A lot of people out there don’t really know how to actually manifest whatever they want and make it happen.

Are you one of them? Well, I used to be one of them back in the day, but I changed a lot!

Now you should feel extremely lucky to be here because I am 100% sure that I am the right fit to show you how to actually get what you want in the best, easiest, and fastest way possible…

Giving thanks for what you want in advance turbo-charges your desires and sends a more powerful signal out into the Universe. – The Secret

Believe it or not, I have personally got all the things that I deeply desire since an early child which has happened in the past 5 years or so!

However, people, in general, believe that you need to work very hard to make something happen or to get anything in life. And even though it actually is kind of true but that’s not truly the case here!

That is because if you know how to use the power of your mind and heart, it will allow you to get whatever you want in this life through the law of attraction at a faster pace!


Which if you were to only work very hard but have a poor mentality and have the law of attraction working against your favor, then you could never manifest a house, the car of your dreams, a lot of money, that business, that special achievement, or something that you truly desire.

That means working very hard is not always the answer…

Therefore, I’m willing to show you everything that you need to know to get whatever you want in life!

Read on!

How to Truly Manifest Whatever You Want in Life?

Before I give out the secrets on how to manifest all the things you want in your life, I need to share with you some of the things about me so you can see that I have what it takes to get everything I want.

Back in the day, I used to be so depressed and nothing came to me easily.


I was born into a poor family that made me think that I needed to work extremely hard by using ONLY my body such as working in construction to get what I want…

So I grew up not having the big things I wanted, except for the small things that I worked extremely hard to get until I found out all about the law of attraction and how our mental mindset works.

But again, at the time, those were little things!

Now I’m talking about, in the past 5-10 years or so, my life has completely changed a lot because my mindset is different, I see the world quite differently, and I have that abundance mindset and energy flow of manifestation…

Yes, of course, not only the Law of Attraction changed me but my life completely as well!


If you don’t know, I am a huge car enthusiast and as well as always imagined living in the house of my dream. I don’t know but I seem to always have something in me like a passion for material kinds of stuff because life is about having fun as well, and not just working hard.

So listen, I’m not here to brag but to show you and inspire you that you can also have what you want and that’s even if it is material things.

I’m here to teach, inspire, and motivate you, just remember that!

Believe in it until it manifests for you. Don’t overthink how it will happen. Don’t worry about when it will happen. Just believe in it. Trust it. Allow it. Let it flow in. – Unknown

Therefore, I’m not going to actually take photos of everything and show you because I like keeping my life private which I don’t want fame at all, plus you don’t need to see it to believe it. Yet, it won’t even matter to you.

  • In today’s date and age, I have invested in business companies which I do receive passive income flows from different directions but I also have won 2 lottery jackpots in the past since I have the mindset that “life loves making me rich“.
  • Yet, I think of money as a tool that we can use to enhance our life experiences. Which I make money work for me, but in this case, believe it or not, I do work extremely hard on a daily basis to conquer all that I want since I know that we can’t just sit around every day and not do anything with our lives and expect to get what we want. It just won’t happen! We all have to create what we want in our life.
  • Back in the day, I always wanted a dream mansion and now I am living in it with a nice pool and everything. However, even though I did live in a big RENTED house a couple of years ago which I talk about in different posts on this website, yes, I finally was able to purchase my own property paid in full and I am so grateful that my hard work allowed me to pay for it.

Not to mention, where I live has the beautiful hot tropical weather that I enjoy and always wanted to live in the area for my whole life!

Now for cars?

