It is true that no one stays the same person throughout their whole life...

They either grow bigger in life or drain to the lowest level ever. Yet, everything is a choice!

So that means it’s a choice to either lift ourselves up and others around us or to drain people’s energy and make them be miserable as well.

Now be aware that this includes every single human being… Your spouse could be draining you without you even knowing or being aware of it.

People change over the years, and that changes situations for good and for bad. – Bobby Knight

I mean, it’s true that the people who we hang out with are a reflection of who we’re going to be sooner or later!

And I actually remember when I had a very beautiful-looking girlfriend that I truly liked a lot but since she was always negative around me and draining my energy, I had no choice but to protect myself and get rid of her…

Which I sure did and I’m very glad that I made that wise decision!

So let’s talk more about how people change and I’ll give you some tips on how to be aware of it to help you.

Why Do People Change?

There are many reasons why someone would change for the better or worse…

But I can say that it most likely involves their own life experiences that made them change to more positive or negative.

No one can change a person, but a person can be the reason someone changes. – Shannon L. Alder

Yet, we should all shoot to be better than we were yesterday, and if you’re not, then you’re heading in the wrong direction and that’s for sure!


Perhaps, the major causes that people change are because they either suffered a lot and finally got tired of it or because they learned very well that this is not who they are or who they want to become.

Now don’t get me wrong, back in the day when I was very depressed, it seemed like as days went by, my life kept on getting worse than it was and I seemed to be more depressed than ever

I’m glad I chose to change and those days are over many years ago!

So from what I know, a lot of people change based on what has happened to them in the past or by what’s happening to them right now in this exact moment.

But the wise men and women change for the better because they’re aware that their future relies on what they do today in the present moment.

I remember one time I made a mistake with one of my past girlfriends where I ended up cheating on her and she actually seemed to love me a lot, but after she managed to find out, she transformed herself into a whole different person.

I mean, she wouldn’t act the way she naturally did around me anymore, she would not say she love me any longer or even want to have sex with me…

Now I totally understand her point but even though I said I was sorry and apologized, she still wouldn’t be the same person she was before.

Don’t be too confident when someone tells you they like you. The real question is until when? Because people change and so do feelings.


And for that reason, I felt like she was draining my energy and I left her as well to move on to something better!

So again, there are many reasons why people change for the worst or better. They either drain your energy or lift you. Choose the people around you wisely!

How You Can Change For the Best?

Being aware and looking out to change yourself for the best will always be a great way to do so!

But if you’re noticing that you’re getting worse than you already are, you have to do something about that because it can take you directly to the hell hole.

And this could be anything!

If you were once happy and out of nowhere something happened or is happening in your current life, and as the days are passing by, you have to see what’s going on that is making you change for the worse and switch it up at all costs.

And the reason why you should is that the more you stay in that negative comfort zone, the harder it will be to get out once again!

Trust me, I have been there before.

People change and often they become the person they said they would never be.

So to change for the best, I would say you have to invest in yourself but I’m not only talking about investing money in you but you can take very good care of your own self for free at zero costs.

Start by learning to gain as much education knowledge on self-improvements, life itself, and personal development.

And one way is if you join the tribe here on this website and continue to read on a daily basis because I teach all of this to help millions of men to transform their beta lifestyle to becoming the true ultimate alpha ‘stallion’ version of themselves.

I mean, we can transform ourselves to the best version as long we choose and be 100% committed to ourselves, anything is possible!


Another way is to try to be aware of your daily habits and your routine.

Some of the times it is your daily routine that is either changing you to be better and improving your life or making your life worse.

Look into your daily thoughts and start noticing the story you’re telling your mind is also key here!

You’ll be surprised when you become the witness of your own thoughts and only you can have full control of them which is through meditating a few times a day, especially as soon as you wake up.

By doing that, your own ego will shut down and stop bombarding you with negative thoughts, and that way, it allows you to focus on providing good and positive thoughts that will conspire in your favor.

That’s what I do and I have full control of my mind, my body, and everything that I am. Just be aware that we DON’T have control at all of what’s happening out there but only have control of our own selves.

But that’s all we need! When you become the commander of your mind, the leader of your life, and the CEO of your body, it will allow you to keep changing yourself every day by looking forward to improving and living your best version of yourself.

Final Analyze to Change

Coming to an end, you just have to remember that yourself and your whole life are only your 100% responsibility, not your parents unless you’re a kid, not your spouse/partner, not your boss, or none of that!

It’s all on you and you have to take charge of yourself and your life at all costs!

And if you don’t, then you might be on the path to being worse than you were yesterday. Which that’s definitely not the way to go.

Again, you’re either lifting your own self up and the people around you, or you’re draining both yourself and everyone that comes near you.


Take note that you just need to be 100% aware, be the observer of your own life, and focus to improve every day regardless of anything.

When you do that, you’ll be on the right path since you’ll know what is right or wrong. Yes, it’s true that not a lot of people are aware of this.

Most think of thoughts they don’t even know why they’re thinking that way, most say things that it’s not even them saying certain stuff, and some are doing things that only after they have done it that they see what heck they did.

I mean, we all should look out for our own selves and see what’s going on every moment of our lives!

It’s key to living a fulfilled, happy, and best life forever.

Understand that people change and sometimes they’re no longer compatible with our lives. We just have to learn to accept it and move on.

So don’t let others drain your energy levels, but surround yourself with positive, successful, and high-lifting folks that will take you further in life for the better, always.

Watch out for who these types of people are!

You’ll be surprised to find out that someone so close to you has been draining you the whole time without you being away, and again, this could be basically anybody in your life.

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Share with me, have you just noticed someone in your life who is draining your own energy? What about those who actually lift you up? Feel completely free to throw me a line of your thoughts in the box section below!

(2023) How & Why People Change – Either Drain You or Lift You! – Check This Out!


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