Most people would go out and mention to their closest friend or family member how someone wronged them in any way…

And yes, I totally understand why you would want to share these dramatic stories because you most likely would want to release the conflict out of you.

However, it is never a good idea to do such a thing since all you’re doing is creating more unhappiness within yourself.

So this is where I feel like it’s time to share with you some information to best suit you and help you in such situations because I know I’ve been there before, done that several times until I have noticed that all I have been doing is victimizing my own self.

The ego isn’t wrong; it’s just unconscious. When you observe the ego in yourself, you are beginning to go beyond it. Don’t take the ego too seriously. When you detect egoic behavior in yourself, smile. At times you may even laugh. How could humanity have been taken in by this for so long? Above all, know that the ego isn’t personal. It isn’t who you are. If you consider the ego to be your personal problem, that’s just more ego. – Eckhart Tolle

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How Conflict/Complain = Satisfy Ego?

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You know, ego is something that we all have and it is part of every human’s life.

And if you don’t know, each person’s ego all it really is is the mind of thoughts and feelings which it loves to be inflamed or irritated by the actions of others, if not by our own actions as well.

Which the moment you complain, blame, or judge someone by their actions or of your own actions, then all you’re doing is satisfying your own ego.


And if you don’t know, our own ego will always continue to feel motivated to falsely believe that we will feel more peaceful and happy if we blame someone or direct our anger towards that person/situation.

Now the crazier part is that when our justified anger does not seem to be enough, our ego will automatically feel more anger at the world, God, and finally ourselves which is what causes suicide in most cases.

Negativity is not intelligent. It is always of the ego.

I mean, that is the ego’s job to falsely make yourself think that complaining, judging, or blaming will experience some form of peace of mind when all it does is boost it up and cause more conflict than ever!

As an awakened person, I can literally tell you that EGO can probably be a “demon” in our lives which does vary from person to person.

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How Does EGO Feel Inferior or Superior?

Yes, someone’s ego can either feel inferior such as victimizing oneself, or superior which is the opposite of you wanting to seek revenge.

Yet, they are both bad since both of them cause more suffering than any other thing in this world and again, all it does is satisfy the ego!


Now, of course, I am aware that you may have your justifications on why you think you should feel like a victim of someone else’s behavior or of a “negative” situation but that is not the way to go…

And goes with the same as a superior ego which you may not feel like a victim but more of a culprit in my point of view where you may want to attack back with words or physical actions.

Unhappy is just a thought. – Mooji

Either way, you feel like a failed person by making it seem as if you allowed such a thing to happen.

But the truth is that you/we have no power over the outside world but the only real power we have is within ourselves and that is enough!

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Why You Should NEVER Share Bad News?

I am assuming you already got to figure it out on what our egos are all about!

Therefore, the moment you share with anyone how someone else did you wrong or how something bad happened, all you’re really doing is causing more unhappiness, more suffering within yourself, and boosting up your own ego to cause more conflict in your mind and miserable feelings than ever.

Can you see my point here on what I’m trying to show you?


And this goes with any bad news regardless if it’s about you or anything else, you should just never ever share bad news unless you do want to keep satisfying your own ego.

That is one of the main reasons I don’t watch any news channel or don’t want to hear anything bad that is happening in the world since I am fully conscious and aware that it won’t do me any good whatsoever.

Yes, of course, I have had people and situations that didn’t go the way I expected, but that is okay as long as I don’t continue with the drama and just leave it alone will always be better.

You can eliminate most conflict from your life simply by refraining from telling people how someone wronged you or how they failed. If you choose not to participate in the egos dramatic stories, it will lose its power over you.

Bottom Line Conclusion

Now coming to an end, I have to share that the best option for you to do when something “bad” happens is to literally FORGIVE the person or yourself.

That is the best route to go which is contributing pure love for your own self and everyone else. The moment you forgive, you feel inner peace, joy, and love at the same time.

And again, this has nothing to do with the person who did you wrong because if they did whatever that literally caused something “wrong” towards you, it is because of their own ego who is unconsciousness that did it but not from their soul/higher self.

Yes, I know it may be extremely hard to at least think about forgiving them but the key here is to not even think about anything of it, but apparently forgive them through your heart since the moment you think, that is the ego and it will never allow you to forgive someone.


And how to sincerely forgive? You do it by accepting that whatever it is has happened, and know that all you can do is forgive for your own best.

Naming something as bad causes an emotional contraction within you. When you let it be, without naming it enormous power is suddently available to you. – Eckhart Tolle

Remember, your ego like everyone else’s all it wants to do is cause more conflict and drama than ever. It wants to keep you as a victim or culprit which you have the power to not allow it to happen by simply forgiving and not even think about it anymore.

Therefore, you’ll feel that inner peace and you definitely won’t spread any bad news about what happened to you anymore, or about that person, or about the situation, and go on with your life.

Sure, you should get away from that person but forgive them in all cases.

And if you don’t, then again, all your doing is harming your own self and you surely will live an extremely unhappy life forever since time does not heal, but forgiveness does.

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Also, let me know, have you ever noticed that after you shared with someone how you were wronged by someone else, were you aware of how you felt? I would love to hear from you below!

(2023) Why You Should Never Tell How Someone Did You Wrong? EGO Loves It Though – SEE HERE!


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