Happiness is something that a lot of people struggle with every day…

In fact, the majority of the population is always looking to the outside world to be happy, and this is where they all get it wrong!

It is not what is happening out there that makes us truly happy because if it was, then happiness would be a “superficial” emotion in my own point of view.

Sure, it can happen but it surely is temporary and when that thing that made or makes you happy goes wrong or it’s gone, you’re left out feeling miserable…

You know, there are too many people depending on materialistic things to really be happy such as a nice house, the car of the year, money, etc.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. – Charles Spurgeon

And that’s even if your happiness is because of someone like your spouse, a family member, friends, or whatever, your happiness will be in the short run!

And why is that?

I’ll tell you right underneath in this complete post based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom!

What Is Happiness?

According to Google, happiness is a positive mental or emotional state which is also “equated with feeling pleasure or contentment”.

Now happiness is quite different from joy itself.

Happiness is a state where nothing is missing. – Naval Ravikant

Joy is inner Being like forever and who we are meant to be and feel all the time. But happiness can be temporary and last not so long depending on each person.

Yes, believe it or not, there are a few people that have been truly happy for their whole lives.


Sure, things happen every day! Yet, happy people don’t let their positive emotional state of Being depend on what’s happening out there…

Their happiness comes from within!

And this is exactly how to gain happiness which is when you look inside of yourself, but I’ll teach you as you read below!

When you’re happy, you feel light, you feel good, proud, relaxed, and completely satisfied.

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Now it is true that people who are happy are more likely to have much more success in all areas of their lives than people who are depressed or miserable.

And why is that?

Well, since happiness is such a positive state of being, it attracts all the good things in our lives to match the same emotional frequency as what we are currently feeling in the exact moment known by the law of attraction.


This means you can’t feel depressed and expect the Universe/God or whatever you want to call it to bring you things to make you happy.

It just won’t happen! Sure, we all wished it did happen, but it won’t according to the law of the universe that we all live by, and no one is immune to this regardless of whatever!

And that is why people who are happy will always be happier than ever, whereas people who are depressed will be much more depressed if they don’t change their daily choices.

If being happy is important to you, try this: instead of regretting all you lack, celebrate all you’ve got. – Brian Vaszily

Yes, happiness is actually a choice as it is any other state of being since it comes from within, not what’s happening out there in the world which we only have control of what’s happening inside of us!

Keep reading!

How to Become a Happy Person? – 3 Most Important Parts

You know, yes I have been very depressed for so many years like for decades back in the early days of childhood that nothing seemed to make me happy until I found out what really made me happy and what can make you happy as well!

So I know I am the right person to share with you all of this…

Happiness comes from within in you. You’ll never find it by chasing relationship, jobs, beauty, money. Happiness always starts within. – Karen Salmansohn

Take your notes out to write and see here’s what I figured out that makes people happy by 3 very important parts;

Since I have mentioned that happiness comes from within and that everything is basically a choice, the very first thing that I believe made me truly happy was to have a heart full of gratitude and being in our natural state of love but also by never complaining at all!


That’s right. Regardless of what’s currently happening out there, you can choose right now to say ‘thank you’ for this, ‘thank you’ for that, etc but actually feel it with your heart and really appreciate and be thankful for everything regardless of anything.

That means you can say ‘thank you depression’, ‘thank you my enemy’, ‘thank you illness for teaching a lesson’ and what’s going to happen, you’re body is going to start changing your whole being to well-being.

You will send positive energy to whatever you’re saying thank you and this could even be a sickness which that sickness could start to improve since everything is energy in this world!

Also, as I said to LOVE everything as well! But don’t get this wrong, you HAVE TO LOVE YOURSELF FIRST unconditionally, then you can love a family member, friend/s, or whatever.

Purity in heart, clarity in mind, sincerity in action and contentment is the formula for hapiness. – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

If you do the opposite like loving family first even if it’s a spouse or your child and you basically don’t love yourself, you’re taking the wrong route because if that person or thing doesn’t exist anymore, you’re left out miserable and unhappy.

As regards family and friends, it helped me become a very happy person when I started to choose what family members I want to be around as well as good, successful friends by my side!

