Lately, lots of questions have been asked about water penis pump known as hydro pumps vs air pressure traditional pumps for penis size growth.

However, I can immediately say that the best penis pumps are actually the water-based ones because some of them are more advanced like the ones that have the option to choose to perform an exercise penile workout by using water or plain air.

Now with traditional air pumps, you can’t use them under water or during bath time. So right from the start, it’s obvious that the water penis pumps could be much better and more convenient than others in my opinion.

Another big difference is that with a hydro water penis pump, you only need to use one single hand to work out the penis!

And with the traditional air-pressure pumps, you must use both hands, and that is one for holding the cylinder pump as a support and the other hand to press the air pressure gauge for the setting.

Not to mention, with a traditional air pump, you must apply some type of lubricant formula to the penis shaft to perform the exercise, which requires a lot more time of your own, plus a higher budget.

I mean, I’m sure you want to see yourself achieving a big penis size of growth there or combat erectile dysfunction and have the strongest erections ever with a low cost, less time and experience the best results, right!?

Therefore, Hydro water-based ones work much faster, easier, and safer! Plus, you can expect effective results by up to 40%, especially if you choose these below;

Best Water Penis Pumps

1. HydroMax – HydroXtreme (99 Points)-

The Hydro pumps from DX products are all manufactured originally from the same company as BathMate who is also the popular first basic and older water-based penis pump in today’s date and age.

However, these HydroMax or HydroXtreme ones are the optimized and newest revolution models of the water penis pumps.

From my own personal experience with over 10 years in the male industry, there hasn’t been any other newer generation for a penis pump that is more advanced than these Hydro water pumps.

Where it is up to 250% more effective than counterfeit ones and much more safer. Believe it, wow!


Now let’s get into the deep depth of these incredible water pumps!

The Hydro water penis pumps from DX products have different models due to size calculator because they all come with an affixed gaiter system and they are such as;

  • Hydro 7 – A cheapest, basic, and best starter water pump model for penis sizes 5-7 inches.

  • HydroMax 3 – It is for penis length of erection up to 3″ full inches.
  • HydroMax 5 – For men over 3″ inches and up to 5″ full inches in length.
  • HydroMax 7 – Made for men with penis size erection of 5-7″ inches.
  • HydroMax 7 Wide Boy – Same for sizes 5-7″ in length but for thicker girth sizes.
  • HydroMax 9 – This model is for larger penis sizes like mine such as 7-9″ inches long.

  • HydroXtreme 5 – More advanced than HydroMax 5, and for erection sizes of 3 – 5.5″ inches.
  • HydroXtreme 7 – This one is for men of sizes 5.5 – 7.5″ inches.
  • HydroXtreme 7 Wide Boy – Same as before, but for those with much more girth in penis size.
  • HydroXtreme 9 – For men with larger sizes 7.5 – 9.5″ inches in length.
  • HydroXtreme 11 – This extreme biggest model is for those with huge monster sizes packing over 9.5″ inches to 11″ inches in length and thick girth as well.

Now the main difference out of all these pumps are not only the size models but as the Hydro7 being the basic simple one, the HyrdoMax series included a ‘hydro-technology’ and ‘Bellows Pump system’ for a more advanced base of the pump in terms of more comfort and to achieve better gains than the Hydro7 basic pump.

And the superior HydroXtreme series models are designed to work faster, better, and much more powerful in terms of results. They come with new valve control and detachable handball for a better convenient way.

Yet, all of these work exactly the same way! All it changes is the strength of the affixed gaiter for each one and the size models due to the size of your penis, plus additional features.

I personally have actually used a water-based penis pump before but the BathMate older basic version one when it was first introduced to the market about a decade ago or so. Yes, I did gain some girth results, and so I know how these hydro pumps work very effectively!

How Does Hydro Pump Work?

As you can notice, these water penis pumps are very easy and simple to use!

You just have to simply have one hand filling up the Hydro penis pump with warm to hot water, and after that, put your penis inside the water-based device, then press it against the penis base a couple of times until your penis is fully pumped by the pressure of the volume of water.


Now if it comes to a point that you pumped way too hard and your erection reached a level of pain, with these hydro water pumps, there is a button to release all the pressure by just pressing it once.

Yes, it does happen quite a bit since it is a very powerful penis enlargement pump!

Which to me, it sure does make it much safer than traditional air-pressure pumps out there because, with those, you would have to re-connect the tube and press a vacuum valve to release all pressure which could take more time and feel less comfortable.

Yet, even though these hydro water penis pumps are all made with medical-grade and skin-safe materials, it comes with the exact directions and instructions, where the safety of its own use is all on you!

Even though most hydro penis pump is designed to use in a hot shower or during bath time under warm water to help with cells expanding to multiply for new size growth while performing an exercise, all you need is 15-20 minutes (5 minutes w/ small breaks in between 3x a session).

However, in the past when I used the BathMate water-based penis pump for size growth at that time, it recommended me to use it for a full 15 minutes session at once (1x a day for 3-5 days per week.

What Are the Hydro Water Pump Results To Look For?

Imagine yourself achieving girth gains of 0.5 – 2″ full inches of thickness!? Yes, that’s a lot as your partner will feel more satisfied with a fatter cock inside of them, right!?

And for length, it is said that you can expect to increase your penis size by 1-3″ full inches in length when using CONSISTENCY which is the main key here for the growth of results.

Not to mention, are you having issues with erectile dysfunction meaning having a hard time getting it up?

Well, the Hydro water penis pump will increase your erection quality and potency for stronger and harder erections than ever, which will help you combat (ED) aka erectile dysfunction at a faster pace.

Therefore, a rock-hard erect penis will surely impress both yourself and your partner in bed. I actually love the feeling of an extremely stone-hard erection, I mean who doesn’t?!


Also, penis sensitivity increases as well for higher sexual satisfaction and to maintain your penis healthy.

Oh, did I mention permanent size growth in just the first few weeks?

Not to mention, your overall confidence levels will rise immediately because as soon as you use it based on my own experience, you will feel the instant boost of blood flow for the hardest erection ever!

Key Positives:

  • #1 Top Best Water Penis Pumps in Today’s Market
  • Achieve Size Gains of Growth in Just a Few Weeks
  • Many Different Hydro Water-Based Pumps to Choose
  • Can Reach up to 1-3″ in length and 0.5 – 2″ in Girth
  • May Increase the Head (Glans) of the Penis as Well
  • Perfect for Combating Erectile Dysfunction in Men
  • Enhances the Potency and Strength of Erections
  • Increases The Sensitivity of the Overall Penis
  • Boosts up Overall Penis Health & Helps Maintain
  • Confidence Levels Will Rise Up with New Size Gains
  • Millions of Men Worldwide have been Using Hydro Pumps
  • Aspen Clinical Research has Done a Number of Research/Tests
  • There is a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee + 1-3 Years Warranty


  1. Somehow, the product’s website does not show before and after photos so users can see the actual results to expect. Maybe it’s because they don’t want to post naked photos of men? Who knows! Yet, it is proven to cause real growth of gains and several doctors worldwide are recommending this penis pump for growth, fix sexual issues, and so on!

2. Penomet Pump (98 Points) –

Now the Penomet is a bit different from the penis pumps above. This hydro one is a unique, revolutionary penis enlargement pump and yes, water-based as well!

Instead of a gaited fixed-based pump, the Penomet carries an “innovative interchangeable Gaiter System”, which basically means you can simply change the gaiter to a more powerful gaiter to increase more pressure for faster results!

How does that sound?


The complete kit known as the premium set comes with 5 gaiter forces of 60, 65, 70, 75, and the GaiterExtreme Force 80 Gaiter too, plus a shower strap for the support!

You can also choose the color of the pump cylinder that you would want, such as a clear transparent one, blue, violet color, orange or pink.

And according to the Penomet official website, this exclusive water penis pump is “backed by more than ten years of real-life testing“, a few certificates for quality, and won several awards winnings to prove that it’s really effective.


What Are The Growth of Gains?

All you would have to do is use it for 15 minutes of pumping, and you can look forward to gains of 30% more girth (thickness) of the penis as well as 3″ full inches in length!

Yes, that’s some pretty good results in my opinion!

Plus it’s completely permanent and safe!

Now Penomet states that their hydro penis pump can be used with water during a hot shower, or with simple air just like the traditional ones without involving any water whatsoever.


That is because they use the “AquaPressure system” that allows enough pressure to build up during the workout process for the best results!

The creators of Penomet claim that with this hydro pump, you can expect 65-80% faster gains than fixed gaiter pumps out there.

Wow, that sure is a lot of percentage for results in my opinion!

How To Use Penomet Penis Pump?

Even though this penis enlargement pump is made with the highest quality materials for comfort, safety, and effectiveness, all you really need is 15-30 minutes of your day!

And if you get the premium complete Penomet kit, you will be able to increase the gaiter pressure by changing to a new color every week, where they have a specific workout regime for maximum best results!


Now all you would do is add water inside the cylinder pump, then insert your penis and gently pump until full pressure is added for a hard erection.

Then after a minute or so, you can let go by pressing the valve and relax for a minute or 2. And do it again by re-pumping until you reach your hardest erection! Do this several times until you hit those 15-30 minutes of workout.

Perhaps, you can expect visible growth of results within the first month of daily usage.

Yet, the Penomet hydro penis pump is only suitable for penises ranging from 4-8″ full inches.

Therefore, for a guy like me who has reached over 8″1/2, I won’t be able to use this particular pump if I ever wanted. And for this reason, it is why the Penomet penis pump is the #2 best water-based pump in today’s market for size growth and erection potency.

But if your current penis size is somewhere around 4-8″ inches long, then this could be a life-changer for you, especially with the full kit where you will always be able to keep switching the gaiter for a higher pressure every month or so as needed and achieve your maximum gains of penis size that you desire.


Feel free to check out their official website if you decide on it!

There it goes, the top best penis enlargement pumps in today’s market that will work effectively, which when you use any of these on a daily basis as directed, your penis size will change at all costs because it basically forces your erections to allow more blood flow and therefore, it leads to increase in penis size. By the way, I encourage you to submit your comments in the box below!

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