A lot of people who have no idea about cannabis (marijuana/weed) plant, they think that it’s not healthy or think negative stuff about it.

Yet, it all boils down to not looking through the real evidence and true facts out there in which most people are likely “judging” a plant that does nothing but zero harmful side effects.

There hasn’t been any evidence that someone died from overdosing on cannabis! Yet, it sure is safer than alcohol, cigarettes, or any other recreational drug out there, that’s for sure!

If you don’t know, at least half the percentage of real bodybuilders on stage smoke weed because it has no effect on their muscles or anything that will cause them to lose muscle growth!

I mean you can smoke all day and all night long, then the next day, you can wake up at 4 am and still get your workout done and have a productive day, which you’ll probably have the same energy or maybe even better…

I used to be a personal user of the cannabis/marijuana plant back in the day where I would smoke day in and day out, throughout the whole day of every day back at that time. Wake and bake? Yeah, I did that for many years!

In fact, some people are claiming it as a “miracle plant”, and I can’t say that it’s not because I know exactly what it does to my body when I smoke it.

Now don’t get me wrong, marijuana is safe at all costs but the true fact is that too much of anything in this world, it will probably not be too good!

Same goes for smoking weed! I remember back in the day, I would go to school super high like I mean, my eyes were bloody red, I was stoned during class, and always laughing!

Now I’m going to talk about it based on my own perspective on how I see it, plus I’m going to share my own opinions and how to actually use it as well!

NOTE: Don’t take anything personal due to my own opinion and what I have to say in terms of cannabis/marijuana or weed. If you don’t agree, you’re not wrong or right! It’s just that you have your own personal opinion as well! Please don’t judge but accept other opinions since it will have no effect on you.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a very popular recreational/medical drug out there around the world, and according to Wikipedia, “it is a genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae“.

People also call it “hemp” but it is more of the “durable soft fiber from the Cannabis plant stem (stalk)”.

Other popular names for cannabis are “marijuana” or “weed” which the words marijuana/weed is what we use to smoke it by turning cannabis into a “mixture of stems, flowers, dried-out leaves, and seeds of the hemp plant.”

Marijuana/weed is used for recreational purposes, where the name cannabis is used for medical purposes.

Now this “miracle plant” grows out of the ground on Earth, and unlike men who made beer, cigarettes and other types of drugs out there, God created weed!

On the Bible, it states in Genesis 1:29; “Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you“.

Genesis 1:29 – BIBLE

However, don’t get me wrong because I am not religious, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God/source of infinity/Universe or whatever you want to call it…

I think people need to be educated to the fact that marijuana is not a drug. Marijuana is an herb and a flower. God put it here. If He put it here and he wants it to grow, what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong? – Willie Nelson

I actually follow the Law of Attraction, but I also believe in the Bible as well and if you don’t believe in the Bible, sure I respect you regardless if you do or don’t. It doesn’t change the way I see people by their own beliefs.

Keep reading!

What Are the Effects/Benefits of Cannabis?

If you don’t know, smoking marijuana/weed or smoking pot, what it really does is ENHANCE life as a whole!

Whatever feelings/emotions you’re currently having before smoking pot, it will enhance those feelings/emotions to more of it!

And this is where a lot of smokers do it wrong because if you’re feeling depressed, sad, and negative feelings, it MAY enhance more of those, where a person becomes paranoid.

But if you’re feeling joyful, happy, and positive feelings/emotions, then you’re going to get more of that when smoking marijuana!

That is why it is super important when smoking weed to try to control your mindset and your feelings so it can enhance to greater, better, and more positive emotions/feelings, and just always be laughing!

And why do I say this?

Well, I have smoked a lot of bud/weed for many years in the past, in which even in today’s date and age, I do smoke but not as much as I did before, which I manage to enhance everything in me to a higher positive level, and not lower level.

Therefore, the true effects based on my own experience are;

  • Enhances life experiences/moments either to positive or negative
  • Makes food taste so much better since it increases appetite
  • Music sounds so much cooler and much more amazing
  • SEX feels so much greater where it enhances the sexual pleasure
  • Things look better and that’s if you’re in a positive, higher state
  • Promotes healthy sleep where you can fall asleep much faster
  • DOES relieve stress, relieves all types of pain and helps with anxiety
  • Could make you feel careless to the problems around you
  • If I’m bored and I smoke bud, it kills boredom all the time – Good vibes
  • Taking a shower high is a great feeling, I love it
  • Makes me much more creative – That’s the reason why rappers smoke
  • If I smoke before gym time, my muscle pumps are much greater + since it relieves pain, I feel much less pain and therefore, I lift and exercise way more than I would if I were completely sober.

And what are the real proven evidences based on clinically trials/studies and scientific data:

  • Medical cannabis has been proven to help treat over 300,000 people with migraines
  • Cannabis protects your liver from the effects of hard-drinking liquor
  • People who use cannabis have as much as 20% more sex than those who don’t
  • Proven to slow down tumor growth in the lungs, breast, and the brain
  • Relieves symptoms of chronic diseases like nausea, abdominal pain, etc
  • Study finds that low doses of THC promote healthy brain aging
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s, treats glaucoma since it helps lower intraocular in the eyes
  • Proven studies show that it prevents seizures, helps those with ADD & ADHD, as well as treat multiple sclerosis & helps relieve PMS + more…

Now, these are what clinical trials and scientific studies found out! What about other health benefits that they were not aware of…

So is it really a “miracle plant”? Well, to me it could really be!

Read on…

But What Are the Side Effects?

People claim that using cannabis or smoking pot/weed or marijuana will cause some types of “negative side effects”.

Now it may be true to some of them, but it’s is NOT PERMANENTLY effects!

And I’ll explain why based on my own experiences.

  • The #1 “side effect” that people claim is the addiction to it. That’s a myth because I have smoked every single day of my life in the past, where I would wake and bake, and be high all day long, and when I figured out that I wanted to stop, I did without an issue!

There was NO ADDICTION because to me, when you can stop it without being attached to it or without needing any other treatment, then that’s not an addiction! Therefore, smoking marijuana alone and wanting to quit, it is as simple as making a choice based on my own long-term experience.

  • Memory loss? Sure, while you’re high as f*ck, you may have some difficulties to remember some things, but again it’s not permanently where as soon as your high worn out, you’ll remember everything like you did being sober. So to me, it is temporary memory loss, but that’s the fun of being high!
  • PARANOIA, hallucinations, and social anxiety disorders? YES, this is one of the main “side effects” to most people who have smoked bud!

It is true that you can get really paranoid, but most of the time, you’ll get paranoid because since weed is illegal in where you’re at, it makes you paranoid to think you’ll get caught. Makes sense?

Another way that it causes paranoid is because as I mentioned above in the benefits’ section, if you’re already feeling down, then it will most likely cause you to feel more down, and therefore, it leads to being paranoid, overthinking and start seeing things with your mind that doesn’t exist.

Now to me, when smoking marijuana, if you’re always feeling paranoid, then that is NOT OKAY because if you’re feeling this way, it causes your heart to beat a little more rapid and could lead to heart problems or vascularity issues down the road in the long term!

But I only mean if you’re always getting paranoid like every day, then in the future or in the upcoming years, it could lead to health issues, according to studies.

So the best way to NOT get paranoid is through smoking it only when you’re feeling great, positive, and in peace with yourself, which will enhance more of that and you’ll start laughing and enjoying the moments instead of freaking out and being paranoid!

Or if you’re like me who has the power to change our feelings/emotions and have full control of our mindset by only allowing thoughts and ideas that conspire in my favor since it is a CHOICE to choose how you want to feel and think, then you can shift your energy as soon as you smoke bud. I do it all the time!

  • Liver damage? Well, if you’re smoking pot in some form of plastic papers or as I may say, low-quality papers or even through other forms of smoking, then it may damage the liver if you’re doing incorrectly for many years.

There are numerous men and women around the world that has been smoking weed for over 50+ years, and they are as healthy as they would be with or without smoking weed.

  • Another common “side effects” is poor decisions, low productivity or decreased motor response…

Now, this could ONLY be true if you allow it! There have been times where I wake and bake, then head out the house and go after my dreams.

But if I allow myself to not be productive, low motivation, and feeling down, then it would happen exactly like that!

  • What about depression? Does it have an effect on it? Does it increase or lower depression?

Well, from my own experiences which when I used to smoke all day long, I actually had depression and it was very strong symptoms.

And when I smoked bud, it did help me in terms of relieving pain, less anxiety, and much lower stress.

But due to the paranoid feelings that caused me at that time, it sometimes left me way more depressed than I already was…

Therefore, as I have mentioned that it basically enhances everything to a higher state either negative or positive, it may make it worse or better!

Yet, it is NOT the marijuana’s problem, but the person who is smoking it!

Which to me, smoking weed is NOT for everyone.

How to Smoke Marijuana the Correct Way?

I remember one guy who said that when he gets high, it helps him to put all pieces into play where he respects it and he claims that it is his “teacher”.

And the very first thing that I have figured out is that it is NOT OKAY to be high 24/7, meaning you’re high all day, every day like how I used to be.

I believe it is mandatory to stay sober (not high at all) at least a few hours of your day, or do like me, during the day I am “sober” where I get things done and at night, I like getting high to stay relaxed, happier, and feeling much better to enjoy the moments and start laughing and having fun.

Therefore, it will have no effect on what I do during the day like my work productivity and it won’t cause me to make poor decisions because it can if we allow it since when our mind is high, it is in slower response time and doesn’t really help with concentrating on one specific thing.

So that’s my very first advice when smoking pot because if you’re high all day and night, I think you need you to give your brain/body a break!

Again, that is my opinion on how I see it, yours could be different from mines.

The second correct way to smoke marijuana is to inhale it softly like “vaporizing” and not deep inhaling where you put pressure on yourself!

Yes, I have had times where I would inhale the smoke with so much force and pressure where I felt some type of ache in my lungs.

So inhale smoothly, softly and enough is enough! You’ll probably get the same high as if you’re were to inhale with full pressure. Therefore, you will less likely damage your liver in the future.

My 3rd advice is how you’re smoking it! A lot of people do it right by taking off the wrapper leaf from the blunt/dutch/cigar.

Plus getting the higher quality rolling papers is a MUST. And when you’re rolling, make sure not to add in the marijuana seeds. You shouldn’t want to smoke that at all.

My 4th advice is to make sure you know where you’re getting your weed from because you don’t know what they could have put in.

One time in Brazil, I was at a club and one of my boys starting lighting up a joint and he passed it to me, oh man, just one hit and had me hallucinating inside club and it basically messed up my whole night.

I don’t think it was just pure weed because I never felt that way in my entire life. It was not a good experience! So again, make sure you know what you’re smoking!

My 5th last advice is that you should NOT smoke weed to escape reality but to enjoy reality even more by improving your view of the world and by enhancing your life experiences/moments.

Therefore, don’t make weed an exit drug from life, but to enhance your own life to the best which also means don’t use smoking as your excuse for being lazy.

I smoke almost every day but at night before gym time to help me lift more weights, feel less pain, and be in a better mood. I usually take 1-2 days off per week, and maybe a full week every 3 months.

Moreover, I only smoke bud to enhance the feelings I’m having at the present moment, to make me more of being happier, more excited and laughing much more!

And again, if you’re sad, depressed, stressed, anxious or whatever feeling you’re having, sure you then can smoke weed but only if you can change your feelings right away or else it will ONLY enhance to higher levels of those feelings based on my own experiences which will lead to paranoid = heart beating more rapid than normal = vascular health.

Exclusive Tip: Eating mango fruit before getting stoned will result in you getting even higher…Try it!

RESULTS – Should Cannabis be 100% LEGAL? Is It a Miracle Plant?

Well, let’s put it like this!

Smoking weed/marijuana has never caused any serious negative side effects like being extremely addicted to it or it hasn’t killed anyone like cigarettes and alcohol has, correct?

Then it should be 100% legal, and make cigarets illegal in my opinion.

Is it a “miracle plant”?

Well, it kind is because it helps with many health benefits which is proven by real evidence, but with very low side effects. Plus there are studies proving that it really does slow down tumors!

That makes it a miracle to me…

So in my personal opinion, which yours could be different, I believe it should be 100% legal and it is a miracle plant that God created since it comes from the ground and not man-made chemical stuff…

There you go!

As long as you “know” how to smoke it, I believe you’ll be fine and actually enhance your life experiences to enjoy it more than ever.

That’s what I do, and it sure does make a huge difference in my life especially to get rid of stress, anxiety, and release pain from weight lifting at the gym.

The biggest killer on the planet is stress, and I still think that the best medicine is and always has been cannabis. – Willie Hugh Nelson

Not to mention, I think I love sex so much that it is actually my passion which I believe cannabis makes a big difference when I have sex, and it really does!

Everything is much more sensitive, much more pleasurable and I enjoy it a lot where I have so much fun.

Now you know what is actually very interesting and funny at the same time? There are several cannabis businesses in the USA, Canada, and other countries out there, but these same countries that are allowing to sell weed as a “business” still have many people in jail for the same thing….

Doesn’t make sense at all, but okay. Hopefully, sooner or later, most countries should make cannabis “the miracle plant” completely 100% legal.

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I hope this complete post has cleared out all about cannabis due to my own perspective and my experiences with it!

(2020) Why Cannabis Should be LEGAL at All Costs – Miracle Plant? – ONLY HERE!


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