Yes, I know that success usually makes us feel lonely because it is only us required to work hard, to do whatever it takes, and we do have to be alone for a couple of hours on a regular basis to become a success.

But if you can have a great family like a smart, wise, and beautiful wife, then have some amazing, beautiful kids along with successful and positive friends, that is the way to allow us to keep our happiness on point since it helps us release the healthy chemical hormone called oxytocin!

And that means we have to get rid of negative people in our lives without judging anyone regardless of how close they are to us, which all you’re doing is protecting your own vibes/energy frequency.

Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher. – Oprah Winfrey


If you don’t, then you’re not going to be a happy person and will most likely become just like them as a negative, miserable and depressed person!

Sure, if you’re single like how I am currently now, yes I have great, successful friends and positive girlfriends as well, which we are always having fun without any negativity around us.

Yes, we have sex very often and we are all enjoying it a lot since it does release healthy chemical hormones as well! If you don’t know, women want to have sex just as much as men. Believe it, it’s 100% true!

Having a healthy sexual life is part of a happy life, so it is a MUST!

Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

And here are some techniques that you should do on a daily basis, especially as soon as you wake up!

  • Wake up early since all the happy, successful people do wake up early every day
  • Say ‘thank you’ for this beautiful day, ‘thank you for my family’, etc but you MUST feel it or else it doesn’t count, or write on a gratitude journal or even get on your knees and say a prayer of gratitude to your God but don’t ever complain… Yes, you have to believe in SOMETHING, which could be in yourself or a God/Universe.
  • DO MEDITATION early in the morning before starting anything is the best way to start your day. It helps stop negative thoughts and that way you can control your mind and focus ONLY on positivity. Or do what I do which is to focus 100% on my breathing in and out by just observing it.
  • Find ways to LOVE YOURSELF even more by investing in yourself and always being in our natural state of love. Work out to improve your body, focus on healthy eating, and have good habits. See the good things in you. Appreciate what you have conquered. Look at your heart and how good you are to people. Be kind, etc.
  • FOCUS ONLY on positivity all day and every day regardless of what’s happening out there since it doesn’t matter. You only have control of yourself, not what’s happening in the world.

So that’s the very first part that I found out that truly makes me happy every day.


But that’s definitely not all!

The SECOND most important part is that you have to work on what you love to do such as a passion, a purpose, or a mission!

Get out of your comfort zone and create daily goals, monthly goals, and yearly ones as well! Focus on achieving it, especially the daily ones which is what really matters since all you’re doing is focusing on the present moment (WIN-WIN), and it is what you do today that will allow you to achieve the monthly or yearly goals or create the future that you want for yourself.

Every morning I make the biggest decision of my life: To be happy today. All I know is the here and now. What happened yesterday and what may happen tomorrow, is gone or hasn’t happened yet. – David Cuschieri

And why is that?

Well, I have figured out that we are all born to be a creator of our own world and to create things in this life such as to evolve, to change, or to make the world a better place by helping out people / making their lives better, etc. We’re not made to live in a survival mode.

And even if I were to focus on what I showed you in the first part, it isn’t enough for to me really be a happy person.

I feel like I am missing something very important and it was to work on something that is going to reattribute to a better future that I want, which is to work on my purpose, passion, and mission.

Therefore, even if you do have a 9-5 job, when you get home from work, look for a passion of yours and work on something that involves that or something that you really would love to do.

It doesn’t matter what it is, but make it a side hustle, and sooner or later if you’re doing it with positivity, gratitude, and love, you’re going to be able to leave your 9-5 job and focus only on that to make a world a better place.


Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful. – Albert Schweitzer

And when you’re actually working ONLY on what you love like your passion, you should put in massive amounts of productive hours (not busy hours) like 80-100 hours for the first few years to make it a success, or to become a success for a lifetime.

By the way, waking up early and focusing on positivity, and working on what you love releases serotonin and dopamine which are the production of happy hormones! 🙂

The THIRD main part is to have zero expectations or assume things!

That’s right! The less you expect, the happier you’ll be and the happier you’ll become down the road.

Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like. – Unknown

And why is that?

Well, how many times have we expected something to go in a way and end up happening the total opposite of what we wanted?

A lot of times, right!?

