You know, we live in a society where people are actually doing everything they can to grab others’ attention.

Now, this could be good if you’re doing it to truly help out others or a bad thing if you’re doing it to boost up your own ego.

And this is where I want to talk about why being private and lowkey is better than attention in my point of view!

I prefer to stay lowkey, leave people clueless and let them assume what they want.

Just so you know, not a lot of people want to see us successful or above them.

They most likely want us to have a miserable life just like them, and they’ll do anything to make your life like theirs and that’s a fact!

I mean, how many times have your plans got ruined because you told someone? Did happened to me plenty of times.

Therefore, privacy is a basic human right that we all deserve!

So let’s get into more details about privacy and how keeping it low is important in everyone’s life!

What Does It Mean to Be Private?

A private person is someone who doesn’t let people find out about their personal life like what their next move is, and this means not even family members know their plans.

In fact, to me, most of the people who did me wrong were so-called “best friends”, family members, and close people in my life…

And the ones that barely know me or my life, have never done anything wrong to harm me or ruin my life.


And why is that, you may ask?

Well, they basically don’t know what’s really going on unless I tell or show them!

So as you can see, the photo above lets you know that our enemies are watching every step we take!

And the worst thing is that we don’t really know who our enemies are because they can be right near us and we might have no idea whatsoever since they keep it very discreet and don’t show any signs.

As I said, the folks who do us wrong or have a bad intention toward us are most likely the closest people in our lives.

So that is why having privacy, lowkey, and being a private person is actually a blessing to me!

I’ve got a very behind-the-scenes personality. I don’t know how I became a performer. I like to stay discreet, out of the public eye, very low-key. – Leon Redbone

No one knows your next move, no one knows how wealthy you are, no one can take anything from you since they have no idea about your personal life and basically, it’s a very good thing to me.

Yeah, your opinion could be different from mine, but what I’m saying is straight facts!

Keep reading!

How to Be a Private Person & Live a Lowkey Life?


Be picky in your circle! Be aware of who you’re hanging out with and look out for yourself all the time. Know who you’re speaking with.

Try to figure out people’s attention towards you by listening to your feelings and keeping your mouth shut!

Be wise and listen, but don’t tell anyone your business at all. Keep the details to yourself and this could be whoever…

Nobody knew. I was getting a new car until I pulled upon them. Nobody knew I got another job until they saw my work badge. Nobody knew I was moving until I got my kets…Moral of the story? MOVE IN SILENCE.


Act like you trust people but only trust yourself, your own intuitive guidance, and your higher-self known as God/Universe or whatever you want to call it.

In fact, I know a Brazilian guy who lives in Florida, USA, he has a Lamborghini SV, and believe it or not, he never allowed his employees to know that he has this super car or anything about his fancy luxury lifestyle which believe it or not, he drives a simple common car to work every day.

The best thing I ever did was become more lowkey and focus on myself.

Stay away from cameras/spotlight because, in today’s date and age, everyone is taking photos just to post on social media to get attention!

And if you don’t know, the moment you get some sort of fame, you could never have privacy anymore because you will always be recognized regardless of where you move to or how many years it passes by.

Therefore, having your personal life private is super important as you’ll live in peace, and joy since no one is trying to judge you and you won’t be bothered.

You’ll have more freedom than ever and you will less likely need to be careful with others!

Why Being Private & Lowkey Is the Best?

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love to have some me-time and be alone for a couple of hours on a daily basis.

It is what allows me to listen to my own intuition, become more aware of all things and appreciate myself and my life more than ever.

But maybe you’re different and that means you do want attention and fame like the majority of the population which to me, it seems like they’re not wise enough to know that famous people have zero privacy whatsoever.

They need security guards to go everywhere! I mean, I don’t want that type of lifestyle for me!

Keep your shit lowkey and watch your life get better.

Back to privacy and lowkey, a wise man would prefer shadow/invisible instead of the spotlight. And why is that?

Well, we know that we don’t need others’ attention to fulfill ourselves and feel complete. We know that joy and happiness come from within, not the outside world!

And one of the great reasons is that we’re able to keep our circle small, and the bigger your circle is, the more likely you’ll have fake folks trying to take advantage of you known as a 2-face.


I mean, I would rather have 4 quarters (real friends) than 100 pennies (fake friends). Can you see what I’m saying here?

You’ll know who you can trust the most! You won’t have people trying to find out about your personal life, and that means you’ll have more control of your own life!

But one of the best things about being private is that you would less likely have others trying to judge you, giving you bad advice, and having opinions that won’t get you further in life even though others’ opinions don’t really matter.

Keep your moves silent. Your money invested. Your life lowkey. And your prayers even louder.

But for me, I seemed to work way harder on a daily basis since I’m not worried about others trying to get to me!

And if you don’t know, a lot of people in my area know of me but not my personal life, especially how I use the pheromone colognes to attract hot beautiful women into my life and also have men show more respect.

Yes, that’s right! Pheromones is one of the secrets to grabbing people’s attention when I’m looking to pick up someone so we can have fun and enjoy our night!


They have pheromones in spray as colognes and perfume but also as oil-based formulas that you’ll apply on your skin and you’ll have attraction energy within you. How does that sound? See here!

So tell me, do you like to have a private life or no? If yes or not, tell me the reasons by writing a comment underneath in the box below! Kindly post your feedback!

(2023) Why Being Private and Lowkey is Best – How to Have Privacy – HERE


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