Did you know that it is mostly our feelings/emotions that literally “force” the Universe to make everything happen in our lives?

Yes, it’s true that not a lot of people actually know how the Law of Attraction works because it’s not really the mindset/ego that makes things happen

It sure is our feelings since you can have current negative thoughts but if your feelings are positive, then your feelings will attract and allow the Universe to make positive things happen in your life regardless of what your current thoughts were at the time.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

Therefore, our feelings are way more powerful than our thoughts/mindset!


In fact, it’s been proven by science that our conscious mind (thoughts) only have 5% of control over what’s happening in our lives.

While our subconscious mind (feelings = beliefs) has 95% of control over our lifestyle. and it’s true!

So as you can clearly see, it is really our feelings that allow things to happen whether if it’s a negative emotion or positive!

Read on.

Feelings = Attract

There was a time in my life about a decade ago when I first started learning all about the Law of Attraction and for like 2 years straight, all I did was focus on my mindset and thoughts to have all that I desired!

Yet, it actually took a very long time to make something happen…

What you THINK, you Become. What you FEEL, you Attract. What you IMAGINE, you Create.


And then when I found out that it is actually my feelings that were causing the things I want to delay since both my thoughts and feelings were not aligned together, that’s when my life started changing completely!

I mean, I kept on focusing on the things I wanted to happen through my mindset/ego’s activity as the thoughts, ideas, visualization, imagination, and all that.

But I wasn’t really feeling those things deep down in my heart!

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but to get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. – Albert Einstein

So when I actually noticed that my subconscious mind which is the feelings through the heart was not the same as my conscious mind, I figured out that I had to change my feelings in order for my life to change.


Do you get what I’m trying to say here?

That is because once again, the thoughts/ideas we produce in our mindset are only a starting point to get what we want or what we can call it, it is just an analysis of what we desire which is known as our conscious mind (5% control).

Where if we focus on feeling what we want as if it is happening right now in this exact present moment, and with repetition, it soon becomes a belief, and what we believe, the Universe/God/Source has no other option but to make it happen in our lives regardless if we want it or not.

And again, that is our subconscious mind (feelings/belief system) that control 95% of our lives!

I hope this makes it clear enough for you to understand!


The Universe doesn’t speak English, it speaks frequency.

Keep reading!

How to Feel the Emotion?

Now here’s what I have been doing for the past couple of years after I found this out!

Instead of only thinking and putting thoughts on what I want, why not focus 100% to feel what I want as if I already have it here in the present moment?

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence. – Barbara Marciniak


Yes, believe it or not, we can actually put our hearts to work in our favor through feelings and emotions without having the mindset/ego getting involved.

However, you first have to “shut down” the mind or basically silence the EGO who can be our enemy if you don’t know how it works…

When ego comes, everything else goes. When ego goes, everything else comes.

And how do you do that?

The only way is through MEDITATION but you have to meditate as soon as you wake up before the EGO gets in the way and starts bombing you with negative stuff in your mind.

So meditate first thing in the morning for at least 20-30 minutes (2-3x per day) and that way it will slow down your mindset aka conscious mind.


And when you do that, you will have full control of your mind, and that way, it allows you to put ONLY thoughts of what you want in your conscious mind.

Or better yet, focus on feeling the emotion of what you want since this is where the true power is at!

Believe in yourself and your feelings; Trust yourself to do what your heart is guiding you to do.. your intuition is powerful. Trust it!

And here’s what I do!

Instead of using my mind to think of what I want, I put all my attention on my heart and expect to feel what I want as it’s currently happening right now regardless if it has not yet.

And you do this by imagining the exact feeling of what it would be to have that thing that you truly desire…


Will you feel emotions of joy, happiness, and gratitude, plus have a blissful life?

Yes, that is if you focus on these elevated emotions and when you do this, our heart will send the frequency signals to the Universe and it must return to us with the same vibrational events, circumstances, situation, people and all that to match the same vibration frequency of our feelings.

Simple as that!

Let others vibrate as they vibrate and want the best for them. Never mind how they’re following to You. You concentrate on how you’re flowing. Because one who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful, more influential than a million who are not..

But the secret here is to keep focusing on the feeling of it every day, and as many times as you can, especially if you focus on feeling it for at least 17 seconds and with repetition, it becomes a belief within 21-90 days.


The Results of Feeling the Emotion Before It Happens

Therefore, trust me this is super powerful!

When you focus on feelings/emotions rather than focusing on thoughts/ideas, your desires will come to you multiple times faster than you expect!!


I’ve found in my life that the easiest way to increase my joy is to religiously practice gratitude until I’m a gratitude machine!

I’m telling you, this is what allows us to achieve all the things we want in our lives!

Now back to you!

So do that, focus on your heart by being aware of what feelings and emotions you’re emitting on a daily basis and switch them to elevated emotions, and you’ll start noticing how much your life will start changing for the better!

Repetition is key!

Gratitude is the best medicine. It heals your mind, your body and your spirit. And it attracts more things to be grateful for.


The root of joy is gratefulness… It is not joy that makes us grateful; it is gratitude that make us joyful. – David Steindl-Rast

I’m telling you, this is the secret!

It is true that there are some things that come instantly meaning if I were to feel a super positive and high-vibrational emotion, there are times that I receive it right away!

For example; In terms of money, when I boost myself up in a high vibrational frequency, something might happen and I somehow receive money unexpectedly and effortlessly into my account.

And the same goes for our desires!

So never stop feeling it as if it’s happening now and keep repeating the process and before you know it as it converts to a belief, you’re having that exact same desire faster than ever!

Sure, some may take a while but it will come, it just has to as according to the Universal law called the Law of Attraction!

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(2023) Feeling Is the SECRET to Make Every Everything Happen – Law Of Attraction


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