You shouldn’t take for granted how much habits have a huge impact on our lifestyle!

Either bad or good habits, are what’s going to take you further to achieve all that you want or make you lose in life.

Now if you don’t know, our ego/mind is created by hypnosis till the age of 7 years old, and after that during adulthood, it is our 100% responsibility to change it.

And we all can change it by our daily habits!

That means if you’re born in a “poor” family, you can change your ego’s patterns and become rich.

Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps your going. – Jim Rohn

Therefore, I personally focus only on good habits because I know how important they are in the lives of every single being.

It is what you do that contributes to whatever outcome regardless if it’s a negative or positive habit!

Now you should never underestimate how powerful they are and this is where I’m going to get into details on all about them here.

Read on!

What Is a Habit?

A habit to me is when you have practiced something too often for over a period of time where after a while, it becomes automatic to you without you thinking of it.

It basically becomes who you are since it is what you do every single day on a daily basis… Yes, it takes control of your life!

We first make our habits, and then our habits make us. – John Dryden

Now smart, wise, and successful people have good, healthy habits to help them achieve greatness in all aspects of their lives.


Are you one of them?

Well, it is a choice to have either bad or good habits.

Of course, I’m aware that not a lot of people actually have good ones, because if they did, then the world would be a much better place.

However, it is actually so easy to make it a habit that basically anything can have you automatically do it since you get used to it.

It really does and after you do it, you notice what you just did. But sometimes you can notice what you’re doing and it is an option to stop or continue which most people do continue.

One example; biting your nails, yes most depressed and anxious people do bite their nails very often and most of them, they’re not even aware of it until a piece of nail is bitten off their skin.

Another bad habit would be smoking cigarettes, where most people pull out a cigarette and automatically light it up and smoke it while doing something like working or talking to someone.

You are what you repeataedly do. Excellence is not an even – it is a habit. – Aristote

The last example would be a negative mindset, where all a person thinks and see is completely the negative side of all things at all time.

That means their bodies are on this automatic mode that they might not even be aware of the damage that is causing to themselves!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some very good habits that you should look into to make it in your life.

Keep reading to find out more!

Why Are Habits So Important?

Good, positive, and healthy habits is key to everything in life.

To me, it is basically the secret because it is what leads to a destination. If it’s a negative addiction, it’s going to lead you to the wrong, unhealthy path.

But if it’s great attitudes, behaviors, and good actions, then you’re heading towards success regardless of whatever.

Your habits will determine your future. – Jack Canfield

So the reason why it is so important is that it is the main influencer in our lives that everyone has and if you know what you’re doing, it is what takes you forward in life!


And the good thing is that we all can create new habits to help us achieve success in all aspects of our lifestyle.

Yet, it is pretty hard to break them but it sure is possible if you commit yourself at all costs.

A lot of people especially with addiction issues have a really hard time quitting such a habit because since the body is so used to it for many years when you try not to cooperate with it, your body sends the signal (neurological cravings) telling you that you must do it to feel “fulfilled“.

A change in bad habits leads to a change in life. – Jenny Craig

And the moment someone does not follow up with their habit, strong emotional feelings come into play and this is where most people would give up and basically go back to keep doing the same thing over and over and forever.


The urge to do it is so powerful that they seem to not have any power within to stop it, unless they really want to and commit 100% to themselves to get over it.

Yes, I had past experiences with bad habits before, especially when I used to be depressed, negative thoughts were all that I had in my mind, and also biting my nails was a serious issue for me back then.

Fortunately, things have changed for the good and it’s been over a decade!

Follow down!

How to Stop Bad Habits & Create Good Habits?

Based on my own experiences, the only way you can stop a bad habit and create good ones is to “fake it until you make it“.

That’s right!

You leave old habits behind by starting out with the thoughts, ‘I release the need for this in my life.’ – Wayne Dyer

And how do you do that?

Well, you need to keep practicing on a daily basis and therefore, repetition is the main principle key here.

But the more you practice it, the easier and faster it will change and become a good habit. But again, you sure do need to make a commitment to yourself since everything is a choice.

Now it could take anywhere from 21-90 days depending on each person and you should know whether this new habit is going to help you in life or hurt you over time.


And the great value of a good habit is that you just do it without even thinking or being aware of them in some cases, and that is why it’s called a habit.

So as you practice something that is good for you such as exercising, meditating, positivity, etc for a long period of time, it becomes automatic to you.

Our happiness depends on the habit of mind we cultivate. – Norman Vincent Peale

It becomes who you are. Therefore, you have to practice it long enough to make it yours!

Now once it’s yours, nobody can take it away except for your own self. Every day you will do what you should do!

But just to let you know, you will never hear someone say that the habit was accidental because that doesn’t exist.

It is ONLY you that created it through choosing to know it or unaware of it, but also again by repeating it, and practicing it on a daily basis until it became automatic.

Therefore, healthy, good, and positive habits are the secret to all successful, healthy, and wealthy people out there! They make habits to produce results in their own favor.

In a nutshell, your health, wealth, happiness, fitness, and success depend on your habits. – Joanna Jast

And you should do it as well!

Now it’s true that some men do have a very bad, poor habit during a sexual activity where they would get an erection and then, release their sperm within 2 minutes or less.

And that way, neither does your partner nor you feel any satisfaction and pleasure, but causes frustration in both partners.

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Tell me, what is a good habit that you do in a daily routine? It is my pleasure to hear what you have to say! Don’t hesitate to throw me a comment underneath in the box section below.

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