Do male enhancement creams work? Well, there are a few topical male enhancement lubes that do work in form of cream or gel.

Some of them are completely natural and safe to use!

These types of products are known to work well for erections potency as well as to experience more sexual benefits during penetration.

Instead of taking a male enhancement pill, you may be one of several men out there who would rather just apply a type of sexual lubrication all over the penis to feel the effects immediately!

And that’s totally fine because if you choose the best ones that I’m going to show you below, you’ll be amazed by the results as I was

Now depending on what lubrication formula, you can use it for penis enlargement purposes as well as to perform some penile exercise workouts on a daily basis.

And if you do this, not only you’ll notice harder, bigger erections but you’ll gain more sexual stamina than ever and feel the best intensive mind-blowing sensations!

Therefore, I’m going to provide you with the top best male enhancement creams and the best male enhancement topical gels in today’s market.

Top Best Topical Male Enhancement Lube

1. VigRX Oil (98 Points) –

This topical performance male enhancer called VigRX Oil is the #1 best male lube for men because it works as a fast-acting gel that will make you achieve a hard erection within less than 1 minute every time!

That’s right!

In fact, according to VigRX Oil official website, 73% of men reported having reached an erection within 60 seconds or less when using this product as directed.


This male enhancement topical gel is for all types of men of all ages who want to feel the full sexual experiences during sexual activity, where you can apply the gel right before sexual intercourse.

Since I have personal experience with a few oil-based and water-based lubes out there, VigRX Oil is actually one of them that I used in the past!

At the time back in 2014, it was not really my intention to get it to apply for penis enlargement purposes. So, therefore, I can let you know what exactly were my results with it!

Yes, you can rest assured that VigRX Oil does work very fast like I mean as soon as I apply the gel, I immediately feel a pleasant tingling cooling sensation right away since it absorbs instantly.

And that way, I have found that it is best for better sexual performance and to achieve a hard erection every time, but not for penile exercises since it’s a water-based lube that does dry out fast based on my own experience.

Keep reading down!

And Here’s How it Works!

VigRx Oil topical male enhancement formula contains only natural sexual herbal aphrodisiacs that are highly known in the male industry to work incredible for our sexual potency.

Some of the most popular active ingredients are such as;

  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract
  • Asian Red Ginseng + Panax Ginseng Root
  • Hawthorn Berry
  • Catuaba Bark Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract
  • Epimedium Leaf
  • L-Arginine
  • Licorice root extract
  • Plus more!

These ones work well to increase the production of our testosterone levels and to boost up blood flow to the penis chambers, and therefore, it helps you to create a FAST hard erection!


Compounds like Shea butter, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and several others will moisture the penis skin.

VigRx Oil ingredients will completely absorb deep into the penis tissues by a transdermal delivery system, which then causes immediate effects!

What Are The Results? Any Side Effects?

VigRX Oil for men states that it is 100% safe with no negative side effects to have been reported since it only carries natural herbal extracts in its proprietary blend.

According to them;

  • 80.77% of men were able to maintain a hard erection when using VigRX Oil
  • 91.67% of men were satisfied during sexual intercourse
  • 85.04% of men had their sexual desire highly increased
  • 81.06% of men had penetrated their sexual partner
  • 73% of men achieved an erection within less than 1 minute

Now, these are some high numbers, which that could be you to have the same results as these men, how does that sound?!

Now they do have several testimonials reviews from previous users showing their results as well!


Not to mention, you can use it with a condom since it is 100% condom compatible and safe for oral sex as well because again, it works instantly by absorbing 95% of the active ingredients.

Since this fast-acting gel absorbs immediately after applying it for hard erections, one of the best things is that it won’t leave the penis greasy, oily, or any residue!

Find out more at the VigRX Oil official website here!

Key Advantages/PROS:

  • Increases Erections Potency for Hardness
  • Stimulates More Blood Flow for Sexual Desire
  • Works Immediately Within Less than 1 Minute
  • 100% Safe, Condom Compatible & Safe for Oral
  • Contains ONLY Natural Ingredients & Herbal Extracts
  • Enhances Testosterone for Sexual Libido and Arousal
  • Can Help With Erectile Dysfunction Issue in Men
  • Intensify Ejaculation to Achieve Satisfying Orgasms
  • It Is a Water-Based Lubrication – Easy to Clean / Non-Oily
  • According to Them, It Is A Doctor’s Approved Formula
  • Helps Moisture the Penis Shaft for a Smooth Skin
  • May Help With Premature Ejaculation Issue in Men
  • Fully Tested For Effectiveness and Safety for All Men
  • Gain Improvements in Overall Sexual & Penis Health
  • There is a 67 Money Back Guarantee – 100% Risk-Free


  1. Since it works as a fast-acting topical gel, based on my own experience, it is not a good option for penile exercises because it absorbs very quickly, and therefore, it is best to help you increase erections hardness and experience better sexual benefits as soon as you apply it.

