Like all the wise men and women know, money is not just a piece of paper as to how the majority of society thinks…

But it is a pure form of energy!

Therefore, it is true that the higher the energy frequency of money that we all have, the more we’ll attract money into our lives regardless of our current condition.

And that is why we all have heard of the popular saying; the rich keeps getting richer every day while the poor get poorer than ever.

Yes, we can agree 100%… I mean, just look at the pandemic, we are seeing these multi-billionaires double their wealth while the poor are struggling to get it through!

Some have tripled their net worth such as Elon Musk, the tech “God”.

It’s not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do. – Wayne Dyer

So I personally have found a “secret” that after I had been following what I’m going to show you, my wealth has increased very much than if I would have done the opposite!

Now read along and find out for you to stop being broke and have more money coming into your life from all different directions as well.

Why Is Money Energy?

Most people think that money is pursued, but in reality, it is NOT the case since either way, we all still have to do something to get money… (I have a complete page on how to pursue and attract money here.)

But it is most likely attracted and this is where I’m going to show you how money is pure energy!

Money is attracted to me even when I don’t work for it. It’s constantly flowing to me. – Unknown

Money is a form of exchange for goods. Sure, we need the “piece of paper” in order to exchange, but that’s not all.


Let me ask you a question, have you noticed that people who complain and have negative feelings toward money never have “enough” money?

Well, it’s 100% true! And the people who love money and are always feeling grateful for it will always have more than enough and have it coming effortlessly, expectedly, and unexpectedly.

So this is what I’m talking about how it is a form of energy!

It goes for the same people who believe that “money is dirty“, that “money is the root of evil“, and that “rich folks are bad people“, etc…

If you truly believe that or have thoughts of that on a daily basis, you’re probably struggling with cash on a daily basis as all you’re doing is repelling it from coming to you at all costs!

Money at its very essence is energy and all energy can be attracted or repelled. – Unknown

But if you have beliefs that money is good for us, that money is the root of “happiness” and freedom, and that rich people truly deserve their wealth because they worked hard to help out the world and make it a better place, then you’re on the right path to acquire massive amounts of money.


And why is that?

Well, since everything is energy frequency, energy doesn’t lie and it can’t be destroyed or created.

It could only move from one place to another as it is always in motion all the time, which science has proven over and over again.

Keep reading!

How to Have Cash Flow Vibes?

Now, this is the fun part!

Since we are now aware that money is an energy form of vibrational frequency, I’m going to share with you how to have cash flow vibes…

And all you have to do is think, believe, and feel positive about money regardless of anything! That means it is all about a money mindset and yes, the law of attraction is real!


But how do you do that?

Well, if you notice that deep down inside you have negative beliefs about money as I mentioned above, then you have to change that in order to allow the passive flow of money to come to you at all costs because what we believe, is what we will get and become.

Which you do that by repeating a thought on a constant regular basis!

Money is energy. Dissolve all your negative beliefs related to money. See it as a loving tool and use it to bring good to the world. – Unknown

You first have to notice the exact negative belief that you have and start firing your conscious mind with the opposite statements of it such as the positive thoughts/affirmations instead of negative ones…

But you have to do it plenty of times on a daily basis and every day for at least 21-90 days for it to become a habit that will lead to conversion to become a belief.

Therefore, your subconscious mind will only let it slide into your belief system when you actually feel like it’s real of what you’re trying to believe!

And this is where the second part comes into play also known as; what is the story you’re telling yourself every day?

Start by THINKING and have only positive thoughts/ideas of money being a good thing regardless of what your conscious mind/ego is trying to convince you.

Say to yourself that you love money, that having money is great, that “money is everything” which is basically since if you don’t have any money, you won’t eat or have a home to live in unless you’re still under the roof of daddy and mommy’s house.

Therefore, the third step who is actually the MOST IMPORTANT one is the feelings!

Yes, you can’t just think of positive things about money and not feel what you’re thinking or saying since feelings are what make our energy vibes to attract what we want in our life…

It just won’t happen as our subconscious mind aka our belief system works with feelings whereas our conscious mind also known as our ego works with thoughts and ideas.

And if you don’t know, our subconscious mind takes over 95% of our lives but our conscious mind is only 5% of what’s happening in our lifestyles.


That means if you were not to do anything physically but if you subconsciously believe that money is coming in every day, then it will happen just like that and it goes the same with the opposite.

