It is true that the more humble we are, the better it gets in all terms of life.

In fact, people, in general, love humble folks and hate “cocky” as$holes that brag, and what’s funny is that the more cocky someone is, the more hate they’ll get from people all over the world!

I remember one time I had an “excessive confidence” in me where it did seem like I was “cocky” in some people’s eyes…

And this was when I started becoming more popular around my area.

I did notice that some people hated me for no reason at all and just by my presence, they would feel totally unsecured, and offensive, and everyone kind of seemed to conspire against me.

But I always had in mind that that was never my problem, but only their problem!

Yet, I have learned that even though I might be an over-confident person, I must try to keep it to myself and not allow people to see it unless I want more hatred and negative energy toward me.

Therefore, let me share with you some information that you would want to know in regards to being humble! Read on.

What Does It Mean to Be Humble?

The truth is that not a lot of people actually know what humble really means…

No, it’s not acting or being “poor”, having a low rank, being “unsecured” or any of that at all.

In my way of thinking, being humble means being “down to earth” and that means accepting others as equal and not trying to be better or less than anyone else.

Being humble is to be felt, it’s not something that you show off. – Unknown

Being humble means no judgment at all, and it is a person who has a heart full of gold and plenty of love to give out.


It’s someone who has hate for no one at all but is also not afraid to walk away in silence to avoid any drama or negativity.

A humble man or woman is kind, full of gratitude, very optimistic, and looks at the world with the eyes of a child.

It means you’re a positive person and will always have something nice to say! You’re a huge giver and is willing to give out more than you get!

Being humble means recognizing that we are not on Earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others. – Gordon B. Hinckley

It is someone who forgives others and that includes your worst enemy or someone who has done you very wrong, which has happened to me before.

And one more thing that I would like to mention is that a humble person does not like or want to show off to anyone regardless of anything.

Keep reading!

What Does NOT Being Humble Means?

Now, this is where I would like you to see the difference between not being a humble person...

Just so you know, being humble does NOT mean you’re a weak person or a person who shows weakness at all.

A mistake that makes you humble is better than an achievement that makes you arrogant. – Unknown

You can be a strong alpha individual and still be humble, and that’s what I aim to be all the time for every single day of my life!


Being humble does not mean you accept other’s behaviors, attitudes, or any negative way towards you or anyone else around you…

You can be humble and still face someone with a nasty attitude like a real man that doesn’t tolerate drama.

Don’t get this confused because the moment you show that you’re humble, people, in general, will try to take advantage of you at all costs and try to step all over you.

I’ve been there before and I know exactly how it works!


Not being humble does mean you’re a cocky arrogant fool who thinks they are above everyone else, who differentiates themselves as a bigger being, who brags a lot and likes to show off to the world and that is a person who does not forgive others at all.

It is an egotistic person who only looks over for themselves and does not care about anyone else regardless of who they are.

They are impolite and not friendly/fake individuals who may be rude, ignorant, and disrespectful which they act like they own the world.

So if this is you, then I highly urge you to start looking for ways to change yourself because you’re on the wrong track there.

You will be hated by many and you will attract many fake people to your life and sooner or later, you’ll be a lonely wolf with no real friends or certain family members wanting to be near you.

I will forever remain humble because I know I could have less. I will always be grateful because I know I’ve had less. – Unknown

Final: What Happens When You’re Humble?

A lot of good things will happen when you be and stay humble forever which is the key to reach the top throne in today’s date and age!

And the very first thing that you’ll notice is that friends, family, and even strangers will see you as a nice person and will like you and want to always talk to you.


Not only you’ll be enlightened but you will also be blessed by the one-true God/creator of the universe / higher-self power or whatever you want to call it.

Yes, it is true that the more humble we are, the higher bar we can achieve in all terms of life which means the more likely you’ll become successful in whatever you want.

The more humble we stay, the more God blesses us. – Unknown

But if you’re an arrogant, rude, and cold-hearted individual with no humbleness, it will be hard for you to be successful since people will be hating you for no reason no matter what you do.

Yes, you can still become a success but it is surely much harder than ever! I know some rich folks out there who are not humble at all and their lives are miserable!

I’m talking about they have to work twice as hard to gain their wealth and success, but a humble action-taker seems to reach higher success in a fast lane.

So choose your way, either be and stay humble forever or act like a cocky ignorant fool and you’ll see what happens!

No matter how big your house is, how recent your car is, or how big your bank account is, our graves will always be the same. STAY HUMBLE

Trust me, I know! People will hate you for no reason but if you’re a humble person, people will like you for no reason as well!

See difference? Choose wisely!

You know what I’m thinking here, what about those cocky fools who brag a lot claiming that they got a big penis? Well, those are usually the ones that have a very small dick…

Believe it or not, the ones who are packing a huge “wallet” are most likely humble and don’t really like to show off but like to surprise their sexual partners.

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By the way, did this post allowed you to see if you have been a humble person lately? If not, I hope you know that you can start changing today to become a better humble individual! Therefore, share your concerns with me in the box underneath! Feel free to express your mind!

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