Not a lot of people out there know that their own self-worth is based on what they do and believe they are worthy which will always be their net worth…

I mean, billionaires and wealthy folks do have a huge sense of worthiness which contributes for them to keep getting richer and richer non-stop.

Where a “poor” person who actually has a poverty/scarcity mindset sees themselves as not worthy of all the money out there and therefore, they will continue to stay in lack of money!

You know, I have been poor throughout my early childhood up to adulthood and now I consider myself wealthy.

I had literally over 9+ businesses that I created myself, I have many investments, I also have won 2 lottery jackpots and I have a number of assets bringing me the passive cash flow on a regular basis. Not to mention, charity is part of what I do! I donate lots of money worldwide.


So I’m sure I know what I’m talking about here and because of that, it is the reason why I’m willing to help you out in all aspects of life!

Keep reading to find out what I have to say to help you out.

How Your Self-Worth is Your Net-Worth? Or Is Your Network Your Net Worth?

Believe it or not, I personally find it kind of funny and foolish at the same time to even think that our net worth is based on our own self-worth…

I mean, there is no amount of money in this world worth what l am worth meaning my value is infinity.

Therefore, not even all the money, the abundance of the world itself can cost me. That’s how I think of it and I believe that is why I seemed to be a magnet of money and all the abundance of life itself.

And why do I think like that?

Well, our higher-self/spirit/soul/intelligence is part of God and what that means to me is that there is no value whatsoever that could cost God. What can pay God? Nothing!

I don’t view wealth as something that validates my intelligence. – Steve Jobs


I’m not trying to be spiritual here but I totally understand why our self-worth has something to do with our net worth.

When you feel like you’re worth something, the universe according to the Law of Attraction has to manifest into your life and it does depend on each person.

Yes, it is the universal law that no one is above or below, but every single being on this Earth is affected by it regardless if you believe it or not…

Now there are people mentioning that our network is our net worth.


So basically, they claim that the people we engage worldwide through the internet are based on our net worth?

I mean, it doesn’t make sense but I still get what they mean by that since, in today’s date and age, technology has taken over the world.

But what about back in the day when we had no computers, cellphones and all that?

See, so I don’t know if that is actually true but could be in today’s era, but I’m aware that network could also mean how many hands you shake!?


So basically, both your self-worth and network may truly be your net worth in this 21 century and I totally agree!

When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up with it. – Mark Victor Hansen

How to Gain SELF-Worth & Network?


Network I would say since we all know that the internet/technology has taken over the world, and what you just have to do if you’re a business owner or willing to create a new business is to focus online on 100% marketing your business/products!

That’s the secret! The bigger your network expands, the bigger your net worth will be.

For example; this website of mine (ALFA STALLION®) as it expands online from Google, Social Media and people sharing it and talking about it, the bigger it will be and the more “valuable” people will believe it is even though I know how valuable it is!

But I’m not really worried about that because I trust myself and the universe that ONLY the right people that need this valuable information will come to me as you have done so! – That’s the confident alpha male mindset that we all need!

That means that not a lot of people are READY to become self-enlightened, awakened to the world full of illusions, and ready to ‘be the ultimate alpha stallion of yourself‘!

Self-confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening. – Unknown


Back to network!

And even if you’re an employee, there are tons of online jobs out there that can pay you extremely well which you may even be able to work from home and again, that does increase your net worth since you’re getting more money but I know it’s all about how wisely you use your money that determines your true net worth.

Now in terms of your self-worth, I personally believe this is truly personal and only you know what you need to do to increase your own “self-worth”.

Self-worth basically means; a sense of one’s own value as a human being and could also be known as self-confidence/self-love/self-realization or even self-image.

The higher your confidence is, the more likely your net worth will catch up to you if you know what you’re doing!

And that is why you MUST invest in yourself at all costs to increase your self-worth!

Self-Love, Self-Respect, Self-Worth: There’s a reason they all start with “self” – You can’t find them in anyone else.

For an example of me; I used to be a shy beta male back in the day, I was afraid of a lot of things and not to mention, I had a weak (lack) mindset including poor sexual life with a 6″ penis size, and what I did in the past decade or so, I figured it out what I needed to do to change myself for my own best!