And the reason for this is because when we expect things or assume things, it really does create resistance and that is a powerful force that we can’t stop unless we break it.

Which when you don’t expect it but just accept what is happening now and basically let it flow in a positive way, good things will happen regardless if you think they won’t.

Just like for the success of money, if you just work hard and do your own best with positive vibes, that’s all you need since money and success is the by-product and will follow you and reach you sooner or later.


But if you have a high expectation and assume it, then you’re basically putting a rock on the flow of what you want, which will make it hard to get it based on my own wisdom!

Also, I say having a PRIVATE LIFE will help you big time! What people don’t know, they can’t mess it up. Just let life flow as it should, and you’ll be a happy individual!

Being happy doesn’t depend on any external condition, it is governed by our mental attitude. – Dale Carnegie

Now here are some BONUS TIPS as well that I can give you to add to a HAPPY LIFE which is to enjoy life as much as you can through hobbies, vacations, physical activities, working out your body, and focus on interacting face-to-face with people.

Yes, when we move our body around on a daily basis, it also releases healthy and happy hormones such as dopamine (reward), serotonin (mood), endorphins (pain killers), oxytocin (love), etc.

Plus it will not only allow us to be happier than ever but also help with improving our overall health and wellness, especially if you work out every day which I highly recommend for overall wellness.

Happiness Conclusion

As you can clearly see, to be a happy person based on my own experience, knowledge, and wisdom, we MUST have a balance of the healthy hormones/chemicals released on a regular basis.

That means that depressed, sad, and miserable people don’t have this balance and are lacking it day by day.

They are either missing one of the parts I showed you above or all such as to;

  • Never hate
  • Don’t worry
  • Live simply
  • Positive only
  • Focus on You
  • Expect a little
  • Give a lot
  • Live with love
  • Work hard
  • Smile more
  • Enjoy positive people

Not to mention, you do notice that I DID NOT mention any entertainment that involves TV or a phone because those don’t really allow us to be happy, and if it does, it is temporary!

Social media will kill your happiness, it will leave you addicted to seeing what people are doing on a daily basis and you’ll be focused on their lives instead of yours…


And if you think those high-profile folks are happy with millions of followers on social media posting photos of material kinds of stuff like sports cars, luxury homes, vacations, women, etc, you’re wrong!

Most of the time, those are all fake photoshop images or rented cars and someone’s else mansion which they are only posting to boost up their own egos or to get money from you.

Yet, I’m sure they are not happy at all in the background of real life!

Sure, money, sexy girls, going everywhere, etc will make you “happy” but again, it is temporary since you’re basically relying on those aka the outside world to make you happy.

Again, happiness comes from the inside, not what’s happening out there! You have to decide to make it your #1 priority, look for things that gradually make it increase on a regular basis.

So what I have figured out is that happiness is a positive reality + moving around minus expectations. Happiness is the rebound of hard work but in a positive way such as working on your goals, having a passion, mission, or doing something that you really love on a regular basis.

Not to mention, I also found out that if you do seek lessons and positive experiences contribute to happiness as well!


This means trying to learn something new every day! Now me, the only way I’m watching tv is when I’m on YouTube watching self-education videos to help me learn new things every day.

Yes, I read very often as well. Learn to earn is key to happiness!

And that’s proof because if I would have never learned as what I showed you above, I would never be as happy as I am today!

Therefore, focus on yourself! Focus on investing in yourself to make yourself better, to make your life better than ever, etc.

Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, gracem and gratitude. – Denis Waitley

Just so you know, if you work on yourself and get better by as little as 1% per day, that is a 365% of improvement in a full year!

How does that sound?

Last, so what is true happiness? It is a positive reality of being in our natural state of LOVE+ moving around – expectation = you will gradually be happy forever!

Yet, it cannot be forced, but if you choose to practice acceptance and gratitude, plus enjoy all of the moments in this present moment, then you’ll be on your way to being an extremely happy person!

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You know this is my WAY of how I was able to go from depressed to the happiest version of myself. Maybe someone else could be different, sure then make sure to let me know in the bottom section what did I miss that makes you HAPPY? It is a pleasure to listen to your ways below!

(2023) How to Be Happy? Happiness = Positive Reality + Moving Around – Expectations!


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