  • I currently have a 2019 Ford F-150 Shelby Super-Snake 755hp all black with stripes, and I love pickup trucks. Plus women do find it attractive when they see an alpha male whipping a nice car. It sure does increase attraction!
  • And again, I don’t want to seem as if I’m bragging but I also do have a black 2010 Lambo Lp670-04 super-veloce with a Manual gearbox which is my current favorite one since an early age, I have always loved Lambos. Again, this is pure hard work for the past decade of waking up at 5 am every day and not skipping a single day of work, which included the weekends but not anymore. I now have to enjoy life as well!
  • And my other vehicle is a rare 1971 Dodge Charger R/T manual as well which I’m trying to make it look like Torretto’s charger in Fast and Furious movie. When I’m driving it, I feel like I’m Torretto in the first movie which inspired me a lot to be able to conquer this nice muscle car!

By the way, I have looked into Ferrari but the manual ones I haven’t found one that I truly desire yet! If I do find one, I might sell the Lambo and go with a Ferrari and see what happens, or maybe keep both!

I just don’t want to stay with a car forever, you know what I’m saying!?


In order for us to create, energy has to make it to our heart. – Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Motorcycles? I have a few because again, I love riding a motorcycle and I am a HUGE fan of nice bikes and a very big enthusiast of fast cars and big trucks. I see these material things as my “trophies or toys”. Yet, these or money don’t define who I am.

So as you can see, I have manifested all the material stuff that I wanted in my life, but make it a note that I manifested it one by one at a time for about a decade of extremely hard work!

Nothing came easy and it surely won’t come easy if you don’t work hard for it along with the right mentality and high positive vibes.


Trust me, you gotta know how the Universe’s laws work in terms of achieving everything you want!

So let’s get going and let me show you the steps to manifest everything you want as well!


The first step to manifesting what you truly want is by your own thoughts, affirmations, and sayings since the mindset is super important!

Whatever it is that you want, you have to think of it as if you already have it in the present moment or as if it’s happening exactly right now!


For example: I want to manifest a manual Ferrari as I mentioned above…

What I would do is ONLY think of what I want, NOT what I don’t want at all!

And that way, I would have thoughts/imagination throughout my day pretending that this manual Ferrari is inside in my garage right now, and see myself riding it while shifting its gears on a daily basis.

I make sure to put a lot of realistic details to convince my mind I have it already.

I’m sure you heard the phrase “fake it until you make it“? Yes, you have to basically do that until it’s truly manifested in your life.

Therefore, I would play tricks with my mind by pretending that it’s here already regardless if it’s not!

And you do this by saying and affirming to yourself with full intention that it’s happening right now like this; “wow, I am so thankful, happy and blessed that my manual Ferrari is in my garage right now“, or I would affirm to myself like this; “look I’m going to drive my manual Ferrari to the restaurant this evening“, “I’m so impressed how my Ferrari looks in my garage“, etc.

Therefore, you basically have to convince your mind that what you want is already materialized as if it’s really happening right now. Then feel it and act as if it’s truly materialized.


Another example: If you want to manifest a nice house, you would constantly have thoughts and imagination of how it’s like living inside of it with as many details you can imagine and start affirming to yourself with full intention that ‘I am already living in my dreamed house’.

Again, play tricks with your mind like pretending all the time, day in and day out as if it’s really happening right now regardless of whatever…

However, you CANNOT be desperate, anxious, attached to it, or forcibly wanting it, but be in the allowance state of flow with no desperation, no anxiety, and actually have a clear mind to see what you want and allow it to be there.

Think of it as if you were to go to a restaurant and order some food, you don’t be desperate or anxious but confidently allow for it to come, correct?

Okay, so here’s how this works!

What we are constantly (key) saying to ourselves or thinking by focusing on it and giving as much attention to that thought/idea, our subconscious mind does NOT know the difference between what’s happening in reality right now versus through our imagination.

Whatever we constantly focus on and give so much attention to it, it basically thinks it’s actually real like happening right now in the present moment!


Energy flows to where attention goes. – Unknown

Therefore, you have to be in the present/now moment while focusing on ONLY what you want as it is happening right now by pretending it and convincing your mind all the time.