I started seeking information through self-improvement books, spiritual reading, money books, and personal development online which allowed me to be the true confident alpha male that I am today. Therefore, just that has increased my self-worth by a lot!

Another thing in terms of my sexual life and average penis, after many tries and failures, I was able to increase it to almost 9″ full inches and naturally boosted up my sexual function and now I feel like I’m a sex beast in bed. Therefore, that also increases my own self-worth…

Another example would be in money wise; as I mentioned above, I started reading books about wealth and money which allowed me to see money from a totally different perspective which helped me tremendously to figure out how to wisely invest my money on assets that really matter which contributed to passive income over time.


Therefore, that not only increased my self-worth a lot but also my net worth!

So as you can clearly see, you first focus on your self-worth and know how to manage money wisely which your net worth will increase significantly by how much your self-worth increases!

You attract what you believe you’re worth. – Anonymous

And that is why a lot of lottery winners have lost it all within 3 years because they had poor self-worth (self-love) where money will follow as well and that means, it will leave you just as you were before winning the lottery.

Can you see my point here?

My Own OPINION & ADVICE About Self-Worth

So what I have to say based on what I know through my own wisdom, knowledge, and personal experience is that you just have to FOCUS on you first by investing in yourself and increasing your own value of what self-worth means to you by improving every day to be the best self-image of yourself!

You first work on that because again, that is key to allowing your net worth to catch up!

Then, of course, you need some network on the internet through marketing and you also have to know what you’re doing with money by focusing on your net worth factors which T. Harv Eker mentioned that we all need to;

  • increase our income
  • increase our savings
  • increase our investments returns
  • decrease our cost of living

That’s right!

Just don’t play around with money, know how to invest and find out through valuable information that you can have it for completely free especially online, but most importantly through books, coaches, courses, seminars, and so on…


Don’t be afraid to invest in that, it will always be worth your budget!

And the last step when you do all of that as I mentioned above, focusing on your self-worth, your network and increasing your investments, you will then start to attract money out of nowhere into your life and in some cases, you don’t even know how but it just happened.

That is the secret to becoming rich!

To double your net worth, double your self-worth. Because you will never exceed the height of your self-image. – Robin Sharma

I know this because as I feel like I am a magnet of money and abundance, in my bank accounts, there are money coming in that I have no idea where it came from…

Sure, if I take my precious time and go look into it, I’ll find out that it’s probably from one of my investments but I don’t bother since all it is doing is increasing my net worth!


Again, it all has to do with my self-worth and network, plus wisely investing which you will then become a magnet to all the good things in your life!

Sure, you have to break some negative beliefs if you have about money such as that “money is the root of evil, rich people are evil, etc” which if you don’t, no matter what you do, money just won’t come to you very easily since what we believe, it manifests at all costs!

By the way, I feel like I need to share this powerful statement from someone unknown who sees their own self-worth as this which states;

"I am comfortable with my SELF - Worth. "I CAN DO IT!" The more I support myself with love and acceptance, the more worthy I feel. As I feel worthy, I feel better. In fact I feel really good. I begin to let good things happen to me. I begin to see opportunities that I never saw before. I let life take me in new and interesting directions. I let my mind go beyond what I thought was possible. 

I become worthy of the totality of possibilities, and life suddently becomes very exciting. I realize that I have a right to have the life I want. I might have to shift this or that, scrap an old belief, let go of an old limitation, but I can do it! 
YES! I am worthy. I am deserving of ALL GOOD!"

Now one thing that you should do if you feel like you’re overweight or out of shape is to look for a natural effective fat burner supplement that will increase your own self-worth!

That’s right! I know it’s probably hard to have full confidence when you’re not in the best shape of your life since we attract how we feel…


Check out these weight loss pills here and increase your own self-confidence and that way, it will be easier to increase your own self-worth!

I would like to know if this valuable information helped you figure out how to increase your net worth based on self-worth and network? Feel free to comment below!

(2023) Is It True That SELF-WORTH Will Always Be Your NET-WORTH? – Money Info Right HERE!


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