Not a lot of people understand that what goes around, comes around.

Yet, they still are looking for revenge and get their own hands dirty to punish someone when life itself will take care of the person who has done them wrong.

So I find it super important to talk all about revenge and punishment in this post!

Since this subject is very sensitive, not many people actually know what to do when they become a “victim”.

And I actually have past experiences with friends and some family members who did me very wrong and took advantage of me and betrayed me badly.

One of them was a so-called “best friend”, he had my full trust in him and he was able to steal a lot of money from me along with my pickup truck until I found out that it was him which he took about $200k from me.

Yet, I was strong enough to do what I’m going to show you below!

The best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they’re gone. – Unknown

Which I also highly recommend you do the same thing for your own best and let life take care of them for you without you having to do anything.

Let’s get going and find out here.

What Is Revenge?

Revenge simply means to act on someone who has done you wrong by insulting, harming, or hurting them or to do something back with a bad intention in return.

Now there are many different types of revenge!

And we see it all the time especially in many movies out there and even though it is not in real life, people are trying to do the same and seeking to do something negative in return towards someone just to feel “better”.


I mean, I know every single human being has been a victim of someone doing something wrong at least once in their lives and we all know how it feels to have that intense emotion to want to do justice with our own hands as a “reward”.

Yet, they’re totally wrong because the moment you take revenge, you’re basically showing to yourself that you’re a weak person just like them whether you’re a man or woman, it doesn’t matter.

A strong individual will do every possible thing to pardon someone’s action regardless of what they have done and move on with life.

Here are some examples of revenge;

  • You’re married to your wife and you find out that she’s cheating on you and you automatically get super motivated to do something back to her in return. Which yes, there are many people who would never allow or accept cheating and end up hurting them with bad words, beating their wives very badly, or even end up killing them. Happens a lot!
  • Someone scratches your car and you find out who it is, then you go and pop their tires and actually do the same and scratch their car very badly. That’s revenge!
  • Another example would be a family member who finds out where you hide your money and ends up stealing it. Which then you find out and go after them to do something harmful. That’s also revenge!

But why would someone want to seek revenge?

According to several sources out there, it is mostly to release the bad emotional feelings by reattributing with the same form as the one who did you wrong.

Yet, studies also found out that people who do take things into their own hands and end up doing something with a bad intention for revenge will only “instantly” feel better as some form of “reward”.

The best revenge is no revenge. Move on. Be happy. Find inner peace. Flourish.

But they also found out that after that, most of the people in the studies showed consequences of not truly healing their emotional wounds.

Therefore, is it really worth seeking revenge? Probably not!

Just keep reading!

What Does Punishment Mean?

You know, revenge is similar to punishment but it is actually quite different from each other.

When you seek revenge, it is a personal or private act to do justice with your own hands to make the person who has done you wrong a victim as well.

But punishment on the other side is a public act of “inflicting a consequence or penalty” on someone who has done something wrong in their lives and makes them pay or to learn a lesson for wrongdoing.

Punishment is not for revenge, but to lessen crime and reform the criminal. – Elizabeth Fry


And yes, there are several types of punishment out there.

So let me give you an example of what punishment would be from my point of view;

  • A child does something wrong and their parents find out and punish them through spanking (not recommended), locking them up in a room with nothing to do, or not allowing them to watch tv or play.
  • When someone does a crime and gets in trouble with the law, they either get a violating ticket, go to jail, or even the death penalty depending on the crime they have done to make them pay for their own actions.
  • When a pet such as a dog crosses the line and the owner attempts to trap the dog in its cage for several hours to learn a lesson.

So those are some examples of punishment!

As you can clearly see, there could be some type of punishment that may work regardless of what they have done.

This is not revenge. It’s punishment. – The Punisher

Some people get out of jail and end up changing their behavior and lives completely. So they basically learned a lesson!

Which, sure punishment may be required depending on what they have done.

However, most of the time, punishment does not work or change people but only makes them pay for their actions and maybe makes them worse. Keep reading!

Should You Seek Revenge or Punishment?

Well, revenge no, not all regardless of what has happened to you!

Forgiveness is the best revenge.

And the reason why you shouldn’t seek revenge is that the moment you do something to physically harm or hurt another person and if they have proof, you will get in deep trouble whether they did the same to you or not.

Not to mention, it’s not going to heal you when you end up making the person suffer as a victim, but you could end up feeling even worse than you were when someone did you wrong.

Another reason why you shouldn’t seek revenge is because if they find out, then they might revenge back on you much harder than before, and that could cause a cycle of revenge from both sides.

Therefore, it would only make it worse!

Can you see what I’m saying here?


Now punishment, yes you should seek depending on what type of actions a person did and that would be to get authorities and the law involved for someone to pay for their bad actions.

Then they’ll take care of them for you, of course!

A person who has been punished is not thereby simply less inclined to behave in a given way; at best, he learns how to avoid punishment. – Unknown

But why seek punishment?

Well, if a person did a crime or something very bad like hitting a person or anything, if you don’t look for punishment, that same offender can do the same thing with someone else or others until someone has enough courage and calls for punishment.

Therefore, if they pay for their actions the right way with the law, then they might never do it again or want to do anything wrong with no one whatsoever.

That means that it’s a good punishment when a person learns a lesson!

Yes, I personally had past experiences where I didn’t look for revenge at all but had to get the law involved, and therefore, they did their job very well to punish a person’s action towards me since I had proof.

The best revenge IS NO REACTION. If you allow yourself to act like them – they win. If you keep being awesome – they lose. – ML MALTA

Read on!

What Is the Best Revenge?

If someone did something personal to you that didn’t physically harm or hurt you and depending on what it is, then the far best revenge is to NOT do anything at all regardless of how bad a person did you wrong.

That means to take no personal action towards that person and let the law of karma / life itself handle it, and trust me, it sure does!

No need for revenge – Just sit back and wait… those that hurt you will eventually screw up all by themselves… and if you are lucky, God will let you watch.


And the reason why is because the person who has done you wrong is a weak, loser and most likely failing in life, and that’s not your problem.

They unconsciously did you wrong through their own ego’s superior or inferior attitudes…

But since you’re not like them, you’re a strong, winner, and wise individual, you just let it go, forgive by accepting that it has happened and since you can’t change it but only surrender to it, you move on with life and be happy that you did nothing to hurt a person back!

Happiness is the best revenge, because nothing drives your enemies more insane than seeing you smiling and living a good life. – PowerPlug

So here are some ways for you to do the “best revenge”;

  • Don’t do anything in return
  • Accept that it did happen
  • Forgive the person – Padon
  • Don’t think about it anymore
  • Be silent about it & get over it
  • Forget they even exist at all costs
  • Stay away from that one person
  • DON’T act as a victim anymore
  • Find inner peace and be calm
  • Move on in life and be happy
  • Look forward to improving yourself
  • Learn to live well & live in pure joy/love
  • Take massive action for SUCCESS = Best revenge
  • Last, know that life will take care of them for you

So those are the main principles on what you should do for the best revenge to feel relief instead of doing something back and feeling worse in the long run!

And if you do that, you’re going to basically heal your own emotional wounds because you didn’t do anything bad in return and that way, you can forgive them and peacefully move on with life.

Yes, you MUST at all cost pardon the person’s behavior and really forgive them, or else, you won’t heal yourself since time will never heal you but forgiveness will, and therefore, you’ll end up being depressed since you’re holding on to this heavy grudge.

It is for God to punish wicked people; we should learn to forgive. – Emily Bronte

Now as you can see, I did not say to “never talk to that person anymore” but the truth is that if it’s a family member, then if you were to never speak to them anymore, it could separate the whole family apart.

But if you do what I showed you above and try your best to stay away like I mean you don’t need to get involved with their lives but that doesn’t mean not speaking with them anymore.


Sure if it’s a family party, you can say hi and bye or ignore them! Just don’t become enemies because that would be revenge in my point of view.

Never hate your enemies. It affects your judgment.

Just remember, if you do take action and seek revenge, you’re going to feel worse down the road in the future such as regret, guilt, and other heavy feelings weighing your soul down, and that’s definitely not what you want.

Revenge is a sin in God’s eyes!

Don’t waste your precious time, you deserve better! Just know that they acted in form of unconsciousness meaning their ego made them do whatever it is because if they were truly aware and had full consciousness of what they were doing, none of that would have happened.

So is it really the person being’s fault or their ego?

Trust me, I have been there before, and I am super glad, in peace, and completely healed that I took no revenge whatsoever.

Just like one time, an ex-girlfriend cheated on me with someone I knew and I actually “loved” her with all my heart and I thought that revenge was the only option.

But I end up taking a step forward and going out to a nightclub and came up to some hot beautiful women there, and I managed to take the hottest sexiest lady home with me on the same day and we sure did have fun under the sheets!

Yet, she found out and I don’t know how, and what happened was that she started calling me to try to get back with me but I ended up blocking her number and made her have zero contact with me.

The best revenge is when you work and improve on becoming the best version of yourself. When that person see’s how far you’ve come, that is the best feeling. – Sharwrites

Of course, she got her own karma because she made me feel terrible and I’m sure she felt even worse to find out I was with someone better than her…

See my point here?

And like I said, it’s best to move on and that’s even if you’re sexuality is low meaning you’re having trouble performing like a sexual beast in bed, then you have to do something about it!

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What was something that someone did very wrong to you? And did you seek revenge or punishment? Throw me your experience before you leave, as your comments are needed here and all it takes is a few seconds.

(2023) Revenge vs Punishment – What Is The Best Revenge? Or Should You Be the Punisher? – ONLY HERE!


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