Not a lot of people are aware of how much attachment to anything can stop you from getting what you want or making it happen.

In fact, it is actually hard for most people to not get attached to something, someone, or anything…

And this was my case back in the day where most of the time I would be so attached to something I truly wanted that I actually ended up not receiving it due to a heavy attachment to it.

Now that is because when we create an attachment to something, it immediately transforms into resistance, and therefore, the energy there cannot flow but actually stop the energy from flowing.

See what I’m saying here?!

So today, let’s talk about more in regards to attachment and I also want to show you how you can get rid of it and break resistance!

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What Is Attachment?

Being attached to something basically means that you’re holding on to the thought of having whatever it is or when you want something so bad that you just can’t let it go.

However, that is not the right way to achieve anything in this life, and this could be in all aspects of life itself!

An attachment has been long known to stop the energy flow to that thing you want the most and the stronger your attachment is, the longer you’ll have to wait to truly make it happen if you even get it because I couldn’t receive what I wanted when I had a strong attachment to something.


Now the only way was through letting what I was attached to go and that way, it breaks the resistance that is causing what I want to not come directly to me.

When you’re attached to something and this could even be attached to people, you will only push them further away from you.

Yes, I have had past experiences before where I wanted a hot beautiful woman so much that I got so attached to her, and therefore, it created a strong resistance which all it did was made her stay far away from me at all costs.

Learn the difference between connection and attachment. Connection gives you power, attachment sucks the life out of you.


So what should you do to not get attached? And if you do get attached, what is the best advice I can give you?

Well, follow down and I’ll share with you important tips!

Why Does Attachment Cause Resistance?

The reason why being attached to anything causes resistance is because of the built-up energy that accumulates between yourself and what you want the most.

Yes, that’s right!

The root of suffering is attachment. – Buddha

The energy of attachment/resistance is so powerful that it is basically when you put two magnets near each other with the opposite force where all it does is repel and move to the sides but won’t attract or touch each other.

If you were to try it with two magnets, you will notice that it nearly comes so close to touching but will not come together at all unless you put enough power to forcefully make it touch.


Can you see what I’m trying to show you here?

And that’s exactly how being attached to something does with the resistance force of not letting it come to you.

Yes, most of the time, the resistance is much stronger than our willpower!

I personally never in my life was able to achieve anything or make it happen by holding on with a strong attachment to whatever I wanted.

And that’s a fact, I mean it just won’t come to me regardless of what I did!

Why Do People Get Attached?

The truth is that it is super easy to get attached to something and again, this could even be a person where someone wants a person so much that it builds up an attachment force and therefore, it leads to creating resistance.


Another way is when you wish something would happen right now and this could be anything regardless of whatever.

For example; one time when I had my construction business company, I knew that the builder had to pay me on Friday.

However, I kept on holding on to the thought that he was going to pay me on Friday afternoon and kept that thought in my mind for the whole week, where when I reached Friday afternoon, the builder went home earlier and I did not get paid.

Then what happened in the next following week, the exact same thing as I had on my mind that he will pay me anytime soon… But the more attached I became, the bigger the resistance was and what happened was that he started making excuses and tried to find something “wrong” with the job I did just so he won’t pay me.

Resistance by definition is self-sabotage. – Steven Pressifield

And guess what?

He was actually able to find something really small and delayed my paycheck once again for the next week even though this never had happened before.

However, when I got tired of it and said to myself “forget it, he’s not going to pay me” and released all resistance, then it came to a point that he finally paid me my full check.

So as you can clearly see, the more I become attached to what I wanted, the less likely it happened regardless of anything.


And the moment I let it go and stopped thinking about it and stopped caring and actually forgot all about it, that’s when it happened!

Last: How to Stop Attachment to Break Resistance?

As I mentioned above, basically all you have to do is simply stop getting so obsessed about it and forget it and allow it to let it come at the right time.

I know it may sound easy, but it is actually much harder than we think!

You just have to let go of holding the thoughts of it and that will lead the attachment to fade away and that means the resistance’s force will slowly go away as well and that will allow the flow of it to come to you.

Yes, that’s exactly what you need to do!


I do know that it is very tough but once you figure out what being attached to something really means and how resistance is blocking your manifestation, you will then start to allow it to come and not become so attached to what you want.

So here are some tips to share with you on how to be unattached to something, someone, or anything;

  • Try not to remember what it is that you want so much
  • Have the mentality of ‘whatever happens, happens’
  • Don’t focus on it, don’t bother thinking about it
  • Do like me and act like you “don’t care anymore” works great
  • Have trust that it will come but at the right time
  • Expect it to come one day but again, at the right time

So these are the tips that I use on a daily basis that do work incredible for me, especially the part where I act like I could care less about it, and sometimes I would act like I don’t even want it anymore… Then that’s when it’s going to break the resistance and come to me asap.

Now after you figured it out, you should always aim NOT to get attached to basically anything at all and just let life flow smoothly and watch how much things will start working right in your life!

To offer no resistance to life is to be in a state of grace, ease, and lightness. – Eckhart Tolle

Yes, after I started letting things flow as they should with no strings attached to them, everything seems to work in my favor!

Another very strong piece of advice that I would like to give you is to ACT AS IF but better yet, ACT AS IS is what you should aim for!

Other than that, the ONLY time you should want to delay to make something happen is when you’re having the best sex ever!

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So have you ever wanted something so much but you couldn’t get it because of the resistance you created in yourself? It would be my pleasure to hear from you! Drop your feedback in the comment section below!

(2023) Attachment = Resistance – Stop Attachment & Break Resistance to Allow It to Happen! – KEY


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