Being a blissful person is not only important to attract all that you want, but is also extremely healthy, wellbeing, and an extraordinary self!

One of my personal goals every day is to actually feel and be blissful all day on a daily basis.

Now some people have different ways to feel it but I like to take the easiest and simplest ways to actually be blissful.

And when you’re living in this type of lifestyle, everything that you want will come to you because you will feel completely whole, fulfilled, and blessed!

Which this is where the true powers lies in!

That is because you may already feel like everything that you want has already happened since you’re way above happiness.

Can you see what I’m saying here?

When you’re in a blissful state of being, your whole body reacts to being the most joyful person ever and that means you send out the signals to the Universe/life that you have all that you want regardless if you don’t.

I mean that’s what the Universe understands through the frequency of our heart being fulfilled!

So keep reading and I’ll show you my simplest ways for you to feel and be blissful all day long.

What Does the Word ‘Blissful’ Mean?

A lot of people may not know what exactly it means to feel and be blissful

And this is basically when you’re way above happiness like extremely joyful as some ecstasy emotion and this is without a condition or reason.

However, most of the world’s population are looking for things outside of them to actually be happy and feel joy, and this is where they all get it wrong!

The moment you’re looking at the outside events to make you feel a certain way, you’re basically separated from Oneself and you’re actually living in the survival mode known as the victim of circumstances.

And that’s definitely not the way to go at all!

That is because the moment you lose that event, circumstance, situation, person, or whatever it is that is causing you to feel a certain way, you lose yourself completely.

You will no longer be happy at all, and this could take years for you to heal yourself depending on each individual!

So why not find happiness within you, feel joyful inside of you, and be automatically blissful to live the best life that you deserve?

I mean, don’t you want that? I’m sure you do, who doesn’t want to be extremely happy?

So that’s basically the very first step!

You feel find happiness, joyfulness, and blissfulness inside of you first, then you can be blissful for all the things and people in your life.

That’s what I do, and that also means, none can leave me feeling the opposite since I am the ONLY one control of my one self’s happiness.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?

So here are some of the important principles for you to feel and be blissful all day, every day in your life forever!


Other than what I said above about looking inside of you first, this is actually the main key/principle to live a blissful life at all costs!

And this is extremely powerful that not a lot of people can actually do since they choose NOT to…

Yes, I’m talking about you have to really forgive yourself for all of your past because if it wasn’t for your past experiences, you probably would not even be here now reading this, maybe you would’ve not been alive, and maybe you wouldn’t have learned the lessons that made you see life differently!

This is very important to forgive yourself for all that has happened or is happening now!

This also means, even if you have done someone wrong, forgive yourself fully now! If you have caused yourself a disease, forgive yourself 100%! Whatever it is, you can choose to forgive yourself now, exactly right now.

And what about others that did you wrong?

Forgive them as well! Trust me, if I were to tell you my past, you would probably want to forgive everyone right now as well!

I had a few so-called “best friends” and all of them did me wrong which one of them managed to do a great plan where he was able to steal my pick-up truck that I had invested in so much money to make it look like how I wanted since I was going to keep it forever, plus he stole money and everything worth around $200k of cash.

That’s right, but there is much more to that. He wanted to take my life away at the time and I wasn’t even aware of it at all…

Therefore, I was already very depressed at this time and it made me even more depressed like really ill at the time since I was left out with zero!

But the moment I learned to forgive him and all that he has done to me, and actually found out all out the Ho’oponoponon self-healing prayer/practice, that is when things started to change in my life.

A few years went by and since I was only sending him love and forgiveness, he ended up selling all that he had and actually went after me to paid me fully and I’m very fortunate that he did!

So as you can clearly see, I did have a rough past and the moment I forgave him and every other person in my life, including myself for not being aware of it, that is when everything shifted to a whole another level.

Now, just so you know, without forgiveness, you can’t feel blissful at all because you’re basically holding on a grudge or a negative emotion that the only way to let that go is through forgiveness.

And if you don’t forgive all, everyone and yourself, your body will be in negative mode functioning by the stress hormones and this could go on for years, and guess what?

You’ll be on your way to cause negative bad side effects like illness/disease in your body because a blissful body, negative energy can not exist at all.


Yes, you MUST have a gratefulness heart at all costs!

You can actually feel gratitude right now for all the things that you have and for the things that are coming to you…

Matter of fact, if think you “can’t” find something to be grateful, then look at your life, look at your body, look at your family and friends!

It is not just materialist things to be grateful for, but most importantly, your life and to be alive right now is a gift and a privilege that we all should be grateful for and feel complete gratitude.

Just so you know, a lot of people worldwide did not wake up today and lost their lives, but you and I did since you’re reading this! Then right now, simply say ‘thank you for my life’ and actually feel it!

Yes, you have to actually feel gratitude and not just say it because you can basically say anything without truly feeling it and if you don’t feel it, it won’t work and that way, you won’t feel blissful at all.

And here’s what I do!

As soon as I wake up and open my eyes, I say ‘thank you for my life, thank you for this beautiful day, thank you for all that I am, thank you for this, thank you for that, etc‘ and I feel it.

Then I grab my gratitude journal and write 3 most important things that I am truly grateful for!

And after that, my complete self shifts to gratitude frequency which is the receiving mode as well, and throughout my daily basis, I am constantly saying ‘thank you’ for basically everything and feeling gratitude all day!

So that’s the second key/principle on how to feel and be blissful.


