It is true that there are some types of “destroyers/blockers” that are preventing you from achieving and manifesting what you want!

And not a lot of people are actually aware of them… Maybe you’re one of them!?

Now I personally figured some of these out based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom!

Some here will actually keep you from getting what you want for a lifetime if you let it meaning you would never manifest your desire/s.

Therefore, my mission here is to show you what you can do to fix it and turn the manifestation process around and get what you want at all costs!

Now I do have a specific post that will help you on how to attract/manifest whatever you want, and this could be a car, house, business, or whatever it is that you desire the most.

So let’s get going and let me help you out big time here!

Just read below.

What Does it Mean to Manifest?

The true meaning of manifestation basically means to materialize what you want or attract what you want.

And of course, the easiest way is to follow the Law of Attraction and find out how it actually works since no one on this Earth is immune to this universal law.

It is happening to all of us, rather you’re aware of it or not!


Now people do get it all wrong and think that by only thinking about what they want, it will automatically come to them and that’s not how it really works!

There is much more to that in terms of how you behave and act, how your feelings and emotions are, what you’re focusing on by thinking on a daily basis, and most importantly, your beliefs!

That means if you’re thinking of what you want but if you’re actually feeling the opposite like in lack or separation, then you’re not going to get what you want at all…

It just won’t happen since our heart is what sends out the signals known as vibrational frequency to the Universe to make it happen in our lives.

So here are the 5 main destroyers that are keeping you away from what you want!

1. Limiting Beliefs:

Yes, this is a powerful one that will block the process of manifesting what you want.

For example:

If you truly desire something and you’re doing every possible thing to make it happen like seeing yourself having it, but your beliefs there say the opposite, then you won’t achieve it at all.


If you don’t know, it is what we strongly believe either negative or positive, or what our beliefs in the subconscious mind are that will make everything happen in our lives.

You can think, feel, or behave/act like someone else, but if your limiting beliefs don’t match, then you already lost.

Therefore, you have to basically put in new beliefs about what you want at all costs!

And how do you do that?

Well, it is through REPETITION by your thoughts of what you want, the feelings of having it, and the elevated emotions all the time, and if you can act like you already have it, within the time it can become a new belief.

But it surely does take time!

You can’t expect to change your beliefs on the very first day or week. You need at least 21-90 days or more depending on how strong your negative beliefs are!


And when you keep doing it constantly and repeating it, your subconscious mind will catch the new beliefs and add that to your mindset.

2. EGO:

Now the ego is extremely powerful as well!

Ego is actually our unconscious mind’s activity, and if you let it take over your life, you will fail in life!

Even though the ego wants to “protect” us in a rational, intellectual way which means, it doesn’t want you to get out of the comfort zone, it also doesn’t really know what’s best for you.

In fact, a lot of people do claim that it is our “enemy” and it could be true if you don’t know how to control it, or if you keep being dominated by it every second of your life.


And that is why it is super important to meditate as soon as you wake up and always meditate every day because meditation will stop the “chattering monkey voice” in your mind which is actually our ego.

I actually had some issues in past with my ego, especially when I was looking forward to manifesting a lottery jackpot win, which my ego kept on trying to stop the process at all costs by providing me negative thoughts of disbelief in my mind.

And again, the ego will destroy the process of our manifestation if we let it! It wants to control us to keep us in a comfort zone and that means, it doesn’t want us to achieve anything new in our lives.

That is because it fears the unknown!

Therefore, you have to figure out which one is trying to guide you; if it’s the EGO or your own HIGHER-SELF!


I actually have a complete post here to help you out to see the difference in how to listen to your higher-self/soul/spirit or you can also call it your intuition vs your ego’s noise.

And when you follow and listen to your intuition, that is when you can manifest what you want! However, you cannot listen to both, it’s either the EGO or the Higher-self.

Choose your higher-self guidance for success!