Now, that is why we do see people having fun in life where money just keeps pouring into their lives effortlessly…

Therefore, it is all based on the feelings that contribute to beliefs!

So having good positive feelings is what you should target and aim at on a daily basis. It is what you feel about money that will lead to your beliefs.

Since money is energy, our financial affairs tend to reflect how our life energy is moving. When your creative energy is flowing freely, often your finances are as well. If your energy is blocked, your money does too. – Shakti Gaivain

Yet, you first need to have good, positive thoughts about it as it is the main root, then start having feelings about what you’re thinking and saying on a daily basis, which after 21-90 days, it will become a new belief, and keep doing this cycle over and over!

So do that and I guarantee you that as soon as you start being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, you can then start changing to have more positive cash flow vibes and have a higher frequency of money within you to attract the same frequency on the outside world!

The Secret About Energy of Money

Now, this is a big one!

Since it has been proven that money is energy, I have noticed and came to a conclusion about it that literally started to change my own vibrational frequency of money to a whole another level.

I am now 100% aware that when I personally have thoughts and look forward to INVESTING in lucrative assets and have money moving to generate more streams of income than ever, my own money vibes expand and speed up as if I’m putting gasoline on a fire to expand.


But when I have thoughts and look forward to spending money on liabilities and material kinds of stuff or just to waste money, my own energy frequency of money contracts and seems to slow down by a lot!

And that’s a fact! 

The easiest way to save money is to waste less energy. – Barack Obama

I have been in the business industry and been an entrepreneur for the past decade which I learned a lot of things from failures to success in all areas of my life, and I can surely say that our own cash flow vibes count 100%

And if we don’t take it seriously to value and respect it, we’ll lose money very fast in a blink of an eye or stay broke forever until you figure it out!

But why is that?

Well, it’s basically common sense here. When we spend money on non-necessary things such as liabilities and material stuffs just to boost up our own ego for comfort, it pulls some of the energy out of us!

And that means we are with less flow of vibrational frequency that has built-in within us over time. But when we use that same amount of money to make it work for us and generate more cash than ever, it seems to add more energy flow within us.

That is because we do feel like it’s “taking” money out of us and that way we may feel feelings of lack, but when we invest in assets, it seems as if we are ”giving back” to the Universe to receive more than ever which that is part of the positive feelings known as gratitude (key).

Can you see what I’m trying to show you here?

I’m telling you, this is a super important secret that ONLY the wealthy and rich people know which is why they just keep getting richer and wealthier than ever while the poor seem to stay broke and never able to leave the debt trap hole.

Yes, that means rich people buy assets first and with the money that comes in, they can then buy liabilities last when they have at least 5x the amount of it to afford it.


While poor people buy liabilities (material stuffs) and waste money that they don’t even have most of the time and end up with feelings of lack and broke all over again and this continues on a monthly cycle until they receive their next paycheck and do it again…

Is this you?

So what I’m trying to say here is that rich people act broke to become wealthy while poor people act like they’re rich while becoming broke all over again.

I have a great relationship with money. It loves me and fills my pockets.

And what I have to say is that you should just focus on assets to generate more money than ever and that way, you’re vibrational money frequency aka cash flow vibes will be high and expand for you to start attracting to receiving loads of passive money coming in effortlessly, expectedly, and unexpectedly on a regular basis.

Trust me, you’ll be glad that you’re here learning all of this as this is what has completely transformed and multiplied my cash income portfolio to unlimited heights.

Another thing that I want to mention that really helps me with energy vibes is to wear a pheromone cologne day in and day out!

Especially the social leadership ones that allow me to feel more confident, dominant, and feel as if I’m truly a leader during the daytime!

But in the evening after a cold shower, I switch it up to the alpha, sexual, and attraction pheromone ones because, during the night time it’s the fun and enjoyable scenarios with a hot, sexy, and beautiful woman by my side. Click here to find out more about these secret colognes that not a lot of people know about!


Pheromones are truly a success if you know how to use and wear them! It’s not just a regular cologne/perfume that you can apply several times on your neck and all over the body and still come off as smelling good, which all we need is 1-3 applications and that’s all for the best results!

How about you, do you have any ideas on how you increase your money vibes? Or are you like the majority of the population that only focuses on wasting money and staying broke until your next paycheck? Don’t be afraid to share with me what’s in your mind in the bottom section of this post below!

(2023) The Secret About the Energy Frequency of Money – Cash Flow Vibes ONLY HERE!


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