Laziness is not only a bad habit but also a sin of the creator of the Universe’s laws!

It is true that laziness will leave you in poverty forever until you do something about it, and that also means that it is very addictive as well.

In fact, it truly has the power to leave you homeless! But the truth is that it is most likely a choice!

One of my favorite quotes states that;

Laziness produces bad luck and failure. Lazy people are always the losers in life. – Unknown

I mean, I don’t know anybody who’s lazy that created success in their lives…

That is impossible unless they won it out of luck even though success is made out of constant hard work on a daily basis!


Now I’m going to talk a lot about laziness and how it is a sin, how you can stop the laziness habit and what you should do based on my own experience!

What Is Laziness?

To me, laziness is the definition of someone who loses the ability to be active or someone who makes numerous excuses to not do anything regardless of what it is!

According to Google, the word lazy means ‘unwilling to work or use energy’.

Laziness fuels more laziness. Activity fuels more activity.

However, as I mentioned above, it surely is a choice to feel lazy and of course, it is a bad habit that many people have and the ones that do have this negative habit are most likely not even close to success or rich at all.

Now don’t get me wrong, in my teenage years, I actually was quite lazy and hated to wake up early to go to school!

And this went on for a couple of years until I actually signed myself out of school at the age of 16 years old and dropped out to work in construction.

But as an adult, I had no choice but to get rid of this laziness habit which I am glad I did because I managed to build my first business company at the age of 18 years old!


And from there, I never let any type of laziness come to me regardless of how tired I seemed because I knew that it was the road to failure.

Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.

For over a decade, I have been pushing myself a lot by waking up very early in the morning and working extremely hard!

Keep reading!

Why Is Laziness A Sin?

Well, laziness is a sin because God who is the creator of the Universe is full of abundance and when you’re lazy, you’re not aligned with the abundance frequency, which you’re basically separated from God/true source/higher-self or whatever you want to call it, and that also means you’re not on creating mode.

Laziness is the mother of all evil. – Greek Poverb

A lazy person lacks effort and that means they lack faith in themselves or in the creator which God wants us to do something in our lives and have faith in him.

I remember reading online that when we come to this world, it is a gift from God but what we become is a gift to God.

And since I have mentioned that laziness will take you directly to poverty or even death since you won’t have any food to eat, it is definitely an evil sin to me!

Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him. – Benjamin Franklin

For a fact, the Bible does mention a lot about this negative, bad habit that millions of people have… But don’t choose to be lazy!

Just remember once again, abundance is part of the creator, but the lack is part of the evil and this is where laziness comes in form of lack.


When a person is extremely lazy, they will most likely abandon all things in their lives and I actually believe that when we get older, folks that do retire and basically do nothing at all, they are in a lazy state of flow waiting for death to come.

Lazy people destroy what they have and what they’re given.

But if you don’t retire and keep doing what you’re doing on a daily basis because you love what you do which it doesn’t feel like “work” like Warren Buffet who is a 90 years old investor/entrepreneur or if you do retire but keeps on being active, then that’s the way to go!

Therefore, I personally believe that the creator does not want us to stop what we’re doing, especially if we love what we’re doing which we should.

And for a fact, we are all here to find out the truth of who we are (inner-purpose) and be the creator of our own lives (outer-purpose)!

How to Overcome Laziness?

The very first thing that I would highly recommend is to TAKE ACTION and start by taking care of your overall body, as this also includes your mental health, spirituality, and sexual health as well.

If you’re overweight and obese, then you’re more likely to have this evil habit called laziness than someone who is fit or skinny.

Therefore, join a gym, do some workouts every day or join a sport/class and start eating a healthy diet will allow you to overcome any laziness.

If you are going to quit anything, quit being lazy, quit making excuses and quit waiting for the right time. – Unknown


Now most importantly is your mental health which spirituality is also part of it! If you don’t believe in yourself or in something, then you’re more likely to develop laziness.

In fact, there are some overweight folks that don’t have any laziness whatsoever because they do have a strong mentality mindset and they believe in a higher source guiding them on a daily basis.

Laziness is usually what causes depression in most people, and if they allow it, depression will take over their lives and they won’t seem to get out of the deep hell hole unless they do something about it like taking action every day.

Now as mentioned above, sexuality is very important as well!

I believe we all must have sex at least once or twice a week because it is pleasurable, highly satisfying and of course, it is completely 100% natural too.

Having sex is an activity and therefore, it allows us to take a step forward to beat laziness!

I mean, lazy people don’t even like to have sex at all! They would rather masturbate if they even do it… Yet, it’s definitely not the same…

So those 3 are the main tips that you must do to start overcoming laziness.

Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.

Last but not least, if you’re not working on a daily basis, then you MUST find yourself a job or start a new business if you have some type of capital in your bank account.

Have some goals, create good habits, and of course, a productive routine is a MUST!

Therefore, you have to basically take ACTION every single day but don’t make it an option, make it a routine regardless of how lazy you may seem to be at the current time.

Final Outcome of Laziness

As you can clearly see, the main key to overcoming laziness is to basically MOVE YOUR BODY around regardless of how you’re feeling!

Wake up early and move!

Most depressed people are waking up super late and are more likely to develop a lazy habit because they rather not take any action at all or maybe they do want to take action but since they let their ego/mood dominate themselves, they rather lay down on a couch feeling super lazy.

Yet, it will only make it worse and not help in any way whatsoever!


I personally been there before in past, and taking action is truly the secret to everything in this life.

Earning happiness means doing good and working. Not speculating and being lazy. Laziness may look inviting, but only work gives you true satisfaction.

People who do activities on a daily basis will never have any laziness symptoms. Sure they can feel tired, but not lazy!

Therefore, in my point of view, laziness is a choice and it is sin towards your own life/God/Source because you’re in a lack state of mode instead of being in a creative/action mode.

In fact, a lot of people are lazy especially men because they truly lack high testosterone levels which is one of the main causes of most lazy men out there!

So if you truly want to be more active than ever, then you MUST increase your natural male hormone which I do share the very best natural testosterone boosters for you to check out here and see what’s best for you!


Yes, it is the secret of highly successful men to conquer the world!

By the way, have you noticed why you may be lazy at times? If yes, make sure to let me know below! I would like to hear from you because I know we all at some point in our lives have lazy moments or so. Feel free to tell me!

(2023) How Is Laziness a Sin? What To Do To Overcome Laziness? Find Out HERE!


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