3. Acting/Behaving the Opposite:

And this part is actually more than just acting and behaving!

When you focus on ONLY what you want, and actually behave and act like what you want as it is already happening now and actually keep the same behavior, thoughts, and feelings, that is when you can manifest what you want.

But other than that, the moment you act and behave like you don’t have what you want in a lack state, then that will destroy and block your manifestation!


I’m sure you heard of the phrase; “fake until you make it”, right?

Yes, that’s basically it!

You first should start acting as if or fake it, then within time, your body will act as is and be as is automatic!

And that’s the true power to manifest!

Other than that, if you’re behaving, acting, focusing, thinking, and feeling the opposite of what you want, then that will keep your manifestation from coming to you based on my experience!

If you want to find more, I created a whole post yesterday that shows you the difference in how to act as if vs how to act as is.

Go check it out! You won’t regret it!

4. Attachment:

That’s right!

The more you attach yourself to what you want to manifest or desire, the less likely it will come to you!

Attachment is again, very powerful and the only way to make it happen is through letting go of the attachment.


Which is detachment and that means to allow it to come to you by letting go and letting it be as it is!

In fact, a lot of people get the detachment word wrong and think that it means to basically forget all about it and lose faith, hope or so.

No, not at all!

All you have to do is just let it be as it is, let it go, and accept that it will come to you at the right time.

That means you’re not worried, anxious, or desperate about when it will come, but allow it to come to you sooner or later.


When you learn to let go of the attachment, that’s when the magic will happen in your life!

5. Resistance:

Now the resistance is basically way stronger than the attachment itself, but it is basically the same but more advanced based in my opinion.

When you get so attached to something like in a desperate mode and not trusting it’s time to come, you will then create a resistance that will block it from coming to you.

And how do you remove resistance?

You first have to let go of the attachment as I mentioned above, then you have to put thoughts in your mind that you DON’T NEED it but feel it regardless if you do actually need it.


Feel fulfilled, and whole, and act like you don’t need it…

When you’re in a not-needing state of mode, there will be no resistance because you’re basically on the allowance state of flow!

But when you think that you actually need it, then you will most likely create massive resistance energy and therefore, it will not come to you!

You basically have to trust the Universe that it’s coming and that you don’t need it and that if it comes, great, and if it doesn’t, it will still be great…

Can you see what I’m saying here?


Resistance by definition is self-sabotage.

Resistance is probably the #1 most powerful destroyer/blocker based on my own experience, but when you remove it, you will have no option but to get what you want!

FINAL RESULTS of Manifestation!

That’s it!

Those are the 5 main manifestation destroyers that will keep you from not attracting or manifesting what you want!

Therefore, when you remove your limiting beliefs, ego from guiding you, attachments, resistance, and start acting and behaving as if you’ve got what you want or is happening right now in the present moment, then your desire will have no choice but to manifest itself into your life ASAP.


Other than that, if you keep holding on to it, you will never get it!

And based on my own experiences, knowledge, and wisdom, all you have to do is have faith, trust, and hope by expecting it to come to you in an allowance state of flow, not in a desperate way.

But that doesn’t mean you have to forget all about it, no, but you do have to be aware that what you want could take some time to come and it will be at the right time!

It’s just like with penis enlargement, if you don’t remove any of the manifestation destroyers I showed you above, you’re not going to be able to get your penis to grow any bigger

But if you do remove all 5 blockers, you sure can expect to grow your penis size by 1-3″ full inches within 6 months when using an effective penis pump such as these ones here!


Penis pumps have been highly known to cause the growth of the penis through the pressure of each pumping session, especially for the thickness known as girth gains!

Have you had any of these bad manifestation destroyers in your life before? I’m sure you have! Feel completely free to drop me a line below and tell me what was your biggest blocker that you had? I’m waiting to hear from you!

(2023) The 5 Destroyers of Manifestation to What You Want – Remove These Blockers HERE


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