A lot of people think that the few percentages of folks who are successful, rich, or wealthy don’t party, drink, or do anything in terms of that…

But guess what?

Of course, some of them do party but not a lot of them do and most likely only a very few high-level individuals like to drink and I can’t blame them.

But that doesn’t mean all the wealthy people shouldn’t go out to a party or have a drink once in a while!

I mean, I personally believe that our lives should not be based on only workflow, but we all need some form of enjoyment as well.

And this could be through hobbies, sports, entertainment, partying, or whatever your way of enjoying yourself may be!

But for me, I actually enjoy a lot of things. I’m not the type of guy that likes to do one type of hobby, sport, or party every weekend, no not all!

The past is your lesson. The present is your gift. The future is your motivation.


There are lots of hobbies that I personally like to enjoy and have fun with, and I aim to enjoy all of them throughout my years, which means, you won’t see me doing the same exact thing every weekend.

Last week, I was riding dirt bikes, and the other weekend I did have a small party and invited a very few of my successful friends.

And this weekend, you might see me doing something else like go drifting or taking out a nice car and meeting with like-minded folks and later on, hang out with a couple of cool successful guys just to enjoy and laugh, and therefore, maybe drink just a little.

So my point here is that YES, even though some people are super successful, rich, and wealthy, they do party and hang out to have a couple of drinks!


PRO-TIP: Don’t let the toxic mixture of fear and laziness fuck with your goals, ambition and productivity.

NOTE: This post is NOT intended to make you drink alcohol, not at all! This is mostly an informative post to teach and show you how successful people do in terms of parties. DON’T DRINK and DRIVE!

Follow down…

What Does it Actually Mean to Party and Drink?

People, in general, think that to party and drink is to go out to a big house party, get drunk all night long and go back home and wake up with a bad hangover.

Sure, that could be the way “unsuccessful”, “poor” people do, or even how early adults do, but the wealthy, successful folks, they definitely don’t do that at all...

That’s definitely not their way to enjoy a party!


The parties that they have are NOT all night long, they usually stop at a maximum of 10 pm to 1 am. They don’t have super-loud music blowing our brains out like most common house parties with live DJs, plus their parties are filled with healthy foods, healthy snacks, and healthy “drinks” like natural organic juices, and alkaline water as well!

And in terms of people, they usually have the same like-minded folks, but the fewer people, the better it is!

Therefore, the friends who they invite DON’T take random people who are not actually invited to the parties, they surely respect it!

Fake friends call when they need something, real friends call to make sure you’re good.

And now, the type of parties that do have alcohol drinks, rich folks usually would have ONLY a few drinks like no more than 4 long-neck bottles of beer all day long, or as I may say, 2-3 cocktails only and this could be hard liquor of whisky, vodka, or whatever.


Sure, they may take 1-2 shots, but that’s it at max!

And therefore, they don’t go to a party or invite friends to their parties to actually get super drunk like under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated and cause problems, but just for a very few drinks to get the feeling of a little tipsy/ lite booze.

That’s basically it!

In fact, the less we actually drink, the better it is…

And why is that?

Don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing what you want to achieve. Life will test you to see how serious you are about pursuing a particular path.. Sooner or later, you will face negative feedback. Don’t let anyone crush your dream.

Well, one of the main reasons why most of the successful, wealthy, and rich people out there don’t actually drink is because they don’t like to feel a different type of vibrational energy/vibes like I’m talking about not fully feeling fulfilled as a whole and being aware of everything since alcohol may decrease our vibes level/awareness.

Therefore, they either don’t like it or it is because of wellness, fitness, and health purpose!


Yes, those are the main two reasons and I know this because I have been around several very high successful folks that don’t drink at all, and they have told me which they seem to have just as much fun as someone who does have a few drinks or so…

Can you see what I’m saying here?

Perhaps, it is the opposite of other people out there who gets drunk for the fun of it, which for them, it is actually not the alcohol drink that makes them have more fun and enjoy it more, no not at all!

Sometime it’s not the people who change, it’s the mask that falls off.

It’s just that by having like I said, 2-4 long-neck beers or 1-3 cocktails all day long seem to help them release some of the body tension from the massive work they put in every week.


Sure, a little tipsy and lite booze sounds enjoyable, but that’s basically it!

Therefore, we never should drive or operate any vehicle under the influence of alcohol or be in this state at all…never ever. The moment you lose control of yourself, that’s it!

In fact, If I invite like 3-5 friends over and they get in this type of situation, you can rest assured that I would never invite them over again whatsoever.

We all like friends that can control themselves, and if they can’t control how much they drink, I’m sure they most likely can’t control their lives and are probably “failing” in life with no goals.

That’s a fact!


And that’s definitely not the way to go. If you notice, the friends of other successful, rich and wealthy people out there all have a similar lifestyle, and of course, either they are a millionaire or a billionaire.

Thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Alter your thoughts, alter your reality. – William James

But the main reason that it is best to be around like-minded individuals is that when they are hanging out, they are not gossiping, criticizing, judging, talking about other people, or whatever like how unsuccessful people do.

They are talking about ideas, goals, about self-improvements, opportunities, business purposes, results, and how to be better than ever.

Yes, the conversations are different from unsuccessful folks!

Just so you know, the people who you hang out with all the time, you will become just like them sooner or later. So choose your buddies there wisely!


A party without booze is just a meeting.

Read on!

Closing Line of Parties & Drinks!

So as you can see, the types of parties successful, rich, and wealthy people have are totally the opposite of unsuccessful, or early adult parties out there.

They don’t drink to get drunk, but drink to release body tensions and sure, to feel a lite booze to a point that they don’t lose their sense of consciousness at all!

It is important that our awareness be the same as if we were not drinking at all…

Yes, I drink sometimes when I’m hanging out with my buddies, and my favorite all-time beer is the Heineken long-neck beer!


I like it a lot since it doesn’t leave me feeling bloated like other beers out there and plus, it does taste good and the alcohol in it seems to be just right (not too much and not too little!

A little party never hurt anyone.

Therefore, I would have a maximum of 3-4 beers all day long, and I’m talking about if I start in the midday to all night long, sure I can have this much.

And of course, I do drink very slowly! There is no pressure, I’m not trying to get drunk and as I have mentioned earlier, I don’t drink every weekend.

And when I do, it is mostly on Saturdays ONLY!


So what are my favorite cocktails?

I really like the mixture of high-quality vodka together with a Red Bull energy drink and a few cubes of ice. It seems to increase my “alertness”! But if too much, it’s a NO-NO.

Trust me, you can dance… – Vodka

I also like the Brazilian cocktail model which is called Caipirinha, where instead of vodka, we put Brazilian alcohol shots called “pinga” and we also add lemons and some sugar and crush it or shake it with ice, then it becomes the Brazilian traditional tasty cocktail known as Caipirinha.

Now, this is a strong alcohol drink where I will definitely not have more than 2 in my whole day of hanging out and partying.

And what are my favorites shots?


I really like the FIREBALL whisky one which does have a taste of the cinnamon ingredient and it’s slightly hot, I mean I would only have 1-2 shots for sure!

I might exceed 3 shots and again, I’m talking about if I start a party at 12 pm and all the way to a maximum of 10 pm!

I also enjoy a lot of the tequila shots with salt and lemon as well!

It’s delicious, especially the Jose Cuervo bottles!

Tequila probably won’t fix your problems, but it’s worth a shot.

Me and father when we get together, he’s a pretty tough guy and all the time, he would make me take more than 3 shots therefore, I’m not a big fan since I don’t drink to get drunk, but just for a lite booze.


Not to mention, my father’s favorite cocktail is Buchanan’s whisky with iced cubes of coconut water. It tastes great, and I usually will have some when we are hanging out together.

There you go!

And again, this post is not intended to make you drink alcohol, definitely not at all, and I am not responsible for anything!

It is just an informative post to show you how most wealthy and successful people do at a party and also how they drink with caution!

When your goals are more important than a party, welcome to the 1% club.

By the way, if you’ve had read all of my posts here on this #1 alpha male website; ALFASTALLION®, I do have a specific post here on all about Cannabis.

I know some people are not a big fan of this “miracle plant” that should be legal in my point of view, but please don’t judge me but respect my opinion as I respect yours!


So here are some tips to give out in terms of drinking alcohol based on my opinion, knowledge, and some experiences;

  • While drinking alcohol, you should always drink a glass of water in between at least every 2-3 alcoholic drinks, and therefore, your body will appreciate it and it will also help you to NOT wake up with a hangover.
  • Make sure you eat something while drinking. At least before drinking and after drinking as well! It will help your stomach and your organs big time.
  • Of course, DON’T DRINK and DRIVE! If you’re going to drink, don’t even take your car out but simply take a taxi or get a ride from someone who is NOT going to drink at all, and if they do, don’t go home with someone who has drunk any type of alcohol whatsoever. You just never know what could happen.
  • NEVER EVER ride a motorcycle after a drink or so! It is very dangerous. I love motorcycles and I know how dangerous they could be, especially after several drinks.
  • Don’t drink to actually get drunk or to embarrass yourself. People will not look at you the same way if they see you very drunk or if you do cause problems. Therefore, DRINK SLOW and take some time before getting another alcoholic drink.

Moreover, it is a choice to drink or not, and if you don’t drink, that is very nice of you and I truly respect it! In fact, people who don’t drink, seem to have more wisdom than others…

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So do you drink and party hard or you’re like some of the wealthy people who drink at a low to moderate rate? Don’t be afraid to let me know below! By the way, I really hope you enjoy this post about parties and alcohol, and I look forward to have helped you in any form terms of that. If you do drink, be safe!

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