Now, this is the third main principle to feel and be blissful, which is to love basically every single thing which includes yourself most importantly, and all people regardless if they are your enemies or not.

However, as I just mentioned in the beginning, yes you really have to truly love yourself first at all costs before you start loving someone else.

We all see it all the time where people are loving others like their spouse, kids, friends, or whoever more than they love themselves!

And that’s very bad because you’re the only one who you’re stuck with for lifetime…

That means that moment that certain person goes away, you’re left out with a heartbroken and feeling extremely negative emotions!

Trust me, I have been there before!

There was a time in my life that I loved my ex-girlfriend so much that after we broke up, I thought that suicide was the only option to get rid of the heartbroken pain that was causing inside of me… It was terrible!

And that is when I started noticing that I had to love myself first 100% before I love anyone else.

And when I started focusing on loving me, loving who I am, loving my body, loving my life, and all in terms of me, I was never left off with a heartbroken anymore regardless of how long my relationship lasted.

Not to mention, I had several other girlfriends that I actually loved them a lot, but since I loved myself first, when we broke, it didn’t really hurt me at all!

So yes, love yourself first, then you should love everyone else and everything in your life including your enemies because what your enemies did to you is who they are, but the love you have for all including them is who you are.

Can you see the difference here?

Keep reading!


Kindness is actually what we all should have!

God who is the True Supreme Power also knows the Universe or whatever you want to call it, it made us have compassion for others with a heart full of love.

That includes being kind to everyone and all!

That means, start looking for ways to give back like a compliment, opening doors for others, showing more compassion, and giving more love, showing more gratitude, forgiving all, and everything that is good to each other.

Trust me, your life will change a lot...

Not a lot of people are truly kind, and those cold-hearted folks out there are not happy with themselves or have a happy life at all and they probably won’t even live a long life.

Also, when I mention giving back, you can also give money out to donations, charities, and all that, which that is what I do every month.

I am so kind to all that I give 10% of my wealth to the world and guess what?

The Universe/God/Higher Supreme Power will only give me more and more back to me in multiple ways!

But you don’t have to give a lot at all, just $10 bucks is enough for you to feel a heart full of compassion with others, or as I mentioned above, you can give back in other forms as I said!

However, I talk about it all here in this post how you have to be aware of people trying to take advantage of you because takers have no limits at all. And another thing is that you should ONLY give what by how much you can and how much will make you feel good without a lack of feelings!

The reason why I give money out is that I don’t really get involved with a lot of people since I am always at my fortune office all by myself and in my free time, I’m either studying/learning or hanging out with my true successful friends or family which they are already as wealthy as I am, and therefore, they don’t need anything from me.

However, when I see an opportunity that I can be truly more kind, more compassionate than I already am, and empathetic with someone around me like a stranger, sure I will most likely help them out all the time.


Now my fifth most powerful way to feel blissful and actually be blissful and live a blissful life is to be in peace with your own self, and of course smile more often and laugh all the time!

However, you literally have to be a calm/relaxed person, and the only way is through meditation on a daily basis.

Moreover, until a couple of months ago, I was actually blissful by doing what I just showed you above, plus I would always smile and be in peace with myself, but I noticed that I missing something big in my life.

And that is to laugh more often!

Can you believe that the moment I started looking forward to laughing more, I started to feel way more blissfulness in my life?

Also, did you know that laughing is actually the highest vibrational frequency that we all emit?

Yes, that is because when we laugh, we actually feel all the elevated emotions such as love, gratitude, peace, joy, happiness, positivity, and all others as well!

I mean, who don’t love to actually laugh?

It’s amazing to laugh at whatever it is…

And of course, you will actually be more in peace with yourself more than ever when you follow what I just showed you in this complete post!

Smile more often and laugh at anything throughout your day and you’ll see how much your life will start changing!


Just so you know, everything in this life is a choice and it is your 100% responsibility to choose what you want, how to live your life and all that is!

You can actually act as you’re already blissful and feel all elevated emotions right now without a reason or a condition and you should because that is what we came here to do and be.

We didn’t come to live to feel depressed, anxious, worried, or to have all those negative emotions, not at all!

We are here to enjoy our lives as much as we can, to live life to the fullest, and be our own best regardless of whatever.

But not a lot of people have the courage to do all of this which that means, they are living in that survival mode also knowns as a “victim” of their own lives itself.

They are waiting for things to happen in the outside world first to make them feel a certain way, and again, that is the worst routine to take.

And if this is you, then you will never feel or be blissful in your life at all!

Because again, the moment there is none of that anymore, you’re left out with nothing but extremely bad emotions.

So do what I showed you above and I guarantee you that not only your life will change, but you will attract all the good things in your life including blissful people, things to make you feel more blissful than ever, and plus you’ll attract all the material things you want and that is included money as well.

Yes, that is because the Law of Attraction is a universal law and is working for every single person in this world, and that means it is responding to our vibrational frequency that you are sending out.

It’s not punishing you at all, but only responding to you!

In fact, if you want to learn more about how the Law of Attraction works and why does the Law of Attraction work for all of us, must check this out!


Other than that, I have another post here to show you how you can be a well-being person as well!

And that means wellness is more than just healthiness because you can be a disease-free person but not truly “well” in terms of living a fulfilled, healthy and well lifestyle.

See the difference? Click here and check it out as well!

(2020) How to Be Blissful Every Day of Your Life – BEST SIMPLEST WAYS = RESULTS


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