shown you above, the results are incredible!

Not only your muscle will be more rounder than ever, but the swollen pump will make your muscle pop out more and be bigger and bigger every time since it becomes more intense at every pump!


The feelings we get when reaching this great pump is just mind-blowing!

You’ll feel like you’re at the top of the world, I mean the sensation is just great!

And believe it or not, it is actually the muscle pump and feeling good that makes bodybuilders get to the gym every day and give their best! Muscle pump is an addiction but in a good way.

The greatest feeling you can get in a gym, or the most satisfying feeling you can get in the gym is… The Pump. Let’s say you train your biceps. Blood is rushing into your muscles and that’s what we call The Pump. –Arnold Schwarzenegger

Yep, they’re not there just because of the “results” of muscle growth, but the feelings we get during working out is just excellent, especially for our health!

An incredible muscle pump will make your confidence levels and self-esteem rise up instantly, and after you’re done, you’ll feel so satisfied.

This means, there is no point to go to the gym and not focus on the muscle pump


The muscle pump is like therapy, it automatically enhances our life experiences!

Imagine being fully motivated, chest pumped up, biceps swelled, hands-on fire, you vs the weights, and the rushing feelings of excitement running through you and you push through your limits and take out all of the stress on the weights, it’s just pure therapy to me!

Trust me, you’ll see and you’ll remember me from what I’m saying here…

Now even though my own pure motivation is my favorite “preworkout”, I totally understand that we are not the same that maybe you do need a powerful preworkout supplement for that extra super-charged boost since you’ve been at work all day!

Yes, there are some types of pre-workout supplements that will make your body send a good amount of blood rushing with nutrients to fuel up your muscle and have you getting a greater muscle pump at the gym!

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But that’s not all!

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Now imagine yourself taking the Blackwolf preworkout and getting to the gym fully motivated on a beast mode, and as soon as you start your workout, you take the Intro-workout supplement as well and start your first exercise and boom, your muscle pump is on fire!

And when you’re done, you would take the post-workout supplement for a fast and full recovery!

I mean, this is the superior supply for the best workouts in the gym that will allow you to experience the greatest muscle pumps of all time!


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So do you always achieve a great pump at the gym? If yes, shoot me a line underneath at the box section as I would be more than glad to know your way to get the greatest pump all the time! By the way, if you find something unclear, just ask me.

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