And Here’s My Own Personal Experience

Back when I used VigRX Oil, it was the older version that came with a blue bottle label, and not like this newer version of the red bottle as we can clearly see here.

The tingling pleasant cooling sensation is exactly what I felt on my penis, where it makes our body send maximum blood flow to the erectile chambers to create a rock-hard erection.

And did it really? YES, it seemed that it made my penis reach a stage 2 erection like swollen because of the hardness that it caused!

I was very impressed, I was not expecting it to be so fast like that!

Now imagine you, I think VigRX Oil will work wonders for you too if you apply it and start sexual playtime in bed right after it. And for penile exercises, again, it is not best for this type of application since it absorbs the active ingredients immediately and leaves no residue to perform the exercise.

In my own experience, I used it to see how effective it was and to see how hard my erections would be…

The only time I used it for sex was when I was playing with myself and my ex-girlfriend stopped by to say HI and I made her join in for both of us to have sex, which yes, sexual performance seemed to increase as well as sex drive.

Now it did not make me ejaculate fast. Yet at this time, I had already started Kegel exercises for men and that could be a strong case that works together to make me last longer than ever.

I mean, try and you’ll also be impressed with how fast you’ll see the instant cooling feelings and how fast it boosts blood rushing to the penis for a hard erection!

Can’t forget to mention that it leaves the penis very smooth from its moisture ingredients. I can say that it’s the best lube for hard erections, but if you find it too effective, there is a 67-day 100% money-back guarantee! Let me know after your experience.


2. ProSolution Gel (97 Points) –

Now the second best topical performance lube has to be the ProSolution Gel because of several reasons like strengthening your erections for stronger, harder erect penis, more satisfying orgasms, and also increases your sexual stamina as well.

This male enhancement lubricant gel does have a mild fresh mint scent when applied, and the good thing is that it is compatible with condoms too!


In fact, ProSolution Gel is recommended and endorsed by a medical doctor called DR. G. Alexander, who he recommends to all of his patients for sexual results instead of those “blue-pills” out there!

According to the product’s official website, it is 100% safe and that way, there is no need for any prescription since it’s an all-natural lube for us men!

Keep reading!


How Does ProSolution Gel Work?

The ProSolution Gel contains hand-chosen natural active ingredients that absorb immediately into the penis tissues for instant effects.

Now the main compound is the L-Arginine one which is an amino acid to boost nitric oxide levels in the penis chambers.

But doing that increases more blood flow to your erectile chambers, and therefore, it leads you to have harder, stronger, and more powerful erections than ever!


The other compounds like Aloe Vera, Mango Butter, Vitamin C, Menthol, Bearberry Extract, and Algae Extract will help penetrate into the penis tissues and help its skin for a smooth surface.

Not to mention, you can look forward to intensifying your climax and achieving a blasting sensation during ejaculation with your hard erection!

The ingredients will increase your sexual desire and arousal too, plus make you last longer in bed with your sexual partner!

Oh, you sure will increase your confidence and self-esteem levels to rise up the ceiling after applying ProSolution Gel to your penis.


How To Use ProSolution Gel? – RESULTS

All you would have to do is apply a dime amount of ProSolution Gel straight to the penis shaft (skin) and gently massage it with your hands.

And since it is a fast-acting gel as well, you’ll feel instant sensitive effects kicking in right away and you can look forward to immediately pulling up a hard erection to get you going without numbing your sexual partner like some other poor lubes out there in the market that I have used in the past!

Now if you use it on a daily basis and within 60-90 days of usage, you can look forward to always achieving rock-hard erections every time, have more control of your ejaculation and when you do ejaculate, you’ll feel a stronger intensive load of cum.

You can expect faster recovery times for rapid arousal when entering sexual intercourse and have higher stamina than ever.

Therefore, official website states to help you overcome any hormone imbalance due to poor nutrition, stress, aging, or low performance and that is why it is recommended to use it every day for at least 60-90 days for maximum results!

Based on my concluded opinion here, this lube gel formula is the BEST to help you with premature ejaculation issues, and now you know why it’s the #2 best male lubricant gel out there! If you decide on it, let me know your results.


Have you used male enhancement lubrication before? If yes, what was your experience? Either way, I hope you enjoyed the top best topical male enhancement lubes in today’s market as you can expect to feel the results as soon as you apply the lube for a better sexual experience. Just don’t leave without leaving your feedback below!

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