A lot of people have this thing that “life is short”, that they’re too old or too young to do something and start changing their lives, and it all boils down to an excuse since age is just a number.

Yes, it really doesn’t matter because we all have seen people of all ages changing their lives over and over again.

And when you want something so badly, there will never be an “age” excuse to not do it!

But if you make it a choice and have the courage to change your life, your body, or whatever it is, you will make a difference to improve and achieve your desired goal regardless if you’re 70 years old or in your early 20s!

It’s not the age that makes you mature. It’s the responsibility.


You basically have to be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes!

Muhammad Ali once said; “Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.

So in this complete post, I’m going to share my own perspective on how I see age as being just a number because it really is if you think about it.

Let’s have some fun and read below!

Is Age Really Just a Number?

Well, this will depend on you completely to believe that age is just a number or not.

But I can sure say that it is at all costs!

The true fact is that not a lot of people have the courage enough to admit that their age is their only excuse to NOT do whatever it takes to achieve that goal or desire!


I don’t believe in age. I believe in energy. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do – Toa Porhon Lynch: 97 year old yoga teacher

So in my opinion, regardless if you’re 20 or 70, people will make the same excuse over and over again so they don’t even try to change their lives.

If you think that you’re too young to start a new business, then if that’s what you believe, you’re right!

But if you think that no age number is necessary to start a business or to change your life, you’re also right!

So whatever belief you have, your mind and body will always believe it, and you surely will act on it.


That is why it is so important to have full control of your beliefs, and you do this by starting today, now in order to change your subconscious belief system all over again by resetting to ONLY putting positive thoughts of what you want in the present tense in your mindset.

Which your mind will start to believe whatever thoughts, imagination, visualization, sayings, and whatever you’re constantly seeing or hearing, then your body will start to grab hold of that and make it a belief in 21-90 days to change and you’ll start to attract like-circumstances, events, and people into your life.

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How & Why Age Is Just a Number?

To me, if you’re 20 or 70, it takes the same amount of courage to take a step forward in life!

This is the same for basically anything in your life – you could name it.


And I’m going to tell you how and why right here below!

As I mentioned above, regardless of whatever age you have, you can start a new company and make it very successful even if you’re 50, 60, or 70 years old.

If you don’t know, the founder of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) fast-food restaurant in the USA, Colonel Sanders started KFC when he was 65 years old, and another fact is that he was actually broke at that time!


Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. – Unknown

So what’s your excuse?

Now if you were to look at how successful this fast-food restaurant has become, you’ll be impressed!

Let me give you other examples like:

  • F. Porsche started Porsche at 56 years old
  • Sam Walton started Walmart at 44
  • Gordon started Starbucks at 51
  • Asa Candler started Coca-Cola at 41
  • Jan Koum started WhatsApp at 35
  • Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at 19

Oh, you’re too young?

Well, we all have seen over and over again where teenagers started their own brand or business online, where by the time they reached 18 years old, they were already a millionaire!


I mean, in terms of business, age is just a number regardless if you can see it or not!

Another example is illness/sickness!

If you were to search online, you can find true stories of real people who have healed/cured their illness or sickness through the power of their minds!

Yes, people over the ages of 50 years old have healed themselves and got cured by some of the worse diseases out there like cancer, and so!

I actually have a post on how to heal depression or any illness/sickness by an effective self-healing practice that cured the crazy/miserable depression that I had in the past for over a decade, which will also work to cure anything!

Yes, a child could get healed and cured as well!

Again, age is just a number!

There are older people that feel like they are actually young, and there are young people who feel like their old which has nothing to do with their own age…


Some people are old at 18, and some are young at 90. Time is concept that humans created.

In fact, if you’re obese regardless of your age, you can lose pounds of fat and be skinny/healthy all over again.

I have a complete post for a simple trick to becoming physically fit and healthy like you were in your teenage years all over again.


Penis enlargement?

Same things!

Yes, you could be 80 years old or 15 years of age which you can grow your penis size if you really choose to!

Or maybe you’re over 50 years old and your sexuality has started to decline and therefore, you can take an effective and safe male enhancement to get your mojo back up and start having great, enjoyable sex all over again!


The same goes with your mindset!

You can change your negative mentality to positivity and become highly motivated throughout the day regardless of your age number.

People keep saying “life is short”, but I think the exact opposite is that life is LONG because if you were to actually live it every single day to the fullest, the amount of time you were to have it doesn’t even matter because you enjoyed it to the max.

You know, I’m around 30 years old and I see myself as if I’m 1/4 of my life! I don’t ever want to see myself as getting old or feel as if my life is “short”.


So what’s holding you back to become an alpha male?

The only thing that is really holding you back is your own excuses because if you choose to really do whatever it takes to change you or your life, there is nothing that can stop you from getting there!

Definitely, not even your age could stop you!

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream

Now I have found some of the best HGH natural supplements that you can use to turn the clock around and make you, your body, your mind, and your life feel like you’re young all over again!


But I’m not talking about just personal feelings but how would you see yourself to have your overall appearance as a whole to look much younger by achieving a leaner physique while helping shred down the excessive fat, sharper and clear mind, reduced wrinkles and age spots, more energy levels throughout the day, and much more improvements!

I never think about age. I believe age is totally how you feel. I’ve seen women of thirty-five who are old and people of seventy-five who are young. As long as I look after myself physically, mentally and emotionally, I’ll stay young. – Joan Collins : 89 Years old actress

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The key to aging successfully is to pay as little attention to it as possible – Judith Regan


I hope this post has motivated you and inspired you to see that age is really just a number, and hopefully, you’re taking a step forward to change your life all over again because age cannot stop you unless you allow it.

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