But most importantly, you have to be what you want first by acting as it, then what you want will come…

Vibrate at the same level of the thing that you want to manifest, and life has no option but to give it to you!

Never worry about the how, but only see yourself with the end result of what you want because if you do focus on the how, you will create resistance and block the flow of allowance.

The only thing that has anything to do with you getting what you want is you being a vibrational match to what you want. That’s it! – Abraham Hicks

So do that, and go to step 2!


Now step 2 is a little different!

It is the feelings and emotions part (heart) which when you start to focus on it by thinking and giving your attention to what you want, you have to actually feel of having the thing that you want!

And you do this by the expectation process to expect with your full intention and make yourself feel how it will be to have the thing that you desire the most!


Basically, ask yourself; How will I feel to have this that I want?, What would my life be with that?, etc.

I’m sure if it’s something you really desire very much, then you’ll probably feel joyful, happy, and blissful feeling of having it, which your heart will send out vibes and energy to match the frequency of what you want.

Therefore, this step 2 is very important for you to manifest whatever you!

Just by thinking and saying what you want in the present moment and if you don’t actually feel what you want as happening now, it will be much harder for you to manifest what you want if it even happens!

So basically, combine both thoughts/sayings with feelings/emotions together = outcome!

Let me continue with the same examples; like a manual Ferrari or a dream house of yours, you would think, focus and give your full attention to it, then you feel the emotional feelings as if it’s happening right now by expecting it, and start living your life by acting like you already have it!

I personally would imagine myself driving the Ferrari and feeling so awesome or if it’s the dream house, feel the feelings you would if you actually had it right now or actually living in it right now, and hold to those feelings at least once a day and every day until you truly manifest it.

And therefore, it will match the frequency vibration of what you want and it must happen by law.


Basically, ask yourself, how would you feel to have that? Then figure it out, and start having the same exact feelings all the time on a daily basis to match the same frequency of what you want until you get that in physical form.

One of the easiest ways to match that frequency is through love and gratitude. Feel grateful for having what you want and that’s even if you’re just pretending it.

When we all feel gratitude, we are in receiving mode. I mean, when you get something you really want, what do you feel? Gratitude, correct!

Just remember, everything is a choice. Whatever you’re thinking is a choice, whatever you’re feeling is a choice and how you want to feel is a choice.

So that’s how you do it! Now follow the 3rd step!


Step 3: Thoughts + Feelings/Acting = Befiefs (Higher Consciousness) – WHEN YOU BELIEVE, YOU’LL ACHIEVE!

Now after you have your mindset focused on it and acting as if it’s already happening now in the present moment + by the emotional feelings of how you would feel to have that through expecting it and by doing that at least once on a daily basis but hold on to that vibrational frequency for at least 21-90 days, it becomes a belief!

That’s right, REPETITION is the main principle key that makes it a belief because when you are repeating the same thoughts and feelings all the time on your daily basis, it creates momentum which turns into a belief after a couple of days/months.


If you don’t know, a belief is actually the cause of manifestation because what we truly believe, that’s what’s going to happen regardless if you want it to happen or not!

If you believe you’ll be poor for the rest of your life, there is nothing that will make you rich unless you reprogram your mind all over again and make new beliefs that you’re already rich, and until it actually becomes a belief, then you’ll be rich later on!

The same goes with the manual Ferrari that I want or the dreamed home that you want, which you have to make it a belief in your subconscious mind (belief system) that it’s yours already

And again, you do this by repeating with your thoughts (mindset) + with feelings/emotions (heart) on a daily basis for 21-90 days, then it will become a belief!

One of my favorite quotes states:

You become what you believe – not what you wish or want but what you truly believe. Wherever you are in life, look at your beliefs. They put you there. – Oprah Winfrey

So that is why it is super important that you reprogram your mindset all over again and make those beliefs of ONLY what you want in life.


NEVER EVER think or feel what you DON’T want to happen because if it becomes a belief, then you’re on your way to making it happen regardless if it is positive or negative.

That is why I always question my own beliefs and if I see that a certain belief is not in my favor, I immediately laugh at it, forgive it and start adding new thoughts and feelings so it can become the opposite belief that will actually conspire in my favor.

Just so you know, you can’t break a belief since our subconscious mind takes control over 95% of all our lives. Yet, all you can do is make a new belief on top of it, or as I may, reprogram your subconscious mind all over again.

So do that and move on to the next last step!


And this is the last part that you MUST do in order to manifest whatever you want in this life!

So when you follow the steps above, your beliefs will make the universe move people, events, situations, and circumstances to make it happen! And that is by life itself will send out opportunities for you to take and therefore, it will allow you to get what you truly want.

So this last part, you basically just have to be 100% aware of everything that is going on inside of you like your thoughts, your feelings, your beliefs but most importantly your surroundings and the signs that you’re going to receive for you to take action!


Basically, you just have to look and seek the opportunities coming to you but actually take action because whatever you want will NOT “come out of the blue” like magic, no it doesn’t happen like that!

You NEED to take action at all costs to make it happen!

So for example; if you want that dream home, but you’re at a current low-paying job, then the universe will be sending you signs/opportunities for you to MOVE ON or get out of that job and start making more money for you to get that home that you want.

Another example; maybe you already have the money to pay but you haven’t found your dream house yet, then the universe will send you signs for you to lead and come to a place and right time where you will find your truly desired home.

Last example; since I want that manual Ferrari but if I have the money and I know what I want, the universe could send me signs or opportunities for the right time or a certain place to go buy it. Maybe the person who has exactly what I want will sell it later on and the universe will allow me to see it at the right time so I can take the opportunity to go for it and get it for myself.

Can you see what I’m trying to say here?

Your beliefs will make the universe send you opportunities for you to ACT and allow whatever you want to happen and truly manifest it into your reality in physical form.


HOWEVER, try not to miss those opportunities because maybe you’re not going to get the same opportunity again! But don’t get me wrong, there will always be infinite ways for you to get what you want.

But the very first opportunities are usually the best and fastest way based on my own experiences. Which if you do miss that sign or opportunity, it could take much longer for you to manifest what you want.

Now one thing that you must know is that TIME IS AN ILLUSION.

Sometimes answers come to you in ways that only you can understand. That is why is is so important to have a clear mind to receive and understand the message.

You can have that dream house right now, tomorrow, or in a few months, or maybe in a few years – who knows!


It will ONLY depend all on you, on how long you can continue to hold on to that same vibrational frequency that is matching what you desire, and on how fast you take action when you get the opportunity that the universe sends to you through your own intuition for you to act on it.

I personally have manifested a few things fast, but there were some that took much longer than I expected but there is always a RIGHT TIME!

Just DON’T try to force things to make it happen like right now but TRUST THE TIME FRAME, TRUST THE UNIVERSE’s TIMING because everything is right, nothing is wrong.

Trust me, do all the steps I showed you above by vibrating at the same frequency of what you want and you’ll be on your way to materializing all of the things that you want and you’ll become a walking manifesting machine as well!


Just remember, you are the actor of your life/movie! Anything is possible, anything can happen and it’s all on you! And don’t forget that money is most likely attracted, not only pursued!

Take responsibility for your life and get all the things you want because you deserve it. Life is meant to be lived, to get all the things we want, to create and to live in abundance, and to experience all the good things the universe/God has to offer us.

By the way, you have to learn how to listen and trust your own intuition which the signs you’ll be receiving on a daily basis will come from your own spiritual guidance for you to manifest and achieve all the things you want!

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Have you manifested any big goals or dreams of yours lately? What were they? Leave me a reply in the box underneath this post and I will attend to get back to you anytime soon!

(2023) How to Manifest Whatever You Want – (Present Moment) – EASY BEST